Witcher 3 Best DLCs (Ranked Worst to Best)

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Geralt of Rivia in all his glory!

What is the superior witcher 3 DLC?

Since its release in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt still reigns as one of the best Open World RPGs out there. It is one that demands you to immerse yourself into its rich story again and again, and those replays are enhanced to legendary with DLCs.

With 18 DLCs out there, free and purchasable, it can be difficult to decide which is worth your time. So, I’ve ranked them from worst to best to make that decision easy.

18. Alternate Look for Triss​

A preview of the elegant but impractical new look for Triss

When surrounded by bloodthirsty battles and daring escapes, is a revealing full length dress what you want to be wearing? No? Me either.

As a hardcore fan, I can’t ignore the fact that this alternative look disregards the lore that Triss has a scarred chest as a result of The Battle of Sodden. 

It doesn't exactly look like the outfit of a ‘sorceress in hiding’ either. 

If you want an elegant but impractical new look for Triss, then this is the DLC for you, but I’ll pass.

Price: Free

Full details

17. Alternative Look for Ciri​

A preview of Ciri's alternative warrior look.

Compared to Triss’ alternative look, Ciri’s actually makes sense. 

There is no doubt that her original look is iconic, but the new look offers more practical protection with chainmail instead of a loose fitted shirt and corset.

Although the outfit leaves the stomach vulnerable to a strike, the dark red and black colour scheme is more badass and warrior-like than the original.

If you’re like me and can’t decide which you prefer, you can switch between the original and alternative look easily in the menu.

Price: Free

Full details

16. Alternate Look for Yennefer

A preview of Yennefers new look in game.

This new look screams Yennefer, from the raven feathers to the all black colour scheme. It really encompasses Yennefer’s character and preference. 

It’s not too revealing and is almost as practical as her original outfit. 

Dare I say I prefer this look to her original? 

Whilst these alternative looks are great to switch up the aesthetic of the game, you wouldn’t lose anything without them.

Price: Free

Full details

15. Beard and Hairstyle Set​

Take a look at the all hairstyles and beards included in this DLC and base game.

If you want to feel more immersed in Geralt’s character, this beard and hairstyle set lets you personalise him even more.

Watch yourself becoming more emotionally invested the more you customise him.

These different options still capture the essence of Geralt’s rugged, grumpy dad vibe, whilst giving you your own personal touch.

Like the alternative looks, this DLC is more for aesthetic purposes rather than adding any substance to the gameplay itself.

Price: Free

Full details

14. Nilfgaardian Armor Set

Discorver how to get the Nilfgaardian armor set and what it looks like.

This armour set can be purchased from the Quartermaster at Crow’s Perch. 

Although it’s good when your level is low, locked until level 10 and above, it doesn’t quite cut it in comparison to later, higher stats gear. 

You’ll likely swap it for something better rather quickly. 

With the puffed sleeves it doesn’t exactly compliment Geralt’s character, although it pairs nicely with Yennefer’s original look if you want to have matching couple outfits… to each their own.

Price: Free

Full details

13. Elite Crossbow Set

Take a look at the 3 crossbows you get with this DLC and how to find them in game.

This is exactly what it says on the tin, 3 new Crossbows purchasable across Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige.

The best bow out of the bunch is by far the Elven Crossbow with 7-9 damage and +165% attack power. Then comes the Skellige Crossbow, then the Nilfgaardian.

On average, these crossbows are superior to the majority of crossbows you’ll pick up, however, they are easily outshined by the higher level crossbows later in the game.

Overall, useful but only if you use the crossbow regularly.

Price: Free

Full details

12. Ballad Heroes: Neutral Gwent Card Set

Discover how to access the new dwent cards and what they look like.

In this DLC you get 10 new skins for 10 neutral cards to use when thrashing your opponent in a gwent game.

If you’re a gwent player, then immediately download this. But, if you’re like me, and Gwent takes a back seat in your gameplay, I can’t say you would care much about this DLC.


Price: Free

Full details

11. New finisher animations

Demonstration of the new finisher animations.

Slaughter enemies in an all new, satisfying, and gruesome way. 

Although it doesn’t add to the story, it does undoubtedly add to the enjoyment of the game. 

Why not have more ways to chop off an arm or sever someone in half?

Price: Free

Full details

10. Witcher contract: Missing Miners

A walkthrough of the missing miners DLC quest.

The first and most boring DLC quest. 

Don’t get me wrong, this DLC made it to the number 10 spot because it adds to gameplay and includes a moral decision (which I love about this game), but compared to the other quest DLCs, this one is… fine. Just fine. 

It can be found in Blandare in Skellige as a contract quest, with a suggested level of 27. 

Whilst you get a trophy from this quest, it's easily forgettable.

Price: Free

Full details

9. Temerian Armor Set

How to find and equpit the Temerian Armor DLC.

This armour is perfect when you’re just starting out in the dangerous world of The Witcher 3.

It can be bought from a merchant in White Orchard with a required level of 4 or above.

The look suits Geralt well, and the additional blue horse saddle and gear makes Roach look majestic. However, you will likely swap out this armour once you reach a mid to high level and find higher level gear.

Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant set to start out with.

Price: Free

Full details

8. Skellige armour

How to find the Skellige armour and how it looks in game.

The Undvik armour has the best stats out of all the DLC armours, it’s some of the best protection in the game.

With its fur neckline, thick leather belt, and impressive chest buttons, you’ll be walking around Skellige with style, and considerable badass points. 

As with all the DLC armour options, you get a matching horse set too, because of course Roach deserves nothing but the best.

Price: Free

Full details

7. New Quest: Fool’s Gold

A walkthrough of the Fool's Gold DLC quest.

Another quest DLC, and I must say this one is a rather strange one! 

Found in Lurtch, central velen, you will find a moral dilemma: let bandits eat a pig or save the pig. If you save the pig you will find yourself wrapped in a story that just gets more disturbing and funny as it goes along. 

What would a fantasy world be without a little weirdness!

Price: Free

Full details

6. New Quest: Where The Cat and Wolf Play

A walkthrough of Where the Wold and the Cat Play DLC quest. 

You’ve made it to the top 5 DLCs, congrats! 

This quest starts out rather gruesome, with a crime scene and a child in distress.

Classic Geralt detective and hero behaviour, of course he will put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

This quest is particularly interesting as it involves another Witcher from the school of Cat, and because of this I think it is one of the more intriguing DLC quests we have.

Price: Free

Full details

5. Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear

A showcase of the Wolf School Gear.

This DLC sets you off on a treacherous scavenger hunt that takes you to locations you may not have ventured before.

The armour itself looks great and is perfect for Geralt. Each upgrade reveals a newer, better look, from leather to fully armoured Grandmaster gear with very good armour stats.

Not only this, but with each piece of gear found, a skeleton with a note waits to be discovered, telling a compelling story.

Price: Free

Full details

4. New Game Plus

Gameplay and review of the New Game Plus DLC.

Brace yourself for this all new and exciting challenge.

Start a New Game Plus save and retain all your gold, abilities, experience, and gear you had from your previous game. 

However, some items such as books, gwent cards, crafting diagrams, some alchemy formulas, beast trophies, and more, are all lost. 

Equipment and item drops,and difficulty levels of quests and beasts throughout the New Game Plus save are all levels up according to the level you completed your previous game. 

This DLC propels you into a fun and challenging replay that changes things up!

Price: Free

Full details

3. Skellige’s Most Wanted

A walkthrough of Skellige's Most Wanted.

Skellige’s Most Wanted is the best DLC quest in my opinion. 

Not only are you presented with an interesting story and a range of iconic beasts from the game, from Godling to Werewolf, your previous choices in the game have a significant impact on the result of this quest.

What more could you ask for?

Find this quest in Fyresdal, Skellige, with a suggested level 29.

Price: Free

Full details

2. Hearts of Stone

A review of Hearts of Stone DLC expansion.

Heart of stone sweeps you into a new adventure full of mystery, romance, and never seen before beasts.

A web of deceit has been spun in the heart of Oxenfurt and it's Geralt’s job to get to the bottom of it with over 10 hours of additional game play. 

This quest really begins to soften Geralt's heart of stone, bringing down his walls, allowing us to see his warmer side. 

Shani, who will surely get you swooning, an engaging antagonist, and a new element called ‘Runewords’ are added to enhance your gameplay even more.

Price: £7.99

Full details

1. Blood and Wine

A review of Blood and Wine DLC expansion.

We’ve made it! The best DLC for Witcher 3, Blood and wine.

Really, it was inevitable that we would end up here. With a new bromance and tons of new content, who could pass up on this DLC.

This Expansion Pack DLC gives you more of everything you already love about The Witcher 3: a new enchanting region to explore, secrets to be unravelled, and many new interesting side quests to indulge in. 

With 90 new quests, over 30 hours of new adventures, new gear and items to be collected, and much more, this DLC expansion pack is a must for those who love the base game and want to spend more time immersing themselves in the rich and captivating world.

Price: £15.99

Full details

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