Lost Ark Best Classes - What Should You Play?

Lost Ark Best Classes You Should Play

Lost Ark Best Classes - What Should You Play?

This is a guide on the best classes to choose from in Lost Ark, from the weakest to the strongest playing classes! Here I provide a summary of all the currently available classes, including their playstyles, strengths & weaknesses, and quick tips on what you should know before playing the classes.


22. Deadeye

Deadeye, the gunner marks his preys

Deadeye is a gunner class focusing on being a Ranged DPS role. This class utilizes three different weapons like the Gunslinger, Pistols, Shotguns, and Sniper rifles. For Gunslingers to damage, it’s Snipers. For Deadeyes to damage, it's a shotgun.

Class Analysis

Deadeyes are able to tackle their foes with various skills and barrages of bullets. They can be a hard-hitting class which can be a top DPS if you manage your skills perfectly. Unfortunately, Deads have a high skill ceiling that’s hard to master this class due to weapon swapping. You must also be close and behind the target for optimal damage. This makes him one of the worst classes in the game to choose from.

What Deadeye Excels In:

  • Can provide a crit rate buff for his teammates due to his skills
  • Pushes Tier 1 content very well
  • High mobility and push immunity in PvP
  • Utilizes 16 skills for a variety of different playstyles
  • Owns a strong Shotgun build compared to the Gunslinger counterparts

Pick Deadeye if:

  • You want a class that is high ranking in the PvP list.
  • You want to play a class that is constantly active and engaging.
  • You want to play a class has a high skill ceiling

Deadeye details


21. Shadowhunter

Shadowhunter, the half-slayer and half-demonic assassin

Shadowhunters are an Assassin type that is a demon-based Melee DPS class. She plays more like a fighter than an assassin and can act more aggressively due to her demonic form. 

Class Analysis

First build focuses on demonic form, where you can have many fun abilities to use to deal high burst damage. The second build disables demon form to deal consistent DPS. If done correctly, sheshould stay in her Identity meter to sustain her DPS. Shadowhunters don’t have many AoE skills, but her low cooldowns and high mobility compensates for that. Although mobile compared to most classes, her spacebar move distances are pretty poor. Overall, she places poorly amongst other classes as she doesn’t have much utility in her skill set.

What Shadowhunter Excels In:

  • Has good range on her skills and damage
  • Low cooldowns and high mobility to stay active
  • Hit-and-run specialist in high tier PvP
  • Strong stagger skills for an assassin type
  • Great synergy skill to increase party damage to an enemy

Pick Shadowhunter if:

  • You want to transform into a demon with some of the most astonishing attack animations.
  • You want to play an easy character without thinking hard.
  • You want to play an assassin with higher survivability.

Shadowhunter details


20. Artillerist

Artillerist, master of destruction and explosive weaponry

The Artillerist is a Ranged DPS class that utilizes heavy mechanical launchers. Uses an Identity Gauge that’s split into 3 stages. Each stage increases damage dealt with the final stage, allowing you to access 4 unique skills.

Class Analysis

Artillerists deal consistent damage and have high stagger damage on most of his skills. He also can provide a stagger damage buff to the team. What makes a good Artillerist is his high crit chance and high survivability to last in many fights. Although they are easy to learn, Artillerists can be challenging to master for a new player. He has low burst potential and needs boss mechanic knowledge to use  specific skills effectively. Artillerists can be very strong, but the dependence of player knowledge places them in a low spot amongst other classes.

What Artillerist Excels In:

  • High crit chance and consistent damage
  • Plenty of AoE skills to clear monster waves within seconds
  • High stagger damage and a stagger buff to the party
  • High survivability due to his unique engraving effect
  • Excellent zone control in PvP due to his range

Pick Artillerist if:

  • You want a class that is slow and steady, but deadly.
  • You are a pyromaniac that enjoys shooting flamethrowers and explosives.
  • You want to play a class that has a high skill ceiling

Artillerist details


19. Reaper

Reaper, the assassin who emerges from darkness

Reaper is a true assassin-type class which takes on the role of a Melee DPS. She has 3 distinct skill sets that allow her to have multiple playstyles, which are: dagger skills revolving around her sharp blades, shadow skills consisting of cloning abilities + mobility, and swoop skills, which allow her to deal big AoE and burst damage.

Class Analysis

Reapers have high mobility due to most of her skills providing movement. She also has an abundance of stealth, teleports, and poison-based attacks, which can be very good and fun to play in PvP. Reapers can be hard to master due to her multiple skill sets. She moves quickly but with low survivability. Her back attack is almost mandatory for her to deal optimal damage, which makes her feel like a glass cannon compared to other classes.

What Reaper Excels In:

  • Stealth and teleport to maneuver around the battlefield
  • High burst damage ceiling
  • Forgiving gameplay loop on one of her builds, Hunger Reaper
  • High in PvP tier list due to her unique mobile skills
  • Has plenty of build variety based on her Normal, Persona, and Chaos modes

Pick Reaper if:

  • You want to play a class that has a variety of playstyles.
  • You want to play as a true assassin.
  • You want to play as a high-risk, high-reward class of being a glass cannon.

Reaper details


18. Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter, the marksman ranger who snipes from afar

The Sharpshooter is a Ranged DPS Gunner class that uses mechanical bows with special arrows with different effects. Their agility and long-distance playstyle keeps them in the fight for the long haul.

Class Analysis

Sharpshooters can have good burst DPS if they’re properly positioned. They have decent mobility that helps them avoid hits. They suffer from low stagger and part break which doesn’t contribute well to the party besides damage. Two of their biggest skills, Snipe and Charged Shot render them immobile. Unfortunately, Sharpshooters don’t make it to the top classes due to their positional restrictions.

What Sharpshooter Excels In:

  • Can provide DPS from any position
  • Easily does burst damage from long range
  • Has plenty of high crit rate tripods
  • Has the ability to stealth in PvP
  • Very mobile and can get away from enemies efficiently

Pick Sharpshooter if:

  • You want a meta-defining PvP class that can stealth around enemies.
  • You don’t like close-ranged fighting.
  • You want to actually role-play as a sniper in the game.

Sharpshooter details


17. Deathblade

Deathblade, the assassin who slashes with a thousand cuts

Deathblade is a rogue-slashing assassin-type class with a Melee DPS role. Deathblades use a unique Identity Gauge separated into 3 death orbs in which you can activate 1 orb to immediately reduce all cooldowns of your skills and give you access to an immense skill called Blade Surge.

Class Analysis

The Deathblade is an easy-to-pick-up and-play class due to her high mobility and enormous AoE damage for big mobs, which makes the leveling process efficient. Her skill cooldowns are constantly refreshed frequently due to consuming her death orbs. Lastly, Deathblades are one of the top choices in PvP due to her dashes and crowd control. You’ll do serious crit damage once you land her Surge skill. One of the problems of Deathblade is that she requires herself to attack behind the enemy for more optimal damage. Missing her big damage skills like Blade Surge can be very punishing as a DPS loss causes you to rebuild her Surge stacks. She’s also very squishy with low HP amongst other classes.

What Deathblades Excels In:

  • High critical damage from Surge skill
  • High AoE and crowd control skills to clear out mobs
  • Good choice in PvP arenas due to her combo-ing and quick crowd control skills.
  • Easy leveling process due to her mobility and clear speed.
  • Constant damage buff from her Death Trance ability

Pick Deathblades if:

  • You want to see huge damage numbers from Blade Surge.
  • You want a fluid & agile class that can deal high critical damage.
  • You want an easy-to-play class that has flashy skills to show off.

Deathblade details


16. Striker

Striker, the fist-brawler of deadly blows

Strikers are a fast-paced brawler class that focuses on doing Melee DPS. They have two playstyles: Death Blow (which focuses on high burst damage) and Esoteric Flurry (which deals consistent damage with high stagger damage).

Class Analysis

One of his two builds, Esoteric Flurry, uses multiple Identity Gauge spender skills, allowing him to deal consistent damage. His other build, Deathblow, focuses more on amplifying his Esoteric skills allowing more burst damage. Although Strikers can be slower than their Wardancer counterparts, they are still a high-mobility class. They also have great synergy with their teams because of their attack speed buff and crit chance debuff, which becomes crucial for dealing maximum damage. Strikers can be back attack reliant, but his mobility offsets that problem very well compared to other classes.

What Striker Excels In:

  • Quick hits and high DPS against enemies
  • Has a nice attack speed buff for the whole team.
  • Good single-target skills against elite and boss monsters.
  • Fast and agile for a melee class.
  • Consistent in dealing with DPS.

Pick Striker if:

  • You want a fun bursty playstyle that will deal consistent damage in PvP AND PvE.
  • You want to be annoying in PvP due to hit-and-run strats.
  • You never want to worry about stagger checks again.

Striker details


15. Destroyer 

Destroyer, the warrior who wield the giant hammer of gravity

The Destroyer is a Warrior class that uses a giant hammer as a Melee Tank role. He can utilize gravity which can be an asset to any team.

Class Analysis

Destroyers can make do with elites and bosses due to their large AoE and hard-hitting skills. And their foundation makes them able to withstand attacks and handle crowd control. They usually have a lot of knockdown and super armor skills, which make you stick close to boss fights. One gripe with Destroyers is that he can be pretty slow with his long animations, often so that walking can outpace his movement skills over time. Because of his slow movement speed, his weakness shows against actively mobile bosses making him perform average in raid parties.

What Destroyer Excels In:

  • Extremely high stagger and weak point damage
  • Can nullify almost all damage they take through his shields and abilities
  • Has high damage mitigation against big incoming hits
  • Can consistently stay in front of the boss, maintaining aggro
  • Satisfying burst abilities that deal massive damage

Pick Destroyer if:

  • You want a class that is capable of completely disrespecting the mechanics of the game.
  • You want to face-tank big incoming hits while only leaving a scratch.
  • You never want to worry about stagger checks again.

Destroyer details


14. Soulfist

Soulfist, the channeler of Adamance

The Soulfist class is both a melee and ranged fighter while focusing as a Melee DPS role. She can switch between melee and ranged attacks which can be used in synergy to deal big combos. She uses an identity skill with 3 levels in which the higher level can increase damage and attack speed with short cooldowns.

Class Analysis

One of her builds Robust Spirit, makes Soulfistone of the strongest burst damage dealers in Lost Ark. She is fast paced with melee and range, which makes her versatile and not dull to play. She also has high mobility while containing the strongest awakening skill in the game. Soulfist is one of the most complex martial artist classes to learn and master. Although her awakening skill is bonkers, she can suffer from a huge DPS loss when missing it. 

What Soulfist Excels In:

  • High mobility amongst other classes in the game
  • Strongest Awakening skill, World Decimation, that deals huge damage output
  • Strong burst damage windows when using Robust Spirit
  • Has great single target and AoE skills that makes her versatile in any situation
  • Can effectively combo against her enemies

Pick Soulfist if:

  • You want a class that is fun, and not dull to play.
  • You want to channel a big Spirit Bomb upon your enemy.
  • You want a class with good mobility and crowd control in PvP.

Soulfist details


13. Scrapper

Scrapper, the brawler of destructive force

Scrappers are another fighter class that is considered to be a Melee Off Tank role. She has two different skill types (shock and stamina) that she can switch between. 

Class Analysis

Scrappers are considered to be one of the most mobile classes in the game while having naturally defensive stats in Lost Ark. She is one of the very few classes that actually don’t use mana but instead, use a unique energy system consisting of her Stamina (yellow) and Shock (green). Scrappers tend to play very close range while having narrow hitboxes but will feel excellent and impactful once mastered. Be wary of her lacking shields or damage reduction skills, which can make her prone to death quite easily amongst other classes. 

What Scrapper Excels In:

  • Picks up the pace quickly past level 30.
  • Has insane damage skills to clear bosses and large mobs
  • Some of the best stagger, weak point, and counterattack capabilities in the game
  • Arguably has the best counter skill with Roundup Sweep
  • High defense as Martial Artist class

Pick Scrapper if:

  • You want a class that uses enormous gauntlets to pulverize opponents.
  • You want a balanced class that provides stagger and weak points while dealing damage.
  • You are bored of the standard mana system and want to play something more unique.

Scrapper details


12. Gunslinger

Gunslinger, the swift gunner of catlike reflexes

The Gunslinger is a Ranged DPS class that moves around light on their feet with catlike reflexes. The Gunslinger can use 3 different weapons: pistols for mobility and engagement, a shotgun for close-ranged damage, and a sniper for ranged damage.

Class Analysis

Gunslingers are one of the most popular classes to use in PvP due to mobility and combo skills. She has long-range skills because of her sniper swap and high crit debuff uptime. It’s important to note that Gunslingers have low defense and is one of the most challenging classes to master because of its constantly rotating weapons. You may need to find proper keybinds to get used to combo-ing her skills efficiently. 

What Gunslinger Excels In:

  • Long-range playstyle because of her Sniper weapon
  • Arguably the fastest and most mobile class in the game
  • High crit debuff uptime
  • One of the most vital classes in PvP that is hard to stop
  • Can cancel her timings and play around with her cast times

Pick Gunslinger if:

  • You enjoy mastering a class with a high skill ceiling.
  • You want to play an unfair class in PvP to grind higher ranks quickly.
  • You like to button-mash your keyboard to deal combos.

Gunslinger details


11. Wardancer

Wardancer, the martial artist of elemental power

Wardancers are a Martial Artist class that takes the role of a Melee DPS. They utilize elemental orbs to charge to deal high burst damage. Taking control of the power of elements, she can eliminate enemies in seconds.

Class Analysis

The Wardancer uses her ability to deliver devastating blows and buff her allies. This usually involves stacking and spending her Elemental Orbs, also her Identity Gauge. Her Elemental Orbs can quickly be built using her quick, low cooldown abilities to deal frequent burst damage. Wardancers may lack AoE skills, but their high-damage single-target skills make up for it. They are also back attack reliant along with no actual mobility skill, but her low cooldown skills will allow her to maneuver in fights.

What Wardancer Excels In:

  • Very low cooldowns and fast attack counter animations
  • Has a nice attack speed buff for the whole team.
  • Good single-target skills against elite and boss monsters.
  • Fast and agile for a melee class.
  • Consistent in dealing with DPS.

Pick Wardancer if:

  • You want a fun bursty playstyle that will deal consistent damage in PvP AND PvE.
  • You want to be annoying in PvP due to hit-and-run strats.
  • You never want to worry about stagger checks again.

Wardancer details


10. Machinist

Machinist, the Iron Man of Arkesia

The Machinist is a Gunner class that uses cutting-edge technology. If you want to play Iron Man, this is for you because high-tech and style make Machinists a force to be reckoned with.

Class Analysis

Machinists can simultaneously attack with drones which helps with clearing mobs. They are reasonably easy to play as they deal sustained DPS with their constant missiles and explosions. They also gain massive speed and shields to protect them from harm. Machinists have shields, but breaking them can cause a huge DPS loss. Players should be wary about his nontransformation build: he has high mobility but a high skill ceiling. Although he is flashy, other classes can still outperform him.

What Machinist Excels In:

  • Consistently provides DPS
  • Has high uptime and low cooldown on most of his skills
  • Has four types of skills in his arsenal
  • Flexible class with fast-paced gameplay loop
  • Can be cost-effective to build

Pick Machinist if:

  • You want to be Iron Man.
  • You want to play one of the flashiest classes in the game.
  • You want a pet drone to fight alongside you.

Machinist details


9. Glaivier

Glaivier, the eloquent polearm master

The Glaivier class is a Martial Artist class that uses a glaive and a spear as a melee DPS. The Glaivier can swap between two stances: One has more AoE skills while the other is more focused with a high bursty playstyle.

Class Analysis

Glaivier can be a versatile class that provides a nice feel to her gameplay. She is a well-desired class that has critical rate synergy with the team. She can deal decent damage and is easily playable for newbies. One of the main problems as a Glaivier is her defense. While she has decent stagger and melee damage, she can also become very squishy once targeted. This can often cause her to reset during fights, becoming a loss in DPS for her essential raids. 

What Glaivier Excels In:

  • Decent stagger while still being mobile
  • Has a nice build variety for different types of playstyles
  • Can synergize well in teams with her critical rate buff.
  • High mobile due to her special movement skills
  • Can use her low Identity Management 

Pick Glaivier if:

  • You like spears/glaives and flashy acrobatic movements.
  • You like playing aggressively to dish out combos.
  • You like dealing crit damage consistently.

Glaivier details


8. Arcanist

Arcanist, more than a magician of card tricks

The Arcanist is a Mage class specializing in cards focused as a Ranged DPS. She plays like a battle mage by hitting skills granting her cards with different effects when used. 

Class Analysis

One of Arcanist’s builds, Empress’s Grace, focuses on burst skills by stacking cards on enemies, while Order of the Emperor focuses on normal attacks for sustained uptime damage. In PvP she has plenty of mobility and zone control, and can often be very predictable amongst high rank PvP fights. A good performance of Arcanists can still rely on the player's ability to bring the most out of her kit due to her RNG mechanics. This can make Arcanist’s damage fluctuate, making her squishy and hard to master compared to other classes.

What Arcanist Excels In:

  • Great at supporting teams with single and multi-target skills
  • Great mobility to get into proper positioning
  • Nice build variety for different types of playstyles
  • High damage ceiling if mastered well
  • Gives critical rate synergy to her team

Pick Arcanist if:

  • You want a fun, yet challenging type of class to play.
  • You like gambling and always leave your fate to luck.
  • You are a fast thinker with a high APM.

Arcanist details


7. Berserker 

Beserker, warrior of quenching thirst for rage

The Berserker is a mighty Warrior class that wields a high-damage greatsword specializing in the Melee DPS role. They have a burst mode in which they gain increased attack and movement speed with a unique skill.

Class Analysis

Berserkers are one of the top performing classes to do solo and group content with. They have decent mobility, high burst rotations, and good stagger, destruction, and counter abilities. Berserkers can have a low margin of error due to long skill cast times. One of Berserker’s class engravings, Mayhem, can be powerful as it increases attack and movement speed, yet can cause HP anxiety for some players which is not ideal for people who want to survive long during endgame content. 

What Berserker Excels In:

  • Deals excellent burst or sustained damage depending on what build you play
  • Decent mobility to maneuver around bosses
  • Being a high-damage melee class that is also durable
  • Has Push Immunity on skills to stay locked in during the fight
  • Has plenty of stagger abilities for stagger checks.

Pick Berserker if:

  • You want a beginner-friendly class to get started with as a newcomer to Arkesia.
  • You want to live life on the edge like Tryndamere from LoL with the Mayhem engraving.
  • You enjoy wielding a greatsword with explosive attack animations.

Berserker details


6. Bard

Bard, Virtuoso of the Liane harp

The Bard is a Ranged Support class in which she uses a harp to heal and support her teammates. Like any other game, this class is the closest thing to a healer that the game has to offer.

Class Analysis

Bards can do anything a support would do: she can use shields, attack buffs, and heals her allies, which makes her very useful in raids and dungeons. She has a very basic playstyle and has a very established and specific role of playing in group content. Bards can still be immobile sometimes, and you must know the correct timing and placement of your supporting skills. Lastly, she does no damage, but her support role is vital in team play, making her high in the top classes to play.

What Bard Excels In:

  • Has tremendous AoE-clearing abilities for large mobs
  • Easy to pick up and beginner-friendly playstyle
  • Increases party damage & survival for her team
  • Contributes highly to endgame raids
  • Also high in PvP tier list due to her supportive position

Pick Bard if:

  • You want to get insta-invited to raid parties.
  • You want to play one of the best supports in the game
  • You want to play a very inexpensive class.

Bard details


5. Paladin 

Paladin, the holy knight and protector of Arkesia

The Paladin is a holy knight that focuses mainly as a Melee Support class. They channel their powers from the Gods by using holy skills to support their teammates. 

Class Analysis

The Paladin has two skill sets (yellow and blue). Yellow, being support abilities, and Blue, focusing on damage. They are considered to be in high demand in any type of endgame content for parties. Lastly, they are one of the best damage-boosting support in the game. The thing with Paladins is that they’re not easy to use support skills since you have to be quick and place them in the right areas. Still, their kit has built-in synergy, providing offensive and defensive buffs to the entire team, making him a powerful candidate for the top class.

What Paladin Excels In:

  • Providing great offensive and defensive buffs to teammates
  • Being able to tank damage while supporting the team
  • Has high damage mitigation against big incoming hits
  • Has a debuff cleanse to reset any status afflictions
  • Can be versatile in any build setups you decide to play

Pick Paladin if:

  • You want faster party search times for raid teams.
  • You want to feel like a key contributor not just as a support but also deal damage.
  • You want the best damage-boosting support in the game.

Paladin details


4. Summoner

Summoner, the medium of ancient elementals and spirits

Summoner is a Ranged DPS Mage class which utilizes summons while calling forth ancient spirits to help her in battle, and each elemental has their own unique skills to help in any situation. When using spells to accumulate orbs, Summoner can use a wide variety of spirits ranging from a Giant’s Foot smashing a target to an elemental lord striking down an enemy.

Class Analysis

Summoners are unique to the Mage class type due to the amount of spells, pets, and ancient summons providing a stream of DPS. She has self-buffs that fit into her arsenal of spells and summons while having pets that give her constant damage over time. Summoners can sometimes be pretty immobile with low armor, which leaves them squishy in sticky situations. She doesn’t perform well in the early game until you optimize her stats and gear in endgame content.

What Summoner Excels In:

  • Nice class to learn in raids because you are constantly dealing damage
  • Easy to pick up for beginners and veteran players
  • Great stagger for boss stagger checks
  • High damage ceiling with the proper build and gear
  • Her pets are great in PvP to gain zone control

Pick Summoner if:

  • You want to be the class that is annoying to deal against.
  • You have a lot of gold to invest in a character.
  • You enjoy having someone else do the damage for you.

Summoner details


3. Artist

Artist, the support who yields imagination with a brush and ink

The Artist class is the first Specialist class of its kind in Lost Ark and the only class that uses a unique brush and ink to attack or summon unholy beasts with her paintings. She is considered as melee support and one of the 3 support classes in Lost Ark alongside Bards and Paladins.

Class Analysis

One of the pros of the Artist is that she has a ton of AoE skills in her kit, allowing for clearing mobs. She heals and supports her teammates, having the highest healing rate, and uses portals for mispositioned allies. One of her abilities, shielding her allies, requires her to hop on or be close to them. Most of her skills have an extended amount of animation time which takes getting used to but can be solved in late-game gear optimization. Being one of the newest class additions to the game, she currently rates high amongst the top classes until there may be a re-balance patch sooner or later.

What Artist Excels In:

  • Party shield buff that is heavily utilized in endgame raids
  • High mobility to get away faster from Boss slam attacks
  • Uses a portal to drag teammates to a safe position
  • Has an attack speed buff useful for DPS checking
  • Has decent stagger skills while buffing teammates

Pick Artist if:

  • You want a healer that can still perform well in DPS
  • You want to heal your teammates with bubbles while still casting other spells
  • You don’t want to spend too much gold investment for gear
  • You want to smack enemies with a giant paint brush

Artist details


2. Sorceress

Sorceress, master of lightning, fire, and ice magic

The Sorceress class wields a staff dealing powerful magic based on three elements as a Ranged DPS Class. She focuses on spell casting that damages multiple enemies due to her immense area damage abilities.

Class Analysis

Sorceress has two builds (Reflux) where one focuses on speed casting consistent damage and mobility, while the other (Igniter) is high damage burst but low mobility. She is considered a great class for new players since she does high damage at all stages of progression. Can solo content with a breeze. Large AoE. She has a lower health pool and defense stat, making her squishy from hard-hitting bosses. Alongside her squishiness, the Sorceress can get focused down easily without having many tools to survive once she aggros a boss. Overall, her skill set has everything to have as a primary damage dealer, making her a top choice in all types of Lost Ark content.

What Sorceress Excels In:

  • Dish out significant AoE skills to clear mobs AND deal high damage
  • Ignition playstyle does massive damage at the cost of a high skill ceiling
  • Dealing consistent damage while being at a safe distance from enemies
  • Has functional crowd control abilities in long-range in PvP.
  • Has a debuff that increases the target’s damage taken.

Pick Sorceress if:

  • You want to call a meteor down on enemies to deal high critical damage.
  • You want to use her Reflux build to fast cast her abilities for sustained damage.
  • You want to learn one of the most accessible classes to play.

Sorceress details


1. Gunlancer

Gunlancer, the tank who controls the front lines

Gunlancer, AKA the Chadlancer, is one of the warrior classes specializing in a Melee Tank role. The Gunlancer is a damage dealer, and  allows teammates to be safe due to taking hits and taunting the enemy. He utilizes two different builds: Red (high stagger and weak point damage and focuses on burst damage) and Blue (high survivability w/ decent stagger and consistent damage) skills.

Class Analysis

The Gunlancer is regarded as one of the tankiest classes the game offers. Players can rely on his shield and damage reduction buffs for the party. It is one of the easiest classes to counter bosses due to its comfortability being close to the fight most of the time. One of the problems is his low mobility and lack of mobile skills to get to positions faster. On top of that, Gunlancer backsteps instead of dash. This makes it very uncomfortable and unusual for players to get used to. Still, Gunlancers can pave the way in crucial fights due to his tankiness and utility alone, making him the top contender in the best classes to play.

What Gunlancer Excels In:

  • High amounts of stagger abilities for stagger checking
  • Can utilize a useful shield buff for party members for maximum survivability
  • Lots of AoE damage dealing skills to clear down mobs
  • High burst damage if you want to go for his Red build
  • Easy to counter bosses due to his close positioning and short skill animation.

Pick Gunlancer if:

  • You want to potentially solo & clutch a raid boss.
  • You enjoy face-tanking a boss without having to move around that much.
  • You want to feel the joy and dopamine of countering a boss so quickly.

Gunlancer details


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