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In Persona 5 Royal, you have social stats that you’ll need to increase in order to access certain confidants, dialogue choices, and locations. One of those is guts! What exactly are the best way to increase your guts, you may ask? Here are the top five best ways to do so!


5. Bathhouse

After finding and reading Yoncha Walker 04, you can access and use the bathhouse in Yongen-Jaya. Here, you’ll occasionally have the chance to earn guts. On rainy and snowy nights, Joker will be in the bathhouse alone and you can choose to prolong your stay or not. If you choose to do so, you can either succeed, or become dizzy and pass out. Believe it or not, the latter is the result you want, as it will give you one point to increase your guts. 

There is also an Old Man that will appear and continue to increase the temperature in the bathhouse. Staying with him also gives you one point of guts.

While this is useful, it only gives you one point occasionally. Compared to other options below that give you more points, this shouldn’t be the only way you increase your guts. 

How it works:

  • Read Yoncha Walker 04 to gain access to the bathhouse.
  • Pay 500 yen to use it.
  • When given the option, choose to stay in longer. 
  • If you get dizzy, you’ll earn guts for attempting it!


4. Spend Time with Tae Takemi

Every time that you spend time with Takemi in her clinic to take part in her clinical trials, your guts will increase! This is a great method to increase your guts, because increasing your social rank with Takemi is already helpful in the game! You’ll increase your medical inventory while putting on a brave face and increasing your guts.

On the downside, your guts will only increase by one. There are other activities that can give you more points! But keep in mind, you will want to spend time with Takemi for her confidant. That’ll be at least 10 points there!

How it works:

  • Go to Takemi’s clinic in Yongen-Jaya after establishing her social rank.
  • Spend time with her, even if you don’t think you’ll become closer yet.
  • After your visit, your guts will increase by one point. 


3. Going to the Movie Theater

There are three movie theaters you can go to: they are in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Yongen-Jaya. They are not all immediately available, and the activity itself cannot be done until after finishing the first palace. A ticket to watch a movie costs 1,500 yen, and you can choose to go with a confidant.

You can watch every movie twice, though watching it a second time will not have the same strong effect. Plus, only certain films raise guts. All theaters show different films and their schedules are different, so make sure you check them out often to see which might be showing a gut-raising feature. The first time you see one, your guts will increase by three points, but the second time, you’ll only receive one point.

However, you can also read the Cinema Treasures book, which will increase your social stat boost by one when watching a movie. 

Most movies are parodied by real world movies and the scenes you get to hear can be pretty fun!! Definitely use this method to raise your guts. 

How it works:

  • Check out what films the movie theaters will be showing. If one mentions guts, buy a ticket and go on in!
  • Time will pass and once you finish the movie, you’ll earn three points to raise your gut rank.
  • If you watch the same movie a second time, you’ll only get one point.
  • If you’ve read Cinema Treasures, this will increase by one. 


2. Read Books

Similarly to watching movies, reading books can be a great way to increase all of your social stats, guts included. You can obtain them from the school library or various bookstores on the map. Keep an eye on its description and it’ll tell you which social stat will increase. 

What makes reading books a stronger alternative is that, on July 1st, you can check out a Speed Reading book from the Shujin library. This is pretty early game and allows you to read two chapters at once instead of one. Therefore, you can read books faster and get the guts points quicker!

How it works:

  • There are plenty of times that you have the option to read: During free time at Leblanc, when you get a seat on the train, in the library, or in class depending on your Kawakami social rank!
  • Choose a book that alludes to your guts. 
  • Upon finishing, you’ll increase your guts by three points!


1. Take the Big Bang Challenge

When you have free time and have the option to travel to Shibuya, one of the many things to do in the city is go to Big Bang Burger and take the Big Bang Challenge! There are three levels to the challenge and range in price, going from 1,200 yen to 1,800 yen, but there is a 500 yen discount at night.

Taking this challenge is a great way to increase your guts! Not only do your guts increase regardless of your success, but if you win, you get other stat boosts, and your HP increases. Taking the challenge takes time and once you complete a level, you cannot return to previous ones. Even after you finish all the levels, you can take part in a varied version of the challenge for three guts points. You’ll get guts every time you try this!

How it works:

  • Head to Shibuya and pay the fee at Big Bang Burger to take the challenge.
  • If you win, all stats, except for Kindness, will increase by 1, 2, or 3, depending on your level in the challenge.
  • If you lose, only your guts will increase by 1, 2, or 3, also depending on your level.
  • After completing one level, you can return another time to try the next.
  • Once completed, you cannot go back to previous levels.
  • After finishing all three, you can continue to partake in a similar challenge where you win three guts every time. 


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