Lost Ark PvE Tier List [Best and Worst PvE Classes]

Lost Ark PvE Tier List - Best and Worst PvE Classes
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Hello, hardcore gamers! The best and worst classes for Lost Ark's player-versus-environment (PVE) content in the current patch are ranked below. No matter how highly or lowly your class is ranked, just remember that each class is capable of completing any type of PVE content, so long as you remember to enjoy the game. The tier list is built on three key factors: the durability of the classes, their mobility, their group utility, damage, and back attack positioning.

 In that case, let's get started.



Classes that have all of the above traits and players who are good at playing these types of characters will almost certainly have the best chance of finishing any content without trouble.

Bard: 99/100

Virtuosos of the Liane harp

Bards are an advanced class for the female mage found in the Lost Ark. They are mostly long-range supports who use harps as their main weapon. They can hurt enemies with piercing melodies and heal allies with soothing tones. Bards excel in their ability to keep their teammates alive, and this is why they will always be one of the most desired classes to bring into any PVE content. Their damage will often be secondary to the buffs and support they provide for the group.

What Makes Bard S-Tier

  • One of the only three support classes in the game.
  • It boosts party damage by 10% with its Sound Shock and Harp of Rhythm abilities.
  • Can provide shields for the whole party with Wind of Music and Symphonia.
  • Damage reduction debuffs are available through Guardian Tune and Rhapsody of Light.
  • Attack speed, attack power, and a movement speed reduction to enemies with Symphonia.
  • It also provides an attack power boost, attack speed, and mana regeneration speed with Heavenly Tune, and an attack power boost with Sonic Vibration.


Paladin: 98/100

Holly is a supporter and a blessed warrior

The Paladin prestige class is a subclass of the Warrior class and one of the best supports in the game. They provide defense buffs and short-term heals in addition to dealing a significant amount of damage, combining the roles of a healer and a damage dealer in a single character. This gives players the ability to pick whether they need more healing or more damage dealt while helping their party members bring down their enemies. In addition, they have abilities that reduce the amount of damage that their teammates take, preventing them from dying as much as possible in any type of PVE content.

What Makes Paladin S-Tier

  • Paladins are able to reduce the damage their party takes through Heavenly Blessings and Godsent Law.
  • Shield, Godsent Law, and Holy Protection can be used to protect party members with shields.
  • They can use Purify to remove harmful and crowd-controlling effects from party members.
  • With Wrath of God and Heavenly Blessings, paladins can also give everyone in the group a huge boost to their attack power.
  • Light Shock increases party damage by 10%.
  • Besides supporting abilities, they also provide good damage via Executor's Sword, Execution of Justice, Flash Thrust, and Holy Sword. 


Sorceress: 96/100

A harbinger of doom and destruction

The Sorceress is an advanced mage class that, depending on how it is built, may do either extremely high burst damage or high sustained damage by filling up the meter. The staff is their preferred weapon since it allows them to harness the energy of the elements and unleash devastating damage from a safe distance. The reason the sorceress is the top DPS on the list is because she's kind of broken at the moment. If there was a tier above the S tier for damage, they would be placed there. The damage they provide is absolutely insane; they are also highly mobile, with a lot of versatility between the builds. 

What Makes Sorceress S-Tier

  • With Doomsday, Frost's Call, Rime Arrow, and Esoteric Reaction in Arcane Rupture, they can do an enormous amount of damage.
  • Explosion, Esoteric Reaction, Inferno, Punishing Strike, and Doomsday all do a lot of damage to bosses' armor, making it easy to kill them quickly.
  • They have good party synergy with Blaze and Lightning Vortex, which increase the damage all party members do to the enemies by 6%.
  • It's a ranged spellcaster that's pretty easy to play and has a lot of mobility thanks to two charges of Blink and the space bar.
  • Every single target ability has an AOE effect as well.
  • Abilities don't have a back attack modifier.


Scrapper: 95/100

The synergy of abilities is what makes it great

The Scrapper is a type of martial artist whose signature weapon is a pair of heavy gauntlets. Some of the strongest stagger, weak point, destruction, and counterattack capabilities in the game come from the Scrapper class. They combine two mutually reinforcing types of attack energy—stamina and shock. They are one of the finest at dealing a large amount of burst damage thanks to the buffs they receive and the decent sustained damage they deal. Literally every ability you press with this class bangs, and it is one of the current meta classes in the game.

What Makes Scrapper S-Tier

  • First of all, the class has a lot of super armor that makes her immune to most of the crowd control effects in the game.
  • One of the highest damage outputs with Supernova, Blast of Ruination,  Iron Cannon Blow, and Battering Fists.
  • High stagger damage and destruction damage through abilities such as Death Rattle, Critical Blow, and Chain Destruction Fist.
  • Super high mobility Charging Blow and two Dash charges.
  • It doesn't have a back-attack modifier.
  • Increases all party members' damage with Fierce Tiger Strike and Crushing Smite by 6%.



Classes that are limited by their back attack modifier but have everything else will almost certainly have the best chance of finishing any content with only minor difficulties.

Deathblade: 93/100

You can't escape the Assassin

Using three swords and the force of chaos, the Deathblade advanced assassin class can deal sustained high damage and improve the overall performance of the party. They use a death orb meter as their personal identity gauge, which enables them to enter a death trance that reduces the cooldown of their skills and deals more damage. Because they move and attack so quickly, they can put together combos that do a lot of damage and easily move in and out of the fight. The only reason Deathblade is not in the S-tier is because it completely relies on the back attack. 

What Makes Deathblade A-Tier

  • With stacking Blade Surge and Zero 20 times, Blitz Rush, Flash Blink, Void Strike, and Blade Assault, this is one of the most powerful bursts in the game.
  • Super armor that makes her immune to most of the crowd control effects in the game.
  • Spincutter, Dark Axel, Blitz Rush, and Flash Blink are some of the best mobility skills, as most damaging skills use dashes or jumps.
  • Provides an attack speed buff for party members with Maelstrom.
  • Increases the damage of all regular attacks by 3%, and back and frontal attacks by 9%, to party members.


Striker: 92/100

The power comes through inner peace

The Striker is a subclass of martial artists that deals significant burst damage as well as sustained damage with the Elemental Gauntlets. He possesses a wide variety of physical skills and reflexes that are incredibly quick. After landing a blow on an opponent, he can immediately go into a stunning flying combination. The striker's identity gauge is an elemental meter that, once it is full, is used for hard-hitting abilities, and the striker can use the identity gauge to its maximum potential. When properly chained together, abilities have the potential to deal massive amounts of damage. 

What Makes Striker A-Tier

  • Some of the hardest-hitting abilities in the game include: Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike; Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges; and Esoteric Skill: Blast Formation.
  • Provides an 8% attack speed buff to everyone in the party. 
  • It also debuffs the target with an 18% higher chance to be critically struck through Fatal Lightning. 
  • Spacebar, Sky Shattering Blow, Storm Dragon Kick, and Vicious Tiger Dance make this a very mobile class.
  • One of the few classes in which both engravings are viable in the PvE endgame.


Gunlancer: 91/100

The first one to jump into a fire

The Gunlancer is an advanced class of warrior who specializes in the use of gunlances and shields. It is unique among the Lost Ark specializations in that it is the only one that can be classified as a tank spec while simultaneously causing a large amount of damage to weak points and stagger. They have a good balance of damage, survivability, and utility, which enables them to perform exceptionally well in PVE content. Gunlancer was placed in the A-tier despite the fact that Bard and Paladin are significantly more helpful and nearly essential for completing any endgame PVE content. Gunlancer, on the other hand, is not.

What Makes Gunlancer A-Tier

  • With shields and super armor, Defensive Stance, Shield Charge, and Guardian's Protection give them the best chance of staying alive in the game.
  • Also provides shields for the party members with Nellasia's Energy.
  • He has a one-of-a-kind taunt ability called Shout of Hatred that forces all bosses to attack him while also increasing the damage of all regular attacks by 3% and 9% for back and frontal attacks to party members.
  • Able to lower the defense of the enemies by 12% through the Bash ability.
  • Besides survivability, Gunlancers have very high stagger damage output with Lance of Judgment, Surge Cannon, and Bash.


Soulfist: 90/100

Goku kamehamehaaaaaaaaaa

The Soulfist is a subclass of martial artist who pokes from range before diving in for the kill, crushing enemies with style. They draw on a unique energy called Adamance, which they can channel into skills or use to stay strong in battle. The hybrid class with both ranged and melee abilities that can do well in most situations with less risks as they keep their distance and continue dishing out damage when necessary. They'd be top-tier ranked if they didn't rely on a single ability that effectively eliminates any chance of being named the fight's most valuable player (MVP) if it's missed.

What Makes Soulfist A-Tier

  • Very fast-paced class with consistent damage uptime through abilities like Energy Blast, Merciless Pummel, Crippling Barrier, and Force Orb.
  • With Spacebar, Pulverizing Palm, and Flash Step, which can also be used as an attack power boost, this is one of the most mobile classes.
  • Can boost attack power for themselves with the Ready Attack buff and for the entire party by 6% with the Fighting Spirit Enhancement buff.
  • They can also reduce damage taken to the entire party with Energy Release Enhancement.
  • She has the single most powerful ability in the game, called World Decimation.
  • Soulfists don't have any attack modifiers, and all of their spells have pretty low cooldowns.



Classes that don't have survivability but have everything else, and players who are good at these characters, will almost certainly have the best chance of completing any content with some medium difficulty. 

Deadeye: 88/100

Gunslinger: 87/100

Lance Master: 86/100

Wardancer: 85/100

Artillerist: 84/100



Classes whose damage, survivability, and group utility are mediocre but have good mobility and no attack modifiers, and players who are good at these characters, will almost certainly have the chance of completing any content with some average difficulty.

Sharpshooter: 82/100

Shadowhunter: 81/100

Scouter: 80/100



Classes with attack modifiers and everything else except group utility, as well as players who excel at these characters, will almost certainly be able to complete any content, but with more difficulty.

Arcana: 78/100

Berserker: 77/100

Destroyer: 76/100


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