[Top 5] Terraria Best Summoner Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Terraprisma vs Moon Lord
Terraprisma vs Moon Lord

Why play choose the summoner class?

Summoners are one of the most ignored classes in Terraria. One of the reasons is that they don’t have that wide a variety of weapons to choose from. Well, that’s not the case since versatility is one of the summoner’s strong points. First, you have all the time to think about dodging since you’re not aiming constantly at the enemies. Second, you tend to be very far from battle due to the nature of your minions. Third, you deal MASSIVE damage to anything your minions touch.


If you’re wondering what the best of the best summoning weapons are, this article was made for you! Here are our Top 5 Terraria Best Summoner weapons and how to get them!


5. Slime Staff

slime staff

Attack, my slime army!

This staff is essentially the very first summoning weapon available to you. Unfortunately, the drop rate of this item is very abysmal, being called the rarest item drop in the game. But ever since came out, you can easily get one from a Celebrationmk10 world as the Princess NPC has it for sale.


What makes Slime Staff awesome:

  • Does 6 hits per second per slime summoned
  • Easy to get very early in the game through Celebrationmk10
  • Good synergy with early game whips


Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 8 (Summon)
  • Knockback: 2 (Weak)
  • Mana: 10
  • Use Speed: 28 (Average)
  • Velocity: 10


How to get the Slime Staff:

Getting the Slime Staff


4. Snapthorn


Because calling it Thorn Whip is so basic

Journey’s End has added a new weapon type for summoners called Whips. These behave very similarly to flails and add significant buffs to summoned minions. The Snapthorn is one of the earliest you can get since the materials needed for it spawn early in the Jungle biome.


What makes Snapthorn awesome:

  • Adds a flat 6 summon tag damage. Coupled with fast-hitting summons like the Slime staff, you could potentially have a decent combo
  • Going to the Jungle very early can boost you ahead of the progression curve


Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 18 (Summon)
  • Knockback: 1 (Extremely Weak)
  • Use Speed: 30 (Average)
  • Velocity: 8
  • 6 summon tag damage
  • Strike enemies to gain attack speed
  • Applies ‘Poisoned’ for 4 seconds


How to get the Snapthorn:

Getting the Snapthorn


3. Stardust Dragon Staff

The Stardust Dragon will protect you...

A huge jump in progression here since not a lot of summoner items are worth it in between, to be honest. Near the end-game is the Stardust Dragon Staff, which is a very reliable weapon if you want to dish out massive damage. It can only be obtained post-Moon Lord which lowers its ranking for us as the best.


What makes Stardust Dragon Staff awesome:

  • Effective DPS that damages anything its game sprite touches
  • Can easily track enemies, even through walls
  • It’s one of the most accurate summons, although sometimes the AI gets a bit wonky
  • Can effortlessly dispatch bosses, including the Moon Lord


Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 40 (Summon)
  • Knockback: 2 (Weak)
  • Mana: 10
  • Use Speed: 36 (Average)
  • Velocity: 10


How to get the Stardust Dragon Staff:

Getting the Stardust Dragon Staff


2. Kaleidoscope

Let them taste your clashing colors

The Empress of Light is the greatest source of the best summoning weapons in the game. Although, it might be hard to defeat her unless you’ve come prepared. The Kaleidoscope is one of the awesome whips dropped by this boss and is considered to be the most powerful whip in the game. Minions cannot innately do critical hits, but that all changes with this colorful yet deadly weapon.


What makes Kaleidoscope awesome:

  • High damage and long-range
  • One of the only 2 whips that give summon critical chance


Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 180 (Summon)
  • Knockback: 4 (Weak)
  • Use Speed: 30 (Average)
  • Velocity: 12
  • 20 summon tag damage
  • 10% summon tag critical chance


How to get the Kaleidoscope:


Getting the Kaleidoscope


1. Terraprisma


No, they don't let you fly...

The Terraprisma is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game, and not just for summoners. Although, it’s the summoner class that can make full use of this weapon to its maximum potential. This weapon drops from the Empress of Light, but not as a regular drop. To get this mythical beast, you must defeat the Empress during the day, where any hit she does will insta-kill you.


What makes Terraprisma awesome:

  • Flying swords that track and attack through walls
  • Hits multiple times as compared to other piercing attack summons
  • Fast minion tracking allows for fighting the more elusive bosses.


Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 90 (Summon)
  • Knockback: 4 (Weak)
  • Mana: 10
  • Use Speed: 36 (Very Slow)
  • Velocity: 10


How to get the Terraprisma:

Getting the Terraprisma  


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