Top 15 Games Like Persona 5 (Games Better Than Persona 5 In Their Own Way)

Games Like Persona 5
Modern Day Peter Pan

Let's Countdown The Best Games Like Persona 5

15) Yakuza 0

“Yakuza 0” Gameplay

Set in Tokyo, Japan, Yakuza 0 is the prequel to the first Yakuza game. Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima are the main protagonists, and players join them as they look into events related to the “Empty Lot” incident.

The “Empty Lot” incident serves as a central point for the power struggle between all of Japan’s dark organizations. The cool thing about this game is that as the story progresses, players switch off between Kiryu and Majima as they go their own way at several pre-determined points in the story.

In combat, players can also switch between their two battle styles, depending on whether they need a melee fighter or weapon expert. Yakuza 0 not only has a fun and new combat system, but it also has an in-depth story paired with an innovative way to experience it.

The knuckles may not be brass, but they get the job done

Explore the streets of Tokyo from the comfort of your own room

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