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Lost Ark PvP
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PvP Introduction

In every big city, there is the Arena Board. It provides a variety of Player Versus Player (PvP) game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Last Team Standing, and Free for All.

After completing the quest Rebuilding Luterra, you will unlock the Arena Board around Level 26.You should acknowledge that the 21:9 aspect ratio is very advantageous. You get a wider view and more arena awareness.


Best Lost Ark PvP Class


5. Paladin

  • Support class, provides team shields
  • Damage reduction buffs for team
  • Higher DPS than Bard counterpart
  • Can deal DPS close to a DPS class
  • Frontliner

Paladin is a perfect class that negates a lot of damage while engaging opponents. He protects his allies, deal large area damage to foes, and has a big sharp sword.

He synergizes well with offensive classes, but he can also deal damage. What he lacks is Push Immunity, he makes up this by properly timing and positioning his skills. Most often, players choose Swiftness Combat Stat, in combination with Domination or Endurance for more support playstyle.

Paladin details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Paladin


4. Bard

  • Very good offensive team synergy
  • Great damage reduction for party
  • Party protection to Crowd Control's
  • Super Armor protection

As in PvE, the Bard plays like a support class in PvP. Great defensive skills and buffs makes up for her low damage. Just by having support on your team alone, gives big advantage before the battle starts. The Bard has a decent Skill Ceiling and is teammate reliant.

Most often, players choose Swiftness Combat Stat, in combination with Specialization for more Identity Gauge and better heals, or Domination for more damage, or Endurance for more defense.

Bard details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Bard


3. Deathblade

  • Provides Attack Speed and Move Speed buff to party
  • Capable of risky playstyle
  • Super Armors to Crowd Control
  • Fast skills that are hard to dodge
  • Counters melee classes
  • Good against ranged

In PvP, the Deathblade jumps around the Arena and catches her foes with dashes and Crowd Control. A lot of Super Armor and movement abilities allow her to climb high in the 3v3 tier list. Combos are not that hard to learn, and they deal high damage

Most often, players choose Swiftness Combat Stat in combination with Domination.

Deathblade details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Deathblade


2. Gunlancer

  • Easy to get a lot of damage
  • Low cooldown skills hit pretty hard
  • 14 skills
  • Great mobility for tanky class

The Gunlancer is a so-called tank in Lost Ark. He can protect himself and his teammates. His unique space bar dodge, Back Step, is unique to him.

In PvP, the Gunlancer deals respectable amounts of damage while being true big tanky class. You will always be desired in groups. Most often, players choose Swiftness Combat Stat in combination with Specialization for more Identity, or Domination for more damage.

Gunlancer details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Gunlancer



  • Difficult to control at first
  • Super Armor to Crowd Control
  • High DPS
  • Great against ranged
  • Little bit weaker against melee

The Gunslinger, swapping between three guns, giving her a wide range of tools to deal with any situation. Pistols are used for mobility, Shotgun for damage and Sniper for poking.

In PvP, the Gunslinger unleashes lethal shots while dancing around the arena. If played adequate, this class is strong carry that is hard to stop and will get you in high ranking. Most often, players choose Swiftness Combat Stat in combination with Domination for more damage, or Specialization for pokes.

She is my Top Pick because of her versatility and if in proper hands, she can be unstoppable.

Gunslinger details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Gunslinger


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