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Best Terraria Mods
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Terraria is a game of many things. Weapons, armors, items. Potions, blocks, wings. And while it’s a game of near-endless fun, it isn’t infinite. After updates and bug fixes, the game increasingly becomes more developed, but after the last Journey’s End update, the growth will end. That is where the community comes in. The amazing world already created inside of Terraria is continued on within the minds of fans, and some very talented ones at that. The mods they create add extra hours of gameplay, useful items to ease your experience, and even just change the music. These creations are a great way to experience Terraria further than you normally could, and here are some of the best to include in your game

15. tModLoader

A needed addition, your source for most every mod!

If you’re looking for a way to include new gameplay, or interesting features to your Terraria world, or even if you just want to find new ambient music to play in the background while you fight bosses, this mod is a necessity. The tModLoader is the main hub to get all of your favorite mods, including most of the ones shown on this list. Nevertheless, anyone who is in the market to find fun mods or even try to create their own needs this one.

Download tModLoader Here

14. Boss Checklist Mod

A prime tool to track your progress!

This mod creates a fun tool for all the completionists out there. Adding a slide-out menu activated by a hotkey, the Boss Checklist Mod marks every boss you’ve beaten and becomes a handy tool for a player who is picking the game back up after a hiatus. Not only does this mod count vanilla bosses, it adds most bosses created by other mods!

  • Easily activatable checklist that counts bosses killed/completed by the player
  • A fun addition that tracks your completion throughout the game

Download the Boss Checklist Mod Here

13. VeinMiner Mod

A comically destroyed world, when you switch some settings with this mod

Sometimes, one of the worst parts about trying to create a new set of armor can be getting the materials to do so. With the VeinMiner Mod, you are able to mine strands of matching ore with one swipe of a pickaxe, just as the title alludes to. This can also work with ores added with different mods, as long as they are whitelisted in the mod’s configuration (which is a conversation for another time). You can even turn off the “OnlyOres” setting, allowing you to mine any block as well as the similar blocks around it. This can create a chaotic world with a gigantic absence of dirt, or an easier way to get rid of that Lizhard Temple and put in a fishing pool.

  • Collecting a whole vein of ore is now as easy as mining one block
  • Change the settings to use this feature on any block, not just ores

Download the VeinMiner Mod Here

12. Dual Wielding Mod

Some dual-wielding with a sword-pickaxe duo!

Most players end up going in dark caves during their first few nights, whether it’s to try to find precious ores or to dig up some underground treasure. One of the worst problems with these excursions is light. Placing torches is too tedious, and you might be being attacked by an underground monster at the same time!. Now, with the Dual Wielding Mod, you are able to hold two items at once. Whether it’s two different tools/weapons, or if you’re trying to use a bow and a melee weapon at the same time, the Dual Wielding Mod adds a new, useful twist to Terraria. 

  • With an efficient memory system, players are able to use or hold two items at once
  • Realistic effects, such as damage and attack speed debuffs, create a new way of wielding weapons, and they can be turned off with a simple command

Download the Dual Wielding Mod Here

11. Recipe Browser Mod

To search for all of your recipe needs

Ever had to rack your brain to remember what two accessories combine together? Or maybe the specific number of jungle spores in an item? Well, the Recipe Browser Mod is a perfect fit for you. From modded items to vanilla, the Recipe Browser Mod is a great and fun tool for all players to use. Being able to save recipes, this mod is an easy-to-use interface that will ease all of your recipe-finding struggles. And, with a slot to filter items, you have your own portable Guide to search for recipes.

  • Search for recipes by name, tooltip, and ingredient to make finding recipes a breeze
  • Access the whole item registry and find any item you need, including modded and vanilla items

Download the Recipe Browser Mod Here

10. imkSushi's Mod

The mod's cover, created to look like the main Terraria Title

The worst part about trying to combine accessories is having to find them. Sometimes they are in a chest deep underground in the last place you look; other times they have a miniscule drop rate from some enemy or boss. imkSushi’s Mod adds over a thousand recipes to Terraria, to create items that were originally uncraftable, like accessories, summoning items, as well as a few new potions like the Resurrection and Meteorite Potions. 

  • 1250 recipes are added to the game to make creating items and fighting bosses easier
  • New NPC items include summoning items after you have defeated them, including events and mini-bosses
  • Potions and accessories that make the game easier to heal, summon NPCs, and control time!

Download imkSushi’s Mod Here

9. Vipix' Toolbox Mod

The Ultimate Staff of Regrowth!

If building is your endeavor, then Vipix’ Toolbox Mod is great for you. Open up this Toolbox and you get many new items to increase your mobility and efficiency with building. Tools like the Swap Pickaxe and the Color Pallette are an addition to Terraria and offer great abilities to help out building and painting.

  • 8 new items/functions, including:
  • The Swap Pickaxe, Smartammer, Greater Wand, and Wall Hammer to make a better experience for building,
  • The Color Pallette and Staff of Regrowth as great decoration resources,
  • The Rattlesnake Wand to help burrow under sand, and
  • The Unstable Staff to make glitchy, levitating objects without the teleporter glitch.

Download Vipix’ Toolbox Mod Here

8. Luiafk Mod

Abilities to build structures quickly!

For ease of building, buffing, and battling, the Luiafk Mod includes practical and extremely powerful upgrades to a lot of items that are accessible in the game. From auto-builders of platforms, hellevators, and prisons (shown above) to unlimited items - buffs, ranged items like ammo or explosives, potions, etc - this mod creates a great experience for those who want to complete the game quickly and efficiently, as well as create amazing worlds. 

  • Unlimited Potions, Ammos, Ranged-weapons, and Solutions
  • Useful items to create platforms and buildings, as well as an unlimited wire and actuator tool
  • New portable safe, piggy bank, and merchant, which are combinable to make the ultimate portable safe
  • New accessories that allow you to locate certain boss summoning items, collect loot in a massive range, activate unlimited events, and more!
  • A fun GUI selection for these different tools, as well as detailed explanations in the item descriptions

Download the Luiafk Mod Here

7. Magic Storage Mod

A great place to store your items and with a large capacity!

This mod allows for a handy alternative to generic chests. Instead of a slew of chests around your home, you can instead have a single “Storage Heart”, which allows you 40 item slots to begin with, but they are upgradable up to 640 slots at the highest tier. You can then access these storage spaces anywhere, provided you have the right item. This mod is definitely a must have for those who love to keep every item they get their hands on.

  • 10+ new items that allow for portable and massive storage
  • A crafting GUI to utilize up to 10 different crafting stations

Download the Magic Storage Mod Here

6. MechTransfer Mod

Cool machines to sort and stack are possible!

Sorting items and objects has always been a hassle, even for the most organized Terrarians. Trying to get every similar object into its corresponding chest can be a confusing and difficult task. The MechTransfer Mod adds many new mechanical blocks to use, creating a system that can move, sort, and reject items with ease, as well as make interesting turret or crafting systems.

  • 18 additional items/blocks to create amazing machines with
  • These items add the features of auto-smelting, autocrafting, and even an automatic turret, as long as it has ammunition
  • This new storage interface can access your inventory, as well as working together with certain mods, such as the Magic Storage Mod that is also in this list

Download the MechTransfer Mod Here

5. Prefixes for Enemies Mod

This crazy contraption could only be dreamt up by the Prefixes for Enemies Mod!

Adding a little spice to your playthrough, the Prefixes For Enemies mod adds a chance for enemies, including bosses, to have extra modifiers to them, from extra damage, to size, even to debuffs you wouldn’t find on enemies. With that, more, unique loot to be dropped by these newly amped-up enemies, including gunblades that can be fired and swung and magic rings that cast magical effects.

  • A fun, random twist to your playthrough to put some suspense in your step.
  • New gunblades that can be shot as guns and slashed as swords 
  • Dueling swords that have a chance of countering 
  • Greatbows that have great piercing damage, as well as two new types of ammo to enhance them further: greatarrows and needles
  • New potions to create a great experience for your gameplay

Download the Prefixes for Enemies Mod Here

4. Thorium Mod

Crazy new items, armors, bosses, and more!

Many, many new items are added into Terraria with the Thorium Mod. From 55 new armor sets, like Granite and Thorium, as well as 2000 new items, every bit of this mod is a great addition to Terraria. With more enemies, friends, and bosses, hours of fun are a bonus to the game.

  • A brand new biome, the Aquatic Depths!
  • Three new classes, the Thrower, Bard, and Healer
  • 180 enemies, 10 NPCs, and 11 new boss encounters add more exploration and fun to Terraria

Download the Thorium Mod Here

3. Calamity Mod

The Title for this amazing mod!

More content is what almost every gamer wishes for in their favorite game. The Calamity Mod does just that by adding more items - from weapons to accessories - bosses - from mini to super - and even adds a new Rogue class to play as, utilizing stealth and ranged-weapon attacks. Every bit of this mod is a well-valued addition to Terraria, even continuing gameplay beyond the Moon Lord.

  • 22 new bosses, plus a super boss and 12 mini-bosses.
  • New Rogue class to create a more unique gameplay for those who are stealth-inclined.
  • 2 new game modes, Revengeance and Death Modes, which gives players a new challenge in the game, as well as adding a Rage and Adrenaline meter to buff characters for a limited amount of time
  • 5 additional biomes, each with their own new structures
  • 4 new NPCs to interact and experience more fo the the game with

Download The Calamity Mod Here

2. N Terraria Mod

Fun new classes to play as in the N Terraria Mod

Everyone loves being able to customize your character beyond appearance. That’s what the N Terraria mod assumes by adding races, classes, and leveling to your game. Though not on the tModLoader Mod, this still adds a great RPG-style experience to your gameplay. 

  • Races and classes are added to create a gameplay much more focused on creating character and building it up to become legendary.
  • Great leveling systems that inspire you to explore new biomes, get new items, and face new monsters.
  • Access and complete quests, creating a grand story for you or your group of players.

Download the N Terraria Mod Here

1. Super Terrari World Mod

Structures built in this mod create a new experience for the player!

Looking for radically different gameplay? Or a change of pace from standard vanilla Terraria? The Super Terraria World Mod combines the aspects of your beloved game with that of an MMORPG. With massive multiplayer functions and role playing capabilities, this mod creates a whole new world for you to explore, with worlds within worlds to explore, each with pre-rendered buildings like the one shown above. Though still in Open Beta, this mod is packed full of new features, like skill experience levels, there are still great expectations for the mod in the future.

  • Explore the world by jumping onto a boat, traversing ancient dungeons and caves, and entering doorways into buildings
  • Skill leveling system that includes three combat skills, as well as explorations skills such as mining, crafting, chemistry, and farming
  • New quests to create a lore-filled world additional to the one you know and love

Download the Super Terraria World Mod Here

Through the continuation of the game, modders and fans have dreamt up beautiful additions to the game they love. Terraria has found a place in their hearts and they are willing to give back to the game and community that they love. This influence is an amazing part of how we experience the game and how it lives on, even if the game stops being developed.

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