[Top 10] The Witcher 3 Best Builds (Create The Most Powerful Geralt)

Geralt and his steely-eyed look.
Our Favorite Witcher Geralt

One of the most rewarding aspects of an RPG can be the character building, but anyone playing Witcher 3 knows this can also be the most challenging. The options available in this game are mind-boggling, particularly to a new player. I joined the Witcher craze with Witcher 3 then worked backward. To say I found the character-building overwhelming at first glance is an understatement. I turned the game off and didn’t play again for a full year. A. Full. Year

There are countless ways to create builds (and a million of them found on the internet) so tweak to your heart’s desire, but here’s a list of ten I find to be particularly helpful and/or interesting.

Warning: some of these builds draw upon the Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone expansions. If you haven’t played these yet, why not? Seriously. Play them. You won’t regret it.

Go forth, and make Geralt a B.A.

10. Sword-Master - Combat (credit SteamStax)

This build for those who shun magic and signs. It is very effective for hacking, slashing, and beating the crap out of everything using your sword and wits. This build is propelled by adrenaline points. Be careful to watch your health with this one. 


  • Can take down almost any foe
  • Straightforward combat

Witcher 3 Build Guide - Sword-Master (Combat)

9. Fast Attack Build - Combat (credit MeHow)

Another combat centered build, but this one focuses on the fast attack. Fast attack is almost a weakness of mine. I have tended to rely very heavily on it, particularly early on when I was still feeling things out so this build is one that I find helpful.


  • Makes combos more powerful
  • Increases damage of the fast attack
  • Whirl is fun to watch

Witcher 3 - Best Fast Attack Build

8. Early Hybrid Build - Mixed Combat (credit monoespacial)

This is a great build for beginners (wish I had seen this one early on). While this doesn’t build Geralt into a monster of a monster slayer, this build is geared for overall fun. It is playable for levels up to Death March, though that one will be significantly harder, of course. The image is the ultimate build-up to what is recommended with the expansions Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone. 


  • Overall fun style
  • Survivability
  • Great room for tweaking as you go


Witcher 3 - Early Hybrid Build for 2020


Witcher 3 - Late-End game Hybrid Build for 2020

7. Combat and Alchemy Hybrid - Combat/Alchemy (see link for credit)

This is a handy build for making use of alchemy paired with a handy dose of sword-swinging. It increases survivability and uses early strengths and resources to build. I like this build, and it has a serious approach to being able to take on Death March, if that’s your thing.


  • Geared toward Death March
  • Higher survivability
  • Good use of early resources

 See It Here

6. Full Combat Build - Combat (see link for credit)

This is another variant of a full combat build. It requires the Blood and Wine expansion, and it allows for a little more fluidity. Note that this build includes a lot of damage potential, but not much protection so this is geared more toward a veteran player.


  • Loads of damage!!!
  • Lots of attack power

See It Here

5. Versatile Tank build - Hybrid (see link for credit)

Much like the Early Hybrid build, this is a good first playthrough build. It makes use of many different skill sets to maximize adaptability. Use of the Second Life mutation helps make the player nearly invulnerable which is one of the reasons it’s good for a first run.


  • As the name says, versatile
  • Highly defensive (Geralt is hard to kill)

See It Here

4. Sword-Caster - Combat + Sign (credit SteamStax)

This build is a fun mix of sword and magic. Isn’t that what fantasy RPGs are all about? It is mainly combat, but signs are mixed in as icing on the cake. The build creator mentions this is catered to his playing style. I identify with this gamer. I love this mix, and my current character build looks pretty close to this.


  • Strong whirl
  • Enough sign strength to balance out the combat
  • Fire stream because FIRE


Witcher 3 Build Guide: Sword-Caster (Combat + Sign)

3. Piercing Cold Build - Signs, Alchemy, Entanglement (credit Phoenix237)

Here’s a build that makes good use of those Witcher signs, one of the reasons why we love Geralt in all his Witcherly glory. This build uses the piercing cold mutation from the expansions and revs it up to a fearsome rate.


  • It’s fun to freeze things
  • Possible to instantly kill fallen enemies
  • Long range for signs

Witcher 3: Piercing Cold - Signs, Alchemy and Entanglement Build

2. God Tier Build  - Alchemy, Combat, and Signs (credit FightinCowboy)

I typically hate anything with a “God” label in it in the way of gaming abilities or builds, but I ain’t mad at this one. The God Tier Build sometimes gets a bad rap for being a bit overpowered, but it’s a good build with a lot happening. It uses a lot of combat and alchemy, but it also taps into the mutation to balance out the skills. Euphoria is VERY important. Playing with this build is fun, but heck, even watching a YouTuber play this build is fun.


  • Great use of mutation
  • Extremely powerful
  • Intense

The Witcher 3 - God Tier Build - Alchemy, Combat, & Signs

1. OP Igni Build - Sign (credit Mortismal Gaming)

Maybe you just don’t like all those swords. Brute strength is beneath you. What you want is to SET THINGS ON FIRE. This is the build for you. This build focuses on signs, but it specifically utilizes Igni. I am always happy to burn all the things in video games so this build is quite fun. This might not be the most powerful, but I like it for the same reason I like Maliwan guns in Borderlands - I want to set some people on fire… in games! In games!


  • Lots of fire
  • Death March capable
  • Standard signs
  • Did I mention fire?


The Witcher 3: OP Igni Build (Deathmarch Capable - Standard Sign Version) 

While these are my top ten Geralt builds, there are a gazillion to choose from and a gazillion ways to tweak them. Be smarter than me when I first started playing this game. Try on a build.

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TzGamesthrough 2 years 2 weeks ago

I believe combining signs with alchemy and combat would just give you an overall complete experience of playing a Witcher. People mostly go with an overpowered pure alchemy builds and totally ignore the cool effects and animations that those signs are capable of delivering in the battle. Personally I think that a complete build should be a combination of all three viz. Signs + Combat + Alchemy. You can watch below video where a complete hybrid build using Signs, Combat and Alchemy skill is explained along with the Euphoria:- https://youtu.be/IZthTFVohxU

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