[Top 3] Lost Ark Best Astray Crew

Best Astray Crew
The one and true ruler of the seas

The Astray ship and its crew are the focus of this article. I'll paint a clear picture of the ideal crew composition for the Astray Ship in Lost Ark. In The Lost Ark's huge universe, you'll find numerous islands. If you plan on doing a lot of exploring, it's crucial that you have a good ship in your fleet. The Astray ship and its top crew are available for your use in Lost Ark for this very purpose.

When it comes to speed, the best pirate ship in the game is the Astray. Whoever possesses it has absolute control over the seas. It is fast, and it can withstand any kind of dangerous water. Astray has a basic speed of 22 knots and a durability of 3,100. To gain resistance and the fabled speed, a top-tier crew is essential. The crew can be as hard to find as the ship itself, if not harder.

A wide variety of sailors are available to recruit in Lost Ark. Your ship's resistance to damage is increased or decreased for each sailor, and every sailor grants a certain amount of speed. The best results can be achieved with your Astray Ship if you recruit the right crew for it.


3. Wilhelm

I live for the romance of the sea

For Wilhelm, life on land was too dull, so after retiring from the Navy, he joined the pirate life and returned to the sea. He is one of the best crew members for the Astray ship and provides good speed and great resistance bonuses. 

To add Wilhelm as a crew member for your Astray ship, you will have to buy it from the Plumbcrab Fishing Guild Vessel in Punika Port for 144,288 pirate coins.

Why Wilhelm is Good for Astray:

  • Offers a decent speed of 0.4 knots.
  • Provides a +14 increase in resistance to Sandstorm Seas.
  • Increases resistance to Tempest Seas by 14 points.
  • Increases resistance to Cold Snap Seas by 14 points.
  • Gives a +17 increase in resistance to Dead Waters.


2. Barakas

... Never show your shadow…

Barakas is a pirate who comes from a mysterious place. It is speculated that he once performed risky duties for Carpus. No one can put a finger on what exactly is hurting him, but it's clearly something terrible. He's a great asset to the Astray group, contributing both great speed and defense. 

To get Barakas to join your Astray crew. You will have to buy him from Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel in Punika Port for 14,428 sun coins. 

Why Barakas is Good for Astray:

  • Boosts Astrays speed by 1.6 knots.
  • Increases resistance against Siren Seas by +21.
  • Increases resistance to Tempest Seas by 1 point.
  • Increases resistance against Cold Snap Seas by +12.
  • Increases resistance against Dead Waters by +12.
  • Increases resistance to Sandstorm Seas by 1 point.


1. Blackfang

I'm looking for Blackfang the Great Pirate

Blackfang is the charismatic pirate captain of the Black Fox who is sailing on the Astray to find Bloodclaw, the legendary pirate who went missing. She is the best crew member that you can find for your Astray ship since she delivers one of the highest speeds and has strong resistance to various harmful seas. 

To recruit Blackfangs as a crew member, you must purchase a Tears of Abys from the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel in Punika Port for 8,016 sun coins. Following that, you must travel to the Island of Mist and exchange Tears of Abyss for Blackfang with an NPC named Keith.

Why Blackfang is Good for Astray:

  • Greatly increases Astrays' speed by 2.3 knots.
  • Increases resistance against Siren Seas by +7.
  • Increases resistance against Kelp Beds Seas by +11.
  • Increases resistance against Sandstorm Seas by +8.
  • She also provides a passive effect that increases the amount of Fast Sailing recovered every time you sail a certain distance by +15.

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