[Top 10] Witcher 3 Best Console Commands You Should Know

Witcher 3 Best Console Commands
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If I had to play a single game for the rest of my life, It would be The Witcher 3, because I’m a basic [redacted].

If I had to play a single non-Witcher-related game for the rest of my life, however, it would probably be GTA San Andreas.

This might be nostalgia talking, but whenever I think about that game, all I can think about are those long days of playing without peeing, eating, or human contact.

Just me, the long roads of Flint County, and a god-awful custom playlist with way too many Green Day songs in it.

It wasn’t the gripping story, I don’t think I ever actually finished the game. Nor was it the top-of-the-art graphics, everyone’s face looked like a cardboard box with drawn-on frowny faces.

No, San Andreas was special for one reason: cheat codes.

Man, was it a blast to roam around in a flying car, jump out, summon a jet mid-air, and fly directly into the ground whilst taking no damage.

Cheat codes started as a tool for developers to test certain aspects of the game with less hassle, and they haven’t gone anywhere, you just have to know where to look.

In The Witcher 3, that place is called the command console, and those cheats are simply referred to as commands. 

The Witcher 3 is great for a variety of reasons, the vast and intricate open-world being one of them. 

So why shouldn’t you get to mess around doing a bunch of inconsequential nonsense just for fun’s sake?

Luckily for you, inconsequential nonsense is my middle name, and I’m here to show you the Top 10 best console commands for a fun experience. 

You can learn how to activate the debug console here.          

10. healme/likeaboss.

Let’s start this list off with commands that give you a little bit of help in gameplay.

Maybe you are having trouble with a particularly difficult part of the game, maybe you just want to get over with a fight more quickly, maybe it’s about wanting to feel cool while playing. I don’t judge.

These commands are great for just that, healme immediately restores all your health, no swallow or chicken sandwiches required. 

likeaboss on the other hand makes you deal 40% of the target’s total health for each hit landed. So you can pick fights with anyone, knowing that you’ll always come out on top.  

How to execute: 

Open the debug console and type healme or likeaboss and press enter. Remember that all commands are case-sensitive.  

9. Time & Weather Commands.

The Witcher’s weather system and night-day cycle are just *chef’s kiss*. Every hour of the day and every weather condition create a unique and compelling atmosphere. 

Combine that with a mod like Realistic Weather or Atmospheric Nights and you have a game that can look and feel awesome and dramatic. 

That’s why it’s such a shame that you can’t control these systems at will. Imagine how much better would certain fights be if you could have them in the middle of a thunderstorm or bathing in moonlight.  

Not only that, certain potions and decoctions have special functions depending on time and weather conditions, and they can get specific to the point of uselessness.

So why not make the conditions ideal? With weather and time commands, you can get the perfect look and feel to turn any run-of-the-mill fight into a dramatic battle under the rain (romantic too, if that’s your thing. Once again, I don’t judge).

How to execute: 

For weather commands, go to the console and type changeweather('Weather ID'), the Weather ID must be between apostrophes. 

You can check a full list of different weather IDs here.

For the time, you can use settime(days, hours, minutes, seconds), the “days” modifier refers to how many days have passed since the start of the game, every other modifier changes the specific time of day.

8. Fast travel commands.

There’s something to be said about the game’s signpost system. That something is that it’s boring.

I know that by making fast travel available only through special locations you force the player to interact with and travel through your world. That is all well and good if you’re in the first two hours of your first playthrough, but it can get tiresome very quickly.

Thankfully, with the aid of commands, you’ll be able to fast travel anywhere, anytime, so you won’t have to be bogged down by things like “pacing” and “level design”. 

How to execute: 

AllowFT(1) allows you to fast travel from any location, replace the “1” for a “0” if you wish to turn it off at any time.

If you wish to move to any location on the map, you can just input the command xy(X, Y) with “X” and “Y” being the exact coordinates you want to travel to.  

7. Leveling commands.

Are you stuck at a particular level and can’t go up no matter how hard you try? Then these commands might be the right fit for you!

With setlevel and levelup you can change your level before you can say “wow, I’m intimidated by an itsy-bitsy monster contract ten levels above me”. 

Whatever, I try not to judge. 

How to execute: 

Go to the console and type levelup for a quick level up, or setlevel(#) to set a specific numerical level.

6. Learnskill.

Why do you want to level up so quickly, anyway? Maybe you don’t really want to race through the game, you just can’t wait to have a specific skill that you really, really want.

If that’s the case, consider the learnskill command, which lets you automatically gain any skill in the game.    

How to execute: 

In the command console, type learnskill(‘SkillID”) the skill ID must be between apostrophes.

You can consult the full list of skill IDs here.  

5. NPC and Appearance command.

The Witcher 3 is a game filled to the brim with lovable characters. Each of them as nuanced and interesting as the last. 

That’s why it’s such a shame that you often don’t see some of them for huge chunks of the game. It’s also a lot more fun to roam around the continent with someone at your side.

That’s exactly where the Spawn command comes in, so you can spawn as many NPCs as you wish, either as allies or foes. 

Once you are joined by certain NPCs, the appearance command lets you change their look and outfit to… Let’s be honest for a moment, we both know what you’ll use it for. 

I’m not gonna lie, I will judge a little on this one. 

How to execute: 

For spawning NPCs use the spawn('NPC ID', #, Distance, true / false) command. 

The NPC ID determines which character you spawn, “#” decides the number of copies of that character, “Distance” is optional, and it determines the distance from the player.

Use “true”, if you want the NPC to be hostile and “false” if you want them to be friendly. 

Here’s a list of all NPC IDs

For appearance, simply type appearance('Appearance ID'), here’s a full list of all Appearance IDs.     

4. Items Commands.

There are a lot of items in The Witcher 3, a lot.

The items range from exquisite weapons and useful potions to broken rakes and loaves of bread. Some of them are hard to get or even impossible in certain scenarios. 

In a game so huge and filled with content, it’s only fair that you get to enjoy everything the game has to offer. 

I think so, at least. And with commands such as additem (which gives you any item) or the ridiculous witchcraft (which gives you all items), you can quickly expand your collection of trinkets and souvenirs.   

Finally, if you want to gain items the more conventional way, the addmoney command gives you any specified amount of money. So you can be very rich very soon. 

In-game, that is, you might have to get a real job to get money in real life, like buying dogecoin or re-selling GPUs on eBay.     

How to execute: 

In the command console, you can type additem('Item Code', Amount) to have any item you choose and however many copies of it. You can check the full list of Item Codes here

If you wish to completely obliterate your CPU, the command witchcraft adds one copy of every single item in the game to your inventory. 

For money, simply type addmoney(#) with “#” being the number of crowns that you wish to get.  

3. Gwent commands.

The Witcher 3 is a very long and extensive game built around a single mechanic: playing Gwent.

So, if you want to get useful items for the core gameplay (Gwent) instead of messing around with the side content (everything else), then the winGwint, secretgwint, and addgwintcards commands are just what you need.

If you ever feel like playing some Gwent, but you’re stranded on a desert island or have run out of barkeeps to bother, you can use the secretgwint command to start a Gwent game completely out of the blue.

In some missions, it becomes imperative that you win one match or another, that’s where the winGwint command comes in. With winGwint you automatically win the game of Gwent you’re currently playing.

Finally, if you gotta catch ‘em all (that’s this game, right?), you can use addgwintcards to get a copy of every Gwent card in the game.      

How to execute:

In the debug console, type secretgwint to automatically start a match, or addwintcards to add a copy of every card to your inventory. 

If you’re already in a match, use winGwint(true / false) to immediately win (true) or lose (false).  

2. Ciri/Geralt.

It’s always a treat when a game lets you play as a different character for a little while.

Playing as Catwoman in Arkham City feels fun and exciting when compared to the gloomy tone of the rest of the game, playing as [SPOILERS] in Red Dead Redemption feels earned and dramatic, and playing as MJ in the spider-man game is… a thing that happens. 

Geralt might be an absolute delight to play with, but switching to Ciri in key story moments is both fun and poignant. Especially in the later parts of the game when she can completely wreck shop.

Well, as I always say: moderation is for the weak and I do what I want.

The Ciri command lets you change to Ciri at will, although her powers will depend on your progress in the story.   

How to execute: 

Go to the command console and write Ciri to switch your character (remember, it’s case-sensitive), when you want to go back to playing as Geralt, simply type Geralt

1. The GOD command.

This command turns you into a backwards dog. 

It also makes you invincible, which means that you can pick any fight and do whatever you want without fear of repercussions.

If you’re looking for a command that lets you go on a rampage and disregard the rules of the game in its entirety, this is most definitely the one you’re looking for. 

Go ahead and mess around as long as you want with this command, just remember to quicksave before going around killing important NPCs and making enemies. 

Also, it doesn’t actually turn you into a backwards dog, I’m sorry that I lied to you.   

How to execute: 

On the command console type god and click enter. You’re now unable to take any damage. 

If you’re ever tired of the main game, why not use these commands to spice it up a little bit?

Games as a medium might have matured a lot in the last few years and yada-yada-yada, but sometimes you need to act like a maniac with total disregard of the consequences. 

You might need a little leg-up in gameplay, or you might want to break the world so much that you make the developers cry. Besides, now that I think about it, nothing’s stopping me from locking myself in a room with this list, a humongous bag of hot Cheetos, and a Green Day top-hits playlist. I’m sure it still holds up…

Yeah, if you need me, I might be unavailable for the next week or so, having social interaction and a fulfilling career is overrated anyways.  

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