[Top 5] Lost Ark Best Alts To Play

Lost Ark Best Alts To Play
The best alt characters to help your main and speed up the path to glory

Alternate or "alt" characters are characters that players can create in addition to their main character to help them be more efficient at the game. You want to get the most out of everything, especially in Lost Ark, where alts are an important part of the gameplay. Players will want to have as many alternate characters as possible. So, let's see which alt characters you should make to help you give your main character unlimited power.


5. Scrapper

The lady with Hulk fists

The fifth class, which will be one of the best choices for an alt, will be the same as your main. Let's assume that Scrapper is your main class, as it is currently among the most powerful in the game. They are one of the best classes with a fantastic all-around toolkit, including effective stagger and counter abilities as well as destructive and devastating damage. Scrapper is pretty fun and easy to play for an alt: tanky, mobile, tons of builds, and two viable class engravings.

Why Scrapper Is a Great Alt:

  • It has great damage through all the stages of the game, from leveling to the endgame.
  • The very mobile class will allow you to quickly do what you need to do and switch back to your main.
  • Also very tanky, which means you will save a lot of money on healing potions.
  • All abilities have pretty short cooldowns, and they don't require any setups to be used; just spam one after another.
  • It is very cheap to build, and at any stage of the game, you can have three engravings.

Choose Scrapper If:

  • You are looking for a class that is fun and easy to play.
  • The class doesn’t require mana to use abilities.
  • Want to play a class that is very mobile and looks like a Street Fighter character? 

Scrapper Fun Factor: 90/100


4. Gunlancer

Hard and tough as a diamond

In Lost Ark, Gunlancers are a type of tank that is equipped with both a gunlance and a shield as their primary weapons. The only class that, unlike the others, does not care about fight mechanics and can tank and stand in anything. In addition to having a high defense, they are able to do a great deal of damage and can clear everything with relative ease. When it comes to builds, it has a lot of flexibility, so players may learn a lot of different things about the game and select the play style that is best suited to them.

Why Gunlancer Is a Great Alt:

  • Due to being a tank, it is very easy for them to solo carry their team in Guardian raids, and to do them fast.
  • They don't have to use healing potions as much as other classes.
  • One of the cheapest and most versatile classes to build.
  • Very fast at clearing chaos dungeons, which is really important as you need to clear them every day.
  • Required for the endgame content, so every group will be looking for you to play with.

Choose Gunlancer If:

  • You don't like avoiding mechanics and playing however you like.
  • Want to stand toe-to-toe with bosses and laugh in their faces?
  • Looking for a class that can be tanky or aggressive with big yellow numbers.

Gunlancer Fun Factor: 93/100


3. Shadowhunter

Demons within me

Shadowhunter is a class that can transform into a demon in order to defeat their enemies. It is a very straightforward class to play, but it requires a lot of specialization, which can be hard to obtain in tiers 1 and 2, but in tier 3 it pops off. One of the most effective classes for clearing any type of content, saving you time and money for your main. 

Why Shadowhunter Is a Great Alt:

  • The very mobile class that can clear everything super fast and easily.
  • It only requires two types of gems, as everything you do is in demon form.
  • Doesn’t have to use as many potions as other classes do due to healing in demon form.
  • It is cheap to build because you literally need only class engraving to be strong.
  • There are no attack modifiers, so you can just press buttons and do damage from any position.

Choose Shadowhunter If:

  • You like the idea of slicing through hordes of enemies as a demon lady.
  • Looking for a class that is super fun and feels satisfying to play.
  • Want a class with some of the flashiest abilities in the game?

Shadowhunter Fun Factor: 95/100


2. Deathblade

Die by the blade

Deathblade is the second-best class to have as an alt. It slashes its foes with three blades like shish kebabs. One of the most powerful and mobile classes in the game, allowing you to quickly slash through the content. Lost Ark is a game where efficiency is crucial, which is where Deathblade's very cheap build comes in. It only takes one engraving plus a great deal of specialization, which increases the damage of that single engraving. 

Why Deathblade Is a Great Alt:

  • It becomes extremely powerful with very little effort invested in it.
  • Very cheap to build due to the single engraving needed.
  • Very mobile and efficient in clearing any type of content.
  • Can solo carry guardian bosses relatively easily.
  • Becomes overpowered in the endgame.

Choose Deathblade If:

  • You like fast-paced canon gameplay.
  • High-risk, high-reward class.
  • Want to assassinate enemies from behind and execute combos.

Deathblade Fun Factor: 98/100


1. Berserker

I am the Mayhem

At long last, we have the most powerful alt in the game. The one and only Berserker with the Mayhem class engraving is highly efficient due to the fact that it makes you very tanky, grants you the ability to deal a lot of damage, grants you the ability to move quite quickly, and is actually pretty powerful even at level one. Because of the area-of-effect (AOE) and enormous stagger and destruction damage that come from his skills, a berserker can easily solo any guardian boss, and chaos dungeons are a piece of cake for him to run. The most efficient use of your time and resources is to make all of your alts berserkers; in this case, you won't need to worry about anything else.

Why Berserker Is a Great Alt:

  • The high stagger provides excellent AOE and single-target damage.
  • Very tanky and mobile thanks to Mayhem engraving.
  • Cost-efficient to build due to the single engraving needed.
  • Can solo everything Lost Ark has to offer.
  • One of the easiest classes to play.

Choose Berserker If:

  • You like the idea of a beefy man with an enormously big sword.
  • Want to chill from level one till the endgame.
  • Class with some of the best combat animations.

Berserker Fun Factor: 100/100


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