Lost Ark PvP Tier List [Lost Ark Best and Worst PvP Classes]

Lost Ark PvP Tier List - Lost Ark Best and Worst PvP Classes
Best classes for dominating the arena and becoming a Grandmaster

Hello, grandmasters! The best and worst classes for Lost Ark's player-versus-player (PVE) content in the current patch are ranked below. This tier list will provide you with information about each class and how they perform in PVP, the pros of every top class, and what the counters to each class are, to assist you on your PVP journey. This tier list will be based on how well each class does in terms of damage, how hard it is to use each class, crowd-controlling skills like paralysis, push, and debuff, and how resistant each class is to paralysis, push, and debuff.

In that case, let's get started.



Players that are skilled at playing these types of characters and classes that have all of the aforementioned characteristics will almost certainly have the highest chance of becoming grandmasters at the end of a season.

Paladin: 100/100

Holy God of the arena

Paladins are a melee support class that uses holy magic to either protect their allies in the arena or destroy their opponents. As a result of the fact that they are able to deal decent damage while being a tanky support class, the current meta considers them to be highly broken and extremely powerful. Even with putting more of an emphasis on tankier statistics, the potential for burst damage is fairly high. They are strong frontliners who also have powerful catch tools, and in terms of PVP, they have a lot of peeling and the strongest awakening ability in the game. As a support class, paladins are not hard counters to any class, but the classes that can give a paladin a hard time in the arena are: Berserker, Artillerist, Wardancer, and Soulfist.

What Makes Paladin S-Tier

  • First and foremost, being tanky support.
  • Paladins have paralysis immunity through Charge, as well as push immunity through Charge and Execution of Justice.
  • Very good burst damage for a support with Sacred Executioner.
  • He provides shields for his teammates with Holy Protection and Godsent Law.
  • Good crowd control abilities such as Holy Sword, Dash Slash, and Executor's Sword.
  • Provides damage reduction to allies with Heavenly Blessings.
  • Also, he boosts the damage of his allies with Holy Aura.


Deathblade: 98/100

Master Assassin

The Deathblade is a mobile rogue type in Lost Ark that uses speed and crowd management to dominate the course of battle. She can thoroughly crush her opponents with a variety of build options and combos. In PvP, the Deathblade is known for its swift catches and crowd control. She's a hit-and-run specialist who comes in when the situation calls for it. Despite her archetype, she can brawl pretty well in long engagements. 

Deathblade counters: Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, and Berserker. 

Deathblade is countered by: Deadeye, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter, and Shadowhunter.

What Makes Shadowblade S-Tier

  • Able to deal strong burst damage through Zero, Moonlight Sonic, and Flash Blink.
  • Using the identity skill Zero grants her complete immunity to everything.
  • One of the most mobile classes thanks to her Surprise Attack, Spincutter, and High-Speed Move, which also grant her immunity to paralysis.
  • Strong crowd control abilities like Head Hunt, Dark Axel, Blitz Rush, Flash Blink, and Surprise Attack.
  • Shadowblades can boost movement speed for them and their allies with Maelstrom.
  • Almost all abilities include paralysis immunity and crowd control effects.


Sorceress: 95/100

Igniter of the world

In Lost Ark, the Sorceress is a classic mage class that focuses more on ranged battles than anything else. This class has a high skill cap, yet it's not difficult to learn the basics of it either. She possesses a wide variety of versatile combo options and the potential to completely dominate a fight because of her mobility and short cooldowns. The Sorceress revolves around good positioning and long-range skills. Even though her damage is far above average, the majority of it is dependent on her skill shots being accurate. 

Sorceress counters: Bard, Artillerist, Berserker, Wardancer, and Soulfist.

Sorceress is countered by: Deadeye, Gunslinger, and Shadowhunter.

What Makes Sorceress S-Tier

  • Every single spell has a large hitbox, which allows her to land spells more easily.
  • Good crowd control abilities like Squall, Inferno, and Seraphic Hail.
  • The majority of her spells grant immunity to paralysis.
  • Strong burst damage with Punishing Strike, Esoteric Reaction, and Enviska's Might, which is her awakening skill that also grants her total immunity.
  • Seraphic Hail and Reverse Gravity are two offensive abilities that can also be used as defensive ones.
  • She has a lot of mobility for a ranged spellcaster thanks to the spacebar and two blink charges.
  • Good at catching and peeling enemies with Lightning Vortex and Frost's Call.


Gunslinger: 93/100

Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle

The Gunslinger is a ranged damage class that can switch between three different guns, providing her with a broad set of options to handle a wide range of different situations. Skills with a pistol are utilized for mobility and engagement; skills with a shotgun are utilized for damage; and rifle skills are utilized for picking. In addition to that, she relies on her mobility for self-defense. The gameplay of Gunslinger focuses on making rapid catches using a combination of the rifle and pistol. Her ability to perform deadly combos while moving around the arena earns her a high position on the player versus player (PvP) tier list. This class is a powerful carry that is difficult to stop if it is played correctly.

Gunslinger counters: Sorceress, Sharpshooter, Gunlancer, Deathblade, Soulfist, Deadeye, and Artillerist.

Gunslinger is countered by: Wardancer, Striker, Scrapper, and Shadowhunter.

What Makes Gunslinger S-Tier

  • Ranged map control by swapping between three different weapons.
  • Very high damage output: Last Request, Shotgun Rapid Fire, Hour of Judgment, Catastrophe, Perfect Shot, and Sharpshooter.
  • Great crowd control abilities such as AT02 Grenade, Spiral Flame, Perfect Shot, and Focused Shot.
  • Excellent mobility with damaging attacks such as Dexterous Shot, Spacebar, Spiral Tracker, Quick Step, and Somersault Shot.
  • There are a lot of skills with push immunity like Quick Step, Somersault Shot, Death Fire, and Catastrophe.
  • With every skill she possesses, Gunslinger is immune to paralysis. 



Despite the fact that they lack some form of immunity, players who are proficient in playing these types of characters and classes will most likely have a high probability of becoming grandmasters at the end of a season.

Wardancer: 91/100

Defying gravity

The Wardancer is a swift and nimble martial arts class that focuses on combos and quick engagements. She may not have a large number of protected abilities, but she more than makes up for it with her defense and her ability to disrupt. The Wardancer's primary objective in PvP is to put as much pressure as possible on the opposing backline by using a hit-and-run playstyle. There are a lot of ways this class can engage. You will have the opportunity to shine in this class if you choose the right fights and targets.

Wardancer counters: Shadowhunter, Scrapper, and Paladin.

Wardancer is countered by: Deathblade, Artillerist, and Gunslinger.

What Makes Wardancer A-Tier

  • She is great at initiating and creating attack opportunities for her team with Phoenix Advent and Moon Flash Kick.
  • Good overall damage with Esoteric Skill: Call of the Wind God, Ultimate Skill: Fist of Dominance, and Ultimate Skill: Flash Rage Blow.
  • Wardancers have two damage reduction buffs: Energy Combustion and Wind's Whisper, which also increase the attack and movement speed of their party.
  • Great mobility with Spacebar, Lightning Kick, and Sleeping Ascent Celebration.
  • Sky Shattering Blow, Call of the Wind God, Sleeping Ascent Celebration, and Fist of Dominance are all effective crowd control abilities in her arsenal.


Bard: 88/100

Let the music inspire you

The Bard functions very similarly to other support classes when it comes to PvP. Her personal damage is very modest, but she more than makes up for it with her excellent defensive abilities and buffs. Her music provides a wide variety of supportive skills. Only the Paladin can challenge her position at the top of the PvP tier chart, where she has a good overall ranking. Even before the fight begins, you have an edge simply by virtue of the fact that you have a support character on your squad. Finding your way around the map can be challenging at first, but a skillfully performed Bard can make all the difference between winning and losing in the arena. As a support, Bard doesn't really have a hard counter to any class, but classes that can give Bard trouble in the arena are: Sorceress, Shadowhunter, Scrapper, and Berserker.

What Makes Bard A-Tier

  • Support position in the arena.
  • She is also able to heal and shield their allies with the Serenade of Salvation and Symphonia, which also reduce the attack power, attack, and movement speed of enemies.
  • Good peeling and crowd control abilities like Rhapsody of Light, Sonic Vibration, Rhythm Buckshot, and Prelude of Storm.
  • Bards can buff teammates with bonus damage with Serenade of Courage.
  • They can also provide debuffs and reduce damage taken to the entire team with Guardian Tune.


Artillerist: 86/100

Bombs away

The Artillerist is a class that functions similarly to a cannoneer. They are experts in the use of heavy weaponry and may transform into a fixed turret to kill their enemies. Even though they move slowly, the large area of impact damage they deal more than makes up for it. When it comes to PvP combat, the Artillerist is a combo-dependent character that relies on their stun to do a significant amount of damage. If the combo wombo damage hits, it can deal damage equal to or greater than half an opponent's total HP. They are easy to get around, so it's important to use their stun abilities in the right place and at the right time. 

Artillerist counters: Gunlancer, Paladin, Striker, Wardancer, and Scrapper.

Artillerist is countered by: Sorceress, Deadeye, Gunslinger, Soulfist, Shadowhunter, and Bard.

What Makes Artillerist A-Tier

  • Enormously high damage with Air Raid, Flamethrower, Heavy Turret, and Homing Barrage, which can also be used for zoning the opponents.
  • Great crowd control skills like Swing, Bombardment: Howitzer, Bombardment: Energy Cannon, Freeze Shell, and Napalm Shot.
  • Ranged map control by transforming into the turret.
  • Good survivability with shields Energy Field and Bombardment: Impregnability. 
  • Decent Push immunity thanks to Gatling Gun and Energy Field.


Striker: 84/100

Talk to my fist

The Striker is a type of martial artist who deals more damage in a shorter amount of time than other classes, making them particularly effective against those classes that have high mobility. His high disruptions and mobility more than make up for the fact that he does not have a particularly large arsenal of protected abilities. With his hit-and-run style of play, the Striker's primary objective in PvP is to apply pressure to the backline of the opposing team. This is a class that offers a lot of ways to engage your opponents. You will have the opportunity to shine in this class if you select the appropriate fights and targets. If he is given the opportunity to play his cards right, he might be quite difficult to defeat.

Striker counters: Shadowhunter, Gunslinger, Deadeye, and Scrapper.

Striker is countered by: Gunlancer, Deathblade, and Artillerist.

What Makes Striker A-Tier

  • Very good at engaging and front-line bruising opponents with Moon Flash Kick, Storm Dragon Awakening, and Phoenix Advent.
  • Good damage with various combos through Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike, Ultimate Skill: Explosive Heat Awakening, and Tiger Emerges.
  • Very mobile class thanks to Spacebar, Lightning Kick, and Storm Dragon Awakening.
  • Good crowd control is achieved through the Sleeping Ascent Celebration, Swift Wind Kick, and Blast Formation.
  • Strikers are able to lower the opponent's critical resistance with Lightning Whisper.


Shadowhunter: 83/100

Demons will eat you alive

The Shadowhunter is a demonic class, and her special identity allows her to shift into a demon, providing her access to extremely devastating abilities. She has two distinct playstyles centered on ranged combat or melee fighting. In PvP, the Shadowhunter depends on long-range encounters and swift catches with her dashes. In high-level competitive PVP combat, it is an extremely strong class. She's a hit-and-run expert with a variety of paralyzing combos.

Shadowhunter counters: Sorceress, Gunslinger, Deadeye, Deathblade, Sharpshooter, Soulfist, and Artillerist.

Shadowhunter is countered by: Striker, Wardancer, and Scrapper.

 What Makes Shadowhunter A-Tier

  • Great mobility through her demon form, which gives her 20% movement speed, along with abilities like Demonic Slash and Ruining Rush.
  • High burst damage in demon form is possible thanks to abilities such as Destruction, Leaping Blow, Blood Massacre, and Gore Bleeding.
  • Good crowd control with the Demonic Clone, Piercing Thorn, Demon Vision, and Rising Claw.
  • All of her skills in demon form can paralyze opponents.
  • One of the few classes capable of carrying her team to victory on her own.



Classes that are easily countered and players that are skilled at playing these types of characters will have an average chance of becoming grandmasters at the end of a season.

Gunlancer: 80/100

Berserker: 78/100

Scrapper: 76/100

Scouter: 74/100

Lance Master: 71/100



Players that are proficient with classes that are vulnerable and require solid positioning have a more challenging time progressing to grandmaster by the end of the season.

Soulfist: 68/100

Deadeye: 67/100

Destroyer: 66/100



The odds of making grandmaster at the end of the season are lower for classes that are weak in multiple areas, and for players that specialize in playing such characters.

Arcana: 65/100

Sharpshooter: 64/100


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