[Top 10] The Witcher 3 Best Builds (Create The Most Powerful Geralt)

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Now that’s a Witcher not worth messing with!

Strength is nice, power is everything… 

Some people play The Witcher 3 to experience the emotionally poignant story or to take in the deep lore and worldbuilding. Some people do it to experience role-playing to an extent which they’ve never seen before or to simply have some fun. 

Those people are weak and wrong. The Witcher 3 is a game you play to be the most badass most hardcore most monster-slayery Geralt you can be.

In a game that lets you customize the main character to high heaven, isn’t there always an itch in the back of your mind about just how powerful you can get?

So, in the interest of answering that question, here’s a list of the Top 10 builds for a powerful Geralt in The Witcher 3.  

10. Assassin Starter Build.

The Assasin Starter Build.

Levelling-up in TW3 feels oh-so-satisfying because you can practically become a super-Saiyan towards the end. 

But, how do you make it to the end? And what’s the point of getting to level 30 if every step before that is an unbearable grind? 

That’s exactly why this build is at the very top of our list. So you can become a fearsome death-machine right from the get-go. 

The assassin build is all about hitting hard and fast, focusing on critical hits, and damage evasion. It is an early game build. So you’re probably better off getting hit with the least possible frequency. 

What's good about this Build: 

  • A great build for early-game.
  • Lots of critical-hit chance. Which is perfect for ending fights before they’ve even started. 
  • The build utilizes a lot of basic skills that’ll be useful even if you change your fighting style later in the game.

Build details:

  • Optimizes critical hit chance as much as possible. 
  • Uses light and medium armor for fast stamina-regeneration.
  • Utilizes fast-attack-focused skills to maximize the damage output as much as possible.

9. Mage Starter Build.

The Mage Starter Build.

Signs are cool. 

That might be a bit of a brusque opening, but it is true nonetheless. Using signs in the Witcher 3 is fantastically satisfying, and customizing them is one of the best parts of the game.

So what if you want to focus on signs early on, like a high-school student taking AP classes to get a head start in college? 

Well, this is the build for you. And unlike the AP class thing, this build actually works. 

What's good about this Build: 

  • A good degree of sign intensity will be useful from beginning to end.
  • Great for players that prefer strategic and methodical combat. 
  • Even in the early stages, this build will have you feeling like an absolute badass.

Build details:

  • Optimizes stamina regeneration and sign intensity.
  • Focuses on gathering as many sign-enhancing items as possible.
  • Medium armor is preferred, as it provides a great balance of stamina-regeneration and protection.

8. Novigrad/Skellige Early-mid Build.

The Novigrad/Skellige Build. 

Let's be honest. Strategic combat is great, but who plays the Witcher like that? 

The assassin and sign builds are terrific for returning players that have some idea of what they’re doing, but demanding a specific style of gameplay from first-timers still learning the ropes of the parry system is a little unreasonable.

That’s why this build is great for players approaching the mid-levels, as it complements the more intuitive aspects of the game’s combat. 

That doesn’t mean that it's a bad build though. The build is very powerful for the levels approaching 20, and by level 15 a player should have a solid grasp at the fundamentals of combat. 

This combat-heavy build is great for landing a balance between fast critical hits and a more methodical approach. 

What's good about this Build: 

  • A good build for new players that are already somewhat familiar with the game.
  • All-around good combat build for hitting a lot and hitting hard.

Build details:

  • Combat focused. Most skill points will go towards red abilities. 
  • Requires the completion of a couple of scavenger hunts.
  • Ideal for non-specialized players. 

7. Mid-game Warrior Alchemist Build.

The Warrior Alchemist Build.

Let’s jump ahead a little bit, as for the next couple of levels the build possibilities will not be all that different from each other. 

But exiting the early-game woods and progressing deeper into the game, there will be more and more possibilities for creating specialized builds.

The warrior alchemist works by making the most out of the game’s combat systems and pairing them with effective use of potions. 

It is particularly great for more aggressive players, as an effective tank build is not quite a possibility at this point.

The other reason why this is an amazing build is the fact that it’s very intuitive. The first time I played the game I used a build very similar to this one without even noticing because it's constructed around the style of play that the game naturally rewards.

What's good about this Build: 

  • A good build for combat that doesn't require an insane amount of skill. 
  • Its focus on alchemy makes it adaptable to a variety of scenarios.

Build details:

  • Another combat-focused build. Red abilities will be your allies.
  • At least one branch of the skill tree must be dedicated to alchemy. Both for its usefulness and the increase in vitality.
  • Alchemy recipes will be needed. So make sure to find and craft as many as possible as early as possible.

6. Mid-game Hybrid Build.    

Hybrid Build for mid game.

Stop it with the early builds! I hear you cry. Clamoring for me to show you a build so powerful that it reaches out of your screen and slaps your face in real life. 

And I hear you, I do. But there's a couple of reasons for me not skipping directly to the anime-protagonist level builds from the get-go.

For starters, it's journalism 101 not to have your reader’s face slapped before a due warning and a bit of warm-up.

Besides, at the end of the day, the game is supposed to be fun, and there’s a lot of time to kill before you reach level 99 and create a build that proves the existence of god and then immediately kills him. This is not an overly-specialized build but it does have that edge that early-level builds simply lack (I don’t care what the video says, 30 is not “early” level).

 What's good about this Build: 

  • Jack of all trades might be master of none, but that means there’s no fear of missing out on cool trades for Jack.
  • The skill placement is optimal for making the most out of a variety of items with different bonuses. 
  • If you only have the base game, this build might be one of the best available to you.

Build details:

  • Two branches dedicated to combat. One for alchemy. One for signs.
  • Superior or master Witcher gear is an absolute must.
  • Balanced gameplay focus. 

5. Sword-Master Build.

The Sword-Master Build.

Do you know what's really fun? Being good at the game, that’s what’s fun.

Think of the difference between playing a Fighter and a Monk in D&D (if you don’t know anything about D&D, might I recommend some of our articles on the subject? There’s a lot of great stuff to get you hooked), they’re both combat-focused, they both have a plethora of interesting abilities, and they can both cause some serious damage. 

But if you want to play as a Monk, you need to know what you’re doing.    

It's the same thing with this build and the previous one. This build is amazing for levels between 30 and 40, but it will demand you to be mindful of the attacks you use and how to use them.

What's good about this Build: 

  • Adrenaline points will come a dime a dozen and will get you out of many tight spots.
  • Fighting groups becomes a frenetic and exhilarating experience.
  • It will require skill on your part, and it will reward it.

Build details:

  • Every single skill point will go towards combat. 
  • Make sure to improve adrenaline point gain and fast attack damage.
  • Heavy armor is heavily suggested (get it?).  

4. Glass Cannon Tank Build. 

The Glass cannon tank Build.   

You wanna know what's better than dodging and skillfully-riposting attacks? separating your enemies’ terror-ridden faces from their puny necks before giving them the chance to even think about hurting you. 

If that was a bit too much I apologize. I’ve been drinking unhealthy amounts of caffeine and reading immortal hulk. 

What I will not apologize for, however, is bringing you a build that will have you feeling like the aforementioned green giant as you destroy anything and everything in your path. 

This build is similar to the very first on our list, as it focuses on landing a lot of powerful hits in quick succession. 

Where this build differs, is that with the correct decoctions you will be quickly regaining any hit points that you lose on your mindless rampage. 

What's good about this Build: 

  • An absolute blast to play with.
  • Tremendously powerful.
  • Damage input can remain consistently low so long as you are hitting someone.

Build details:

  • Focus on crit chance and strong attacks.
  • Make sure to elevate your toxicity levels somewhat.
  • Anything that gives you vitality in exchange for dealing damage is going to be a must.

3. Unbeatable Whirl Build.  

The Unbeatable whirl Build.

Enough messing around. Time to get unbeatable, and I mean actually unbeatable, not like a certain squirrel-themed superhero (hey! Another Marvel reference for my punch-card, one more and I get a free latte).

This build is great for crowd control. It focuses on adrenaline points and whirl.

It might take a while to get the proper gear for it, as it requires mastercrafted armor and access to a runewright, but the end result is worth it.

What's good about this Build: 

  • Ideal for large groups of humans such as bandit camps.
  • The combination of fast adrenaline gain and the undying ability means that you’re pretty much immortal.
  • Just, so much damage, so, so much damage.

Build details:

  • Focus on adrenaline gain and whirl.
  • The undying ability is imperative.

2. Invigoration Build.

The Invigoration Build.

Remember the first time you played TW3? Remember the first time you felt outmatched? For me, it was the first time I had to use Swallow more than once in a single fight. 

See, nowadays it might not be so rare, but when TW3 first came out the idea of not being able to use all your heals in a fight was revolutionary, especially if you were used to playing games where you can get hit, take 53 rolls of cheese in quick succession, and regain all your health mid-fight.

Now don’t get me wrong. The Witcher 3 was far from the first game to implement a don’t-drink-too-much-heal-juice mechanic, but it was pretty rare for a triple-A title at the time, and it forced you to look at fights with a different lens, a much smarter one. 

That’s at the beginning of course. Later in the game, once you up your toxicity a little bit and acquire a couple of specific skills you pretty much start to collect vitality like Geralt collects Gwent cards. 

This build takes advantage of that fact by using the invigoration rune, which turns any vitality gained after 100% into a damage increase. 

Combine that with the Ekimmara decoction, which turns damage into vitality, and you’ve got yourself a feedback loop of ass-whooping. 

What's good about this Build: 

  • The build effectively turns you into a vampire warrior, dealing as much damage as you gain back and vice-versa.
  • Euphoria and alchemy skills turn you into a damage-dealing colossus.  

Build details:

  • You need the invigoration rune in both of your swords.
  • Most of your skill tree should be combat-oriented. But make sure to complement with alchemy skills. 
  • Euphoria mutation is a must.

1. The Euphoria Build.

The Euphoria Build.

Yes, just like Zendaya in that one show, this build is all about consuming large amounts of dangerous substances and doing some capital D Damage to anyone and anything around you. 

Making the most out of the completely broken euphoria mutation, this build uses combat and alchemy abilities to deal over one-hundred-thousand points of damage on each swing. Yes, you read that correctly.

If a state of maximum overdrive is what you’re after then there's nowhere to go but here. No more worlds to conquer. No more hills to climb, and that’s because why would you climb a hill when you can punch it into oblivion after drinking a couple of decoctions and maybe a bud-light?

What's good about this Build: 

  • If a powerful build is what you’re after, then there’s nowhere to go but here.
  • Turns you into a warrior druid the likes of which have never been seen.
  • Encourages you to think like a Witcher.

Build details:

  • Make sure to balance your alchemy skills with a hefty dose of combat.
  • Increase critical hit chance and damage as much as you can with your items. When combined with the mutation, a critical hit will be able to drop just about anything that stands in your way.

And there you have it, folks. The 10 best builds for every stage of your playthrough, be it beginner, intermediate, or master. 

Ensuring that you will be taking ass and kicking names from the very start and up to the very end. 

With these builds, not even a well-placed adamantium arrow in the head will be able to cause you anything more than a headache. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a latte to drink and you have a continent to dominate. Just take it easy on those decoctions, they do have side-effects, you know?

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