[Top 5] Terraria Best Wings and How To Get Them

Top 5 Wings in Terraria
When Giants Attack, Wing It

Where we're going, we don't need roads.

One of the most exhilarating parts of any video game is the ability to do what you can’t in real life. Through shooting portal guns to wielding lightsabers, games have the ability to attract us to the unknown and make it somewhat of a reality. Terraria is no exception to this.

With many interesting weapons, including one that shoots a cat projectile, it’s not surprising that Terraria has come up with new and interesting ways to add to the world. One of the best things about the game, however, is the addition of wings.

These do exactly what you’d expect them to do: carry you to far off places and be able to glide down to earth. There are some that are more powerful than others and those are the ones that will be covered on this list. So let’s get right into it!

5. Steampunk Wings

The Steampunk Wings look even cooler with the Solar Dye!

If there’s one thing that Terraria does not lack, it’s inclusion of different and creative themes. One very popular idea is steampunk, which is reflected in the wings named after the dystopian and mechanical world. The Steampunk Wings:

  • Have a really cool look, feel, and animation as you’re flying, exciting those who enjoy the mechanical feel of them.
  • Are quite fast, even surpassing some endgame sets of wings.

Steampunk Wings Stats:

  • 3 second flight time
  • 91 block height
  • 150% speed bonus

The great thing about these wings is the ease of access to them. Instead of trying to find materials or searching for that one item, you can just buy them for one platinum from the aptly named Steampunker NPC after you defeat Golem. If you’re having a bit of trouble doing that, or even finding the Lizhard temple that you need, you can just go to this YouTube video for some help!

4. Nebula Mantle and Vortex Booster

The Vortex Booster, plus the Vortex Armor, are great in-game and come to life in fan art!

Wings of cosmic proportions, these two sets are great and fun to use. With the two different types, both dark and light, it can be used to suit the player. Thankfully, they have the same stats and abilities even though they differ in look. Because of this, style is flexible and fits whichever type or armor or clothing you have. These two wings are amazing because they:

  • Have the ability to hover, which is boosted and extended to beat almost every other wing set.
  • Glow in the dark!

Nebula Mantle and Vortex Booster Stats:

  • 2.67 second flight time
  • 106 block height
  • 117% speed bonus
  • Hover ability, speed boosted 300% and twice the duration
  • Glows in the dark
  • Nebula Mantle-
    • Solid motion shadow with pulsating effect when worn with full Nebula Armor set
  • Vortex Booster-
    • Emits a sky blue light

These two sets of wings are created in the endgame with 14 Luminite Bars and 10 Vortex or Nebula Fragments. The Luminite Bars are forged with Luminite, which is dropped by the Moon Lord, and then combined with one of the two Fragments. These Vortex or Nebula Fragments are dropped by their respective Pillars, either Vortex or Nebula, or can be created by combining the other three types of fragments. Once you have these materials, take them over to an Ancient Manipulator, dropped by a Lunatic Cultist, and you have yourself your first pair of endgame armor. 

3. Betsy's Wings

Terrifying dragons means terrifyingly awesome wings!

So, you’ve just defeated Golem. You could go to your local Steampunker and purchase yourself a fancy pair of wings for a platinum, or you can have some fun on the way to get a new set of wings. If you’re on the latter side of playing, these wings are your next step! The great things about these wings are:

  • Its hovering technique, similar to the previous two sets with greater duration as well as speed.
  • An increase in speed and acceleration when you’re going up, allowing you to get higher quicker.

Betsy’s Wings Stats:

  • 2.5 second flight time
  • 119 block height
  • 100% speed bonus
  • Hover ability, speed boosted 300% and twice the duration
  • 50% extra max ascent speed, faster acceleration

After defeating Golem, you should be able to fight in the next tier of the Old One’s Army. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you haven’t found the Unconscious Man after beating the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu. Once you have defeated Golem, you’ve unlocked the third and final tier of this event, which ends in a boss fight with Betsy. This red dragon has a 25% chance to drop her wings on death, allowing you to have that same power to yourself. For tips on how to beat Betsy, visit this YouTube video.

2. Fishron Wings

The Fishron Wings are a perfect touch to your armor!

You may think these butterfly-looking wings came from a lovable, nature-type creature. If you did, you would be very wrong. The Fishron Wings drop from the mighty pig-shark-dragon hybrid boss known as Duke Fishron. These wings are very special, because they:

  • Let the player move through liquids a lot quicker than normal.
  • Speed up ascent, allowing the player to move quicker straight up.
  • Spout bubbles as a little cosmetic. How cute!

Fishron Wings Stats:

  • 3 second flight speed
  • 143 block height (91 on old-gen consoles and 3DS)
  • 167% speed bonus
  • Quicker movement in liquids
  • 50% extra max ascent speed, faster acceleration
  • Leaves behind a water bubble trail

As mentioned before, these wings have a chance to be dropped after defeating Duke Fishron, a 6.67% (1/15) chance to be exact. For tips and tricks on how to defeat and summon this boss, which is one of the toughest in the game, go to this YouTube video!

1. Solar Wings and Stardust Wings

Stardust Wings in action!

Like the other two endgame sets of wings (Vortex and Nebula), these two have a very cool dynamic with each other style-wise. The red and blue contrast is one of my favorite things, and easily can fit the styles of whatever player wears them. As a sort of upgrade to the Vortex and Nebula wings, the Solar and Stardust Wings:

  • Have a great ascent boost, similar to other wings on this list.
  • Glow in the dark!
  • Emit special cosmetic effects with each set.

Solar and Stardust Wings Stats:

  • 3 second flight time
  • 167 block height
  • 200% speed bonus
  • 50% extra mass ascent speed, faster acceleration
  • Glows in the dark
  • Solar Wings-
    • Particle effect emits orange light
  • Stardust Wings-
    • Transparent motion shadow with trail-effect when full Stardust Armor set is worn

These two pairs of wings that are worthy of their out-of-this-world names come with a bit of work. They are crafted with 14 Luminite Bars and 10 Solar or Stardust Fragments. After defeating the Moon Lord, you should have picked up Luminite as one of its drops, which is the only ingredient to create Luminite Bars. Paired with those, you must have Solar or Stardust Fragments that are dropped by, as I’m sure you can assume, Solar and Stardust Pillars. You can also combine three other Fragments together. Once you have these, you have the powers of the stars in your hands and can now cruise around your world. 

While these are the best wings to have in the game, they are not necessarily the most fun to see as you’re flying across your land. That is the fun part about the Vanity part of your inventory. If maybe you’d rather look like you have the Steampunker’s jetpack instead of riding a hoverboard, you can easily put the jetpack in the vanity spot while putting the hoverboard in the accessory slot. This way, you can have the function of the hoverboard with the feel of the jetpack. This is more than enough reason to try to get wings that you love and wings that are the best. Once you do, you will have the time of your life flying at high speeds to explore your world!

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