Top 5 - The Witcher 3: The Best Runestones (And How To Get Them)

Top 5 - The Witcher 3: The Best Runestones (And How To Get Them)
The stones make the blade glow when they're brought close together.

The debate on this topic has been as many-sided as an icosahedron. That d20 has finally landed, and it seems the gaming community has agreed on some pretty useful (and pretty useless) Runestones. No matter what path your Geralt build is on, the qualities of the following Runestones will improve your combat experience.

Getting the runestones is generally pretty easy. Any player who has played beyond the prologue, White Orchard, knows that Runestones are sold by vendors scattered throughout the land (yes, even Greater Runestones . . . hit up Keira Metz or The Peller). To craft a Runestone: you will need to shell out some crowns for the schematic and hunt down the ingredients. On the up side, the schematics are even easier to find, for many of the vendors sell them (and you'll happen upon a few in quests).

Before we get to the list, let's get real for a moment. A Runestone guide for this game hasn't been relevant since 2016, mostly because the DLC, new expansions, and the meta has changed how people play The Witcher 3. Runestones are nearly an afterthought, or an add-as-you-find-'em affair. However, do not overlook their value. The Greater Runestones we're about to recommend will raise your Damage Per Second (DPS), and can turn the tide of combat to your favor.

So, which Runestones should you Buy/Craft? At first, applying a stone that causes your enemy to bleed sounds like a solid purchase. Maybe the idea of burning your enemy is appealing? I don't know your personal habits, pyro. All this to say, you will be sorely disappointed if you waste your money or materials on those Runestones, as there are a ton of enemies that are immune to bleeding and burning. Here are our recommendations, brought to you by hours of study and conversation with other gamers—like yourself.

Do not doubt the power of the stones! (not for throwing)

5) Zoria Runestone

Whether you're sporting a Lesser, Regular, or Greater Runestone, the freezing effect provided by the Zoria finds its way through more enemy defenses. In combat, the effect will either slow your opponent down by frosting them, or it can freeze them temporarily, allowing you to hack away freely.


4) Stribog Runestone

The community consensus is that the staggering effect seems to trigger less often than our number 3 spot, but is more consistent than the freezing effect of Zoria. In combat, your opponent reels as your blow unbalances him, opening a window for you to follow with a strong attack or a flurry of fast attacks.


3) Triglav Runestone

Now the stun effect has true value. Fewer enemies are resistant to it, it lasts longer than staggering or freezing, and it seems to trigger far more often. In combat, your enemy will become dazed, giving you time to unleash combos, signs, or throw a devastating bomb at it. Using all your weapon slots for stun enhancement is not a bad method to adopt.


2) Svarog Runestone

The reason we placed these next two Runestones as the most valuable is simple: there are no enemies immune to damage. The armor piercing qualities of the Svarog Runestone help to increase your overall DPS by forcing more damage through the enemy's defense. Stack this with the perfect tank or melee build, and your already-ridiculous DPS only gets better.


1) Chernobog Runestones

The most dependable and foolproof effect, adding Chernobogs to your weapons will increase your overall sword damage. Depending on the power of the blade, say a blade like the Aerondight, it can mean a massive boost to your DPS (a 15% stacked bump, if you throw on three Greater Chernobogs). Again, there are no enemies immune to damage, so focusing on this guaranteed boost is ultimately the way to go.


Yes, the DLC has altered the meta of The Witcher 3. Those abilities, enchantments, broader skill tree . . . these things make the greater difference in shaping Geralt's power. But do not neglect those pretty rocks you find along the way. They can give you an edge when employed thoughtfully, enhancing your Witcher 3 experience.

Geralt using runestones and crushing it! Well. Stabbing it.

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