The 50 Best Witcher 3 Tips You Should Know

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50 Great Tips To Get You Through The Witcher 3

Witcher 3 may be one of the best games, it is also one of the most challenging, and if not tackled correctly, you will find yourself on the minute long loading screen more often than not. 

It's best to enter the game well-prepared. So, here I share the top 50 witcher 3 tips you need to know, if you want to enjoy the game to its max potential.


1. Lookout for Toxicity

After you drink a lot of potions, your toxicity tends to increase.  Keep a lookout on the toxicity meter to prevent dying during battle.

2. Fight Underwater

It`s beautiful underwater

Most people think diving underwater in Witcher 3 is a deathwish as you cannot fight underwater, and it only takes a few hits before you settle in the dust of the riverbed.  What most people don't know is that you can fight underwater, not melee but, using the crossbow you got while fighting the Griffin. It mostly takes a single hit to take down enemies underwater

3. Use Drowners for XP

If you want to fly through the game, the best thing is to level up and that can be done by gaining xp. Xp can be easily obtained by drowners.  Once you reach Velen, you should stumble upon a lake nearby. Dive underwater and you'll be greeted by a horde of drowners. Kill them using your crossbow. Now, if you turn 360°, new drowners will spawn. Enjoy an unlimited supply of xp.

4. Merchants Level up as you do

If you think you can't go to the same merchant you went to in the beginning of the game because he will have low level goods then you are completely wrong. Merchants start selling high level goods and scale as you level up, so you don't have to worry about availability.

5. Don't Throw Old Witcher Gear

I know it is quite tempting to throw away old witcher gear because Geralt can hold a limited amount. But try not to throw it away, as it can be enhanced using crafting and crafting new weapons requires certain witcher gear to be equipped.

6. Be Sure to Visit the Bank

Novigrad city is surely a wonder to behold. It is beautiful and teeming with life. What’s more, you will find only in this city is the Vivaldi bank, the only bank in the game. It is run by Vivaldi, a dwarf, which also happens to be Geralt’s friend.

The vivaldi bank

In the start only crowns are used as currency but as the game progresses, orens and florens are also used. And the Vivaldi bank is the only place where orens are replaced for crowns. So be sure to give your old mate a visit.

7. Get a Potion of Clearance

This may be one of the best, if not The Best, potions in the entire game. It allows you to reallocate your ability points.  So, if you think you took the wrong path in moulding Geralt's character strengths, then you can reconstruct them from scratch using this potion. So, if you see one of these being sold, be sure to pick it up.

8. Don't trust the Sat-Nav

When you pinpoint a location, the mini-map will show a dotted trail to the desired place. But sometimes the trail is a bit off and you can end up going in circles. So, don't trust the sat-nav completely and open your map, time to time, to see if you're going the right way.

9. Do your research

All the new non-human enemies you encounter will get their tab in the Bestiary with crucial hints on how to defeat them, such as signs, oils or other things that work well against it. Human enemies will get entries in the characters tab. So, if an enemy is getting the better of you, it's best to look up their entries and plan your attack accordingly.

10. Familiarize yourself with the map

Witcher 3`s map is surely a huge one

This can prove to be a tedious task. And it can be quite tempting to just overlook the side areas. But if you don`t venture off the beaten path, you`re most likely to miss on some of the best quests in the game.

11. Read all the books

Witcher 3 is not the kind of game which will spoon-feed you everything. While some quests may start by reading the journal or noticeboard, many more are those which won`t start until you take a closer look on the book you found under a bed in the start of the game. So, if you don`t want to miss out on important quests, it`s wise to pay a visit to all the books in your inventory.

12. Complete all side quests

Normally in an RPG, one would complete the main storyline along with a few quests, leaving the others untouched. But you don`t want to do the same with The Witcher 3, as many of the side quests hold an interesting part to play in the outcome of the main story.

13. Learn to use NPCs

If you ever mistakenly, got off Roach too close to an enemy, you would notice that the enemy starts targeting Roach. Same is the case with NPCs that enter as your allies in a battle. If you take a closer look, these NPCs won`t have a health bar, so they can tank damage indefinitely. You can use these NPCs to get out of tight situations or try to use them as a shield.

14. Read all dialogues

There are quite a few dialogues in the game, and it is quite tempting to skip them. But I would advise you not to do so. Witcher 3 hides hints and clues to quests in the strangest of places, one of them being dialogues. So, ignoring the dialogues would mean ignoring interesting quests.

15. Trophies matter

Trophies, in this game, aren`t just for show. They provide useful bonuses when equipped. So, if you haven`t equipped any of the trophies then you are missing out on some great bonuses.

16. Look out for negotiations

Negotiations, in this game, are a double edged sword. Only a few quest-givers will give more money when negotiated with. While others might just drop off the contract.

17. Level is just a number

Don`t take the level too seriously, it`s the skill that counts. So, even if you`re a lvl 10 , you can take care of a lv 15 golem if you plan and strategize.

18. House of cards

Try to collect all the cards

Gwent is crazily addicting and fun to play. Each deck holds 32 cards.  The key to building the perfect deck is to keep around 22-24 unit cards, a few special cards and still fewer weather effect cards.  Keep in mind the lesser the unit cards, the lesser your overall strength.

19. Use persuasion

Axii sign is one of the most useful in the game and you would be wise to upgrade it as soon as possible. This sign can stun enemies in battle and you can land a heavy strike or use it during a dialogue to get your desired result and avoid conflict.

20. Keep your strength up

Try to always keep a food item equipped in the consumable slot, to quickly regenerate health. If that is not an option, you can always flee from battle.

21. Learn to fight

Fighting isn`t the art of just wildly swinging the sword in combat. If you want to survive long in the game you`ll have to learn to counter, parry and dodge. Also try to use the weapons which will benefit you the most in the battle.

22. Roach is a Wizard

No matter where you go, Roach is right behind you. Just whistle and he`ll come out of nowhere like a wizard.

23. Booze matters

Booze is really helpful in this game, allowing you to recharge your store of potions while meditating.

24. Always use witcher senses

Use witcher senses to get loot

Try to use your witcher senses whenever possible, as they can help you get to valuable loot.

25. Don`t knock on doors

Doors, in witcher 3, aren`t meant to be knocked on. Just blow them off using the aard sign.

26. Do not hold on to every  book

Geralt can only hold so much, and most of the space in the inventory is taken up by useless books. So it is advisable to throw away useless books once you`ve read them.

27. Pimp your horse

Try not to forget your horse in the game. Try to buy new saddlebags and blinders as soon as you can comfortably afford them. This will allow you to fight comfortably on horseback, with Roach throwing you down.

28. Repair your gear in middle of combat

This is one of the most useful tips. If you`re fighting a boss battle and your sword gets damage, you can simply pause the game and repair the weapon midgame.

29. Keep Gear repaired and enhanced

Be sure to stop at armorers and blacksmiths from time to time, to get your gear repaired. Damaged gear can prove fatal in a battle. Also try to stop by whetstones to “enhance” your gear

30. Try to read every notice board

The notice board has new quests

Notice boards open a whole new world of quests. From places of power to side quests, the notice board is a door to a whole new world.

31. Places of power give ability points

If you seek out the question marks on the map, you are sure to find places of power. In Velen alone you should find 7 statues, which give a single ability point each. A valuable tip if you want to level up quickly.

32. Turn Hairworks off

Unless you`ve got a rig that can beat John Cena, I would recommend you turn hairworks off. A few strands of beautiful hair are not the performance hit.

33. Fast Travel

I think most of you know this already, but if you don`t then read carefully. Witcher 3 has a vast open world and it sure takes a lot of time to explore. So if you want a quicker way to jump from one place to another, you can just use fast travel.

34. Change signs during battle

Not every sign is effective against every enemy. So, it`s wise to change signs according to enemies. Good thing you can change the sign mid-battle. Just use the scroll wheel on your mouse to do so.

34. Dismantle objects

Merchants usually pay only a few crowns for even the most expensive weapons. So, instead of selling, you should dismantle them. Dismantling items will provide you with ingredients to craft new weapons.

35. Use Quenn in battle

Quenn is a strong spell and can block of one hit from any enemy, completely. So, it can help you emerge unscathed from battles if used properly.

36. Don`t hold back

I don`t know if it`s a bug or not, but anything and everything in the game is yours for the taking. No matter how much you loot, no one will bat an eye.

37. Meditation restores health

Meditation is a strong ally if and when used correctly. You can meditate anywhere you like and it restores health and other attributes to full.

38. Horseback fight

Geralt is a beast on horseback

Fighting on Roach`s back can be too much of a hassle for beginners. But it is one of the best ways to fight. Geralt becomes considerably stronger on horseback. Enemies which usually take 6 hits can be finished off in single blow.

39. Avoid fall damage by rolling

It is hilarious how you can survive a deadly sword fight, only to fall from a few feet and die. Well, you can avoid that just by rolling as soon as you fall.

40. Save often

Sure, the game Autosaves. But the world of witcher 3 is unpredictable. A few feet drop may kill you. So, it is best you save your game every 5 or so minutes.

41. Change difficulty to Blood and Broken Bones

Well, this tip is only for people who know how to play RPGs. If you are new to this world then you are better off with normal settings. But if you want a truly satisfying journey then crank up the difficulty to Blood and Broken Bones.

42. Change difficulty mid-game

If the game becomes too easy or hard for you, it can always be changed mid-game. So cheer up…

43. Loot every monster

Every monster you slay hold a unique armor, weapon or crafting item. So, be sure to loot every monster.

44. Turn the music off

WOHO. Wait on those rage comments. Music in the witcher 3 sure is a blast but it can be overwhelming at the same time. Especially during combat. Try turning the music off to see if it suits your taste.

45. Change HUD according to you

Every little thing in the HUD can be changed to your liking. So, I recommend tweaking the settings until it suits your style.

46. Be prepared

There`s a lot in the story of the witcher 3 to keep track off. It will haunt you if you go un-prepared. It`s best to be prepared for the difficulties to come.

47. Read character entries regularly

Character entries can help a lot along the way. Be it small hints on how to take down your opponent. These entries house it all.

48. Use the monster trophies

Whenever Geralt kills a monster, he takes a trophy from it. What people don`t know is that these trophies can be used for bonuses.

49. Explore Conversational choices

During a conversation, don`t always choose the option which progresses the main story. Try to listen to every option, as dialogues may have hints to quests and more.


After you`ve played for a while, start talking like Geralt in real life, start acting like him. Sink into the role. You`ve earned it. Geralt is love, Geralt is life.

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