The Sims 4 Best Ways To Gain Followers [Top 5 Ways]

Computers will be your best friend.

Need to know how to gain followers? 

In Sims 4, you can utilize social media from your sim's computer or the cell phone, where you can gain followers. There is even a job surrounding that aspect of the game; the Social Media career.

With or without the Social Media career, you can gain followers with this social media feature. It helps to have the Social Media career to boost your followers count. 

This new and enhanced guide will show you the best ways to gain followers. Each one in this guide is proven to work and tested in the game. 

5.  Internet Personality Branch

Sometimes it is the branch that matters.

One of the easiest ways to start gaining followers is to have your sim join the Social Media career. With this career path, you have two branches to choose from, Internet Personality and Public Relations; we're choosing Internet Personality. 

Getting to Internet Personality may look a little daunting, especially when you need 25 million followers to get the promotion; it's easier than it looks. This branch  provides a multitude of opportunities to gain followers. 

The first thing you gain is the ability to share jokes with your followers, which gains your sim the comedy skill and 125 followers with a good joke. Once your sim hits level 10 in this branch, you can do advertising, record rants, broadcast your status, and do a charity stream.

How It Works:

  • Join the Social Media career via Find a Job option
  • You will need 25 million followers to get to this branch of the career
  • After getting into this branch you can start sharing jokes which makes it easy to gain followers

4. Simstagram

As some would say "it's all about the gram." 

Most people in today's age have a social media account of one form or another. With each social media platform, you gain followers, and you can do that in Sims 4 by using your sim's Simstagram. 

With the Simstagram method, you can choose to upload a picture your sim has taken, or you can update your sim's simstagram. Updating on Simstagram gives you a total of 12 followers in the beginning. 

Uploading photos provide 12 and up followers, and you can upload the same one multiple times. Using Simstagram in either way is a simplistic method to gain followers when starting.

How It Works:

  • Update Simstagram story via phone
  • Upload pictures to Simstagram after placing in the world
  • Gain 12 followers each time

3. Social Media 

Perhaps it is one of the easiest ways to find your people.

If you're trying to find one of the best ways to gain followers in Sims 4, look to using Social Media itself. You either need to have a Charisma level of five or be in the Social Media career to access the option to make an account on social media. 

Once your sim has created an account, they can choose to upload viral videos, update their status, share images, or even delete their account. There is also the option to check their timeline and total followers, which will come in handy to see your followers gain. 

Keep in mind that these choices to gain followers through Social Media do have a cooldown. No spamming viral videos; after all, your sim could be a one-hit-wonder with that video.

How It Works:

  • Create social media account on computer
  • Need to have level five Charisma or the Social Media career
  • Can use phone to update status gaining 15 or so followers
  • More options on computer

2. Stream on Drone

You already have your phone out, might as well make it a drone instead.

There is a saying that you should work smarter, not harder. Using the streaming drone from Get Famous is a passive way to gain followers; the smart way, one could argue. 

Once your sim has a streaming drone, select it, then choose to start streaming. Just make sure your Drone has a high battery first. 

After a little bit, you will get a notification about the update in followers. The streaming drone gains a passive 125 every 30 minutes in game time; that’s amazing.

How It Works:

  • Passively gain followers every 30 in game minutes
  • Drone comes with Get Famous
  • The drone will follow your sim around 
  • eventually will need to charge

1. Live Stream Gaming

Live streaming is fun and gets you a ton of followers. 

Live streaming has become popular in recent years and has proven to get the streamer a following, especially in the Sims 4. Once your sim reaches level 5 in the Social Media career, they will unlock the ability to Livestream their playthrough of a game.

At level 5 in the career, your sim will have four games to choose from to Livestream the playthrough. While streaming, the followers gain goes up by the hundreds every couple of seconds. 

Getting promoted is based on how many followers the higher you get, and when you get to level 8 in the career, your sim can do Let's Plays for games using the play game on either computer or gaming console. Once your sim is in the game, your sim will gain hundreds of followers, sometimes thousands. 

How It Works:

  • Level 5 in Social Media career or higher
  • Can stream from computer or device near a tv
  • Can be used multiple times to can followers
  • Once in level 8, you can stream Let’s Plays


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