[Top 5] Lost Ark Best PvE Class That Are Powerful

Lost Ark Best PvE Class
Lost Ark Paladin vs Big Boss

PvE Introduction

Welcome to my Top 5 PvE Class Overview. It should be mentioned that balance patches happen very regularly and this tier could change any time soon. There is more to the player behind the class, not the class itself.

One should play what he enjoys the most, and shouldn't choose class wether that class has 1% more damage at the current tier list. Here are my top 5 picks for Lost Ark PvE content.


5. Paladin

In PvE, as a support Paladin, you use Holy Aura (Identity Skill) to support your teammates. At the endgame content, he is very inefficient as DPS when one chooses Sacred Executioner as Identity Skill.

But, the Paladin is very much capable of playing solo. Easy to level when uses Area of Effect skills on a pack of mobs. Has high survivability, while having high damage Buff Uptime and high damage Reduction Uptime.

PvE Pros

  • Survivability
  • Good Party Heal Over Time
  • High Damage Reduction
  • High Damage

PvE Cons

  • Low Mana Regen Buff
  • Lack of Super Armor
  • Lack of Big Heals
  • Required to play as Support in Endgame

Paladin details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Paladin


4. Bard

The Bard and the Paladin, as a support class are SS tier in PvE content. They are always desirable by groups as they provide buffs to the party, damage reduction, damage increase and heals.

In PvE, the Bard uses Serenade bars that boost attack damage to the party or heal them instead. Knowing when to use each buff is essential to mastering the Bard.

PvE Pros

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Always Desired
  • Support

PvE Cons

  • Low Mobility
  • Slow Leveling
  • Reliant on Party

Bard details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Bard


3. Wardancer

The very first thing that separates her from other classes, is two skills which improve Crit Chance and Attack Speed to allies. This buff synergize with group well, and there is never enough of it.

She can be played as big damage when utilizing her special abilities but will suffer bigger downtimes. Or, without having to fill orbs, she can empower her ordinary attacks and do consistent damage over time.

PvE Pros

  • High Mobility
  • Counter Attack
  • Good Stagger
  • Decent Burst Damage

PvE Cons

  • Dull Gameplay
  • Requires Basic Attacks
  • Back Attacks Hard to Hit

Wardancer details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Wardancer


2. Gunslinger

The Gunslinger, swapping between three guns, giving her a wide range of tools to deal with any situation. Pistols are used for mobility, Shotgun for damage and Sniper for poking.

Difficult to control her at first, but you get hang of rotation very quickly as you level. If you are going to play this class after a hard day at work, then the class with struggle. She demands a lot of focus and fast fingers. 10% Crit chance that could be applied constantly, is a powerful buff for group and
burst potential.

PvE Pros

  • High Mobility
  • Long Range
  • Crit Debuff

PvE Cons

  • Low HP
  • High Skill Cap
  • Swapping Weapons Constantly

Gunslinger details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Gunslinger


1. Gunlancer

The role of the tank is given to The Gunlancer, with his funky playstyle and big numbers, he is considered a beginner-friendly class. He has a Taunt, one of the best abilities in the game.

Strong shields that ignore incoming damage, giving you chance to make mistakes and fight the boss head-on. The Lone Knight Engraving gives you heavy burst damage, while Combat Readiness Engraving pumps you as a straight tank.

He is famous for ignoring some of bosses endgame mechanics, fighting a boss with shield on and utilize his support abilities to create a window for burst potential.

PvE Pros

  • Highest Survivability in the Game
  • Big Shields and Damage Reduction
  • Versatile

PvE Cons

  • Low Mobility
  • Short-ranged
  • Requires Boss Knowledge

Gunlancer details: https://lostark.fandom.com/wiki/Gunlancer


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