[Top 3] Green Hell Best Spears (Early To Late Game)

Spear to survive

[Top 3] Green Hell Best Spears (Early To Late Game)


From the primitive survival instincts of the early game to the refined strategies of the late game, the journey through Green Hell demands adaptability and mastery of the tools at hand. Among these essential implements, spears stand as a necessity in surviving and thriving in this game, serving not only as hunting aids but also as formidable weapons in the face of danger.

Join us as we explore the progression of spearcraft, from a rudimentary stone weapon to the pinnacle of metal craftsmanship, and uncover the secrets to mastering each stage of the game.


Stone Spear

From the start of the game, your survival depends on the mastery of primitive tools. In the early stages of this adventure, resources are scarce, and crafting basic tools is essential. It is imperative for you to create your first spear as soon as possible. You may be tempted to create a weak spear from a long stick, but it is important to know that there is a way better, but still easily accessible option. Crafted by combining a long stick and a rope with a stone blade, the stone spear offers you much better range and damage than a weak spear, which makes it a remarkably effective early game weapon for both hunting and self-defense. 

With carry weight limitations in mind, it is always important to understand the weight of all the items that you carry. Unfortunately, the stone spear is one of the heaviest weapons in this game and it will weigh 4kg. If your playstyle is like mine- to move long distances at the time, and stack up on all the resources that you might need, the weight of a stone spear might come as a bit of a burden.

However, the stone spear is capable of inflicting 15% more damage than the weak spear. That damage difference can represent a key difference during the early stages of the game, so it does make up for the increased weight on your shoulders. 

When used as a hunting tool, the Stone Spear makes impaling fish, Red Crabs, Cane Toads and other wildlife relatively easy. Its long reach will ensure that you are capable of stabbing snakes, spiders, scorpions and rays without approaching them close enough for their venomous attack to land and cause damage.

Once this weapon is created with 100% durability, it will be able to sustain 100 hits before breaking, which lands the stone spear right in the average category of durability criteria.


Bamboo Spear

Easiness of the weak and the stone spear construction might lead you to the path of missing the true hidden gem of the early game spears - Bamboo Spear. As soon as you find yourself in the bamboo forest, start creating bamboo spears out of just one ingredient- bamboo long stick.

Its repeated construction from common materials makes it easy to gather experience points aiding in the crafting of sturdier, more sophisticated weapons as rarer materials become available.

What sets the bamboo spear apart is its lethal effectiveness against both armored foes and larger prey. With its razor-sharp edge, it delivers 16% more impact than its stone counterpart and 29% more than a weak spear, making it a formidable choice for defense and hunting.

At full durability, the bamboo spear offers a generous 200 hits, placing it in the top tier alongside the obsidian spear. In comparison, other spears sustain only around 100 hits before breaking, highlighting the exceptional durability of this weapon.

As we have already mentioned in this article, choosing a weapon doesn’t only depend on its damage, but on the weight of it too. This is amazing news for a bamboo spear, as this sharp long hollow bamboo stick weighs only 2.1 kg, which makes it the lightest spear in the game.

The bamboo spear stands out for its exceptional blend of damage, durability, and accessibility, making it the top choice among spears in Green Hell.


Metal Spear

In Green Hell, you won't find a spear heavier than this contender—it's the most weighty spear around with its 4.2 kg of weight. Its durability, 100 hits, falls within the realm of average too. What truly distinguishes this spear is its sheer power. This spear is a force to be reckoned with in terms of damage, surpassing a bamboo spear by an impressive 33%, stone spear by 44%, and a weak spear by a staggering 53%. 

Metal spears are weapons crafted for serious combat. With the ability to take down an attacking native in just two hits, this spear is the ultimate prize for any survivor seeking to thrive in the jungle. While it can also be hurled a respectable distance, you must consider the risks of losing such a valuable weapon. We strongly advise you to reserve this weapon strictly for combat, as its fragile construction would be wasted on hunting when there are more economical alternatives available.

However, wielding such power demands a hefty construction cost. Crafting a Metal Spear requires a Metal Blade cast, a long stick, and rope—a task not to be taken lightly. Despite its time-consuming crafting process, the metal spear rightfully earns its status as the most damage-inducing weapon in the game.


Tribal Spear

The Tribal Spear deserves an honorable mention in this article. The Tribal Spear is unique in the game as it cannot be crafted. To obtain this weapon, one must defeat the aggressive tribesman who wields it.

The significant advantage of this spear is that it will always appear with 100% durability, no matter what your skill set is. This can make it a valuable asset if your craftsmanship is not yet on a high level. It is capable of sustaining an average 100 hits before breaking.

The Tribal Spear is a testament to ancient craftsmanship, created by the people whose whole cultural history lies deep in the Amazon. It has a 6% increase in effectiveness compared to obsidian, bone and bamboo spears, 22% more than stone spears, and a noticeable 33% more than weak spears.

Beyond its sheer potency, the Tribal Spear embodies versatility. From hunting prey to defending against native threats, it excels in both close-quarters combat and ranged engagements. With a well-aimed throw, it can pierce through the dense foliage with precision, offering a lethal option for ambushes or hunting elusive game.

Embracing the Tribal Spear is not just a choice; it's a connection to the ancient spirits of Green Hell. By mastering its use, you tap into the primal instincts necessary to thrive in this unforgiving environment. Whether facing off against the dangers of the jungle or exploring its hidden depths, the Tribal Spear stands as a symbol of the people living in the Amazon rainforest.

Survival in Green Hell demands more than mere chance; it requires skill, strategy, and the appropriate tools for the job. By equipping yourself with the best weapons, spanning from early to late game, you'll increase your chances of survival. Master these weapons, refine your skills, and embrace the trials that lie ahead in Green Hell.

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