The Witcher 3 Trailer: 5 Cinematic Trailers You Must Watch

Trust me, these trailers are beautiful
These trailers are pretty amazing

The Witcher 3: Is It Worth Your Time?

The Witcher 3 would be the result if the TV show Supernatural was set in the world of Game of Thrones. Except instead of the Winchesters, you have an order of super humans known as the witchers who have powers akin to Jedi with the attitude of Bobba Fett.

If you’re looking to see if the Witcher 3 is the kind of world you’d be interested in, then look no further than these trailers.   

1. A Night to Remember

This video perfectly showcases exactly what witchers are all about. They stalk through the night and hunt monsters using their supernatural gifts. These gifts include an enhanced body to better slay monsters, an enhanced immune system so they cannot become infected by what they hunt, an enhanced metabolism so they can survive some of the crazy potions they drink, and finally the ability to use magical spells to defend themselves with.  

Also introduced into the trailer is just how mature this world is. It rings similar to Game of Thrones in terms of barely dressed women and dark violence. But what sets it apart is the central focus on saving people and hunting monsters. However, this game still explores several mature themes such as racism and the consequences of war through the intrigues between the Northern Kingdoms and the Empire of Nilfgaard.

Geralt fights vampire

Invisible doesn't mean invulnerable

2. Killing Monsters

“Killing Monsters” gives you a good glimpse into what the world of the Witcher is like. The heavy use of gray skies in the trailer help emphasize the point that you will be entering a world bathed in blood and moral ambiguities. Each player will be carving their own path through this game by the decisions they make and who they decide to kill. The line of “killing monsters” further signifies that sometimes, the monsters you hunt don’t have fangs, or claws, or demonic powers. Sometimes, all they have are the same intentions as you: to stop evil however they can and to protect the good.

Geralt confronting a man
For all we know that woman could be guilty

3. Elder Blood

This trailer does a fantastic job of introducing you to two important characters in the Witcher story: The Wild Hunt and Ciri.

While the trailer doesn’t state this specifically, The Wild Hunt are an army of undead riders who can fly across the sky in pursuit of their prey. They’re lead by a King who you hear speak in the trailer.

Their prey is Ciri, Geralt of Rivia’s adopted daughter. As Geralt says in the trailer, Ciri has elder blood in her. This means she has access to an almost immeasurable amount of power she can barely control. If the Hunt get their hands on her, they’re going to use her powers to make their entire race even stronger or open up a portal to unleash more monsters into the realm.

The King of the Wild Hunt
This guy reminds me of Arthas from Warcraft III

4. Sword of Destiny

“Sword of Destiny” provides a basic premise behind what you need to know for Witcher 3. The trailer “Elder Blood” gives you a background to understand who the Hunt and Ciri are. “Sword of Destiny” shows who you will be playing as and what you have in store for you when you enter into the boots of a witcher. The trailer provides a glimpse into Geralt’s life in terms of the love interests you can pursue, the monsters you need to hunt, and ultimately, the great evil you need to stop.

This trailer also shows you Ciri’s father, the Emperor Nilfgaard. He sends Geralt on the hunt for Ciri and to stop the Wild Hunt from capturing her. As mentioned in the trailer, this is all the result from a prophecy. What the trailer doesn’t say is that the prophecy specifically says that Ciri’s son will rule the world, and her son’s son will also rule the world.

Emperor Emhyr var Emreis is voiced by Charles Dance who portrayed a similar character in Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones

5. The Trail

The moment you hit new game, this opening cinematic will be there to greet you. “The Trail” offers a darker look into the world and where the beginning of the game picks up. Geralt is tracking the love of his life, Yennefer, as she flees for unknown reasons. Threatening her journey is the war between the Northern Realms and Empire of Nilfgaard, but, luckily for her, Yennefer is one of the most powerful sorceresses in the world.

Apparently that gem is more than just a fashionable accessory

Bonus video!

Not a cinematic but it’s nice clip from the Witcher 3 to watch. This is a video of a bard singing a song in different languages.

As Youtube commenter Kalmaved kindly charted it:
English -- 1:03                  |         German -- 1:17         |         Japanese -- 1:35
Polish -- 1:54                    |         French -- 2:20           |         Portuguese -- 2:46
Russian -- 3:17

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