[Top 20] The Witcher 3 Best Mods For a New Experience

The Best Mods to add to the Witcher 3
Mods can ease your Witcher life, enhance your characters, or beautify the world around you.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a brilliant experience on its own and a gaming masterpiece. However, even the greatest things can be improved upon with tweaks and changes to make it more fun. These mods add details and textures to rework the world as you’d like to see it or improvements to the boring sides of the game.


20. Auto Apply Oils

The Auto Apply Oils mod brings an easier playing experience to the Witcher. When we equip this mod, Geralt scans the enemy ahead of us and automatically applies the most effective oil to the sword.

This mod makes the game more seamless. We enter battles knowing that our swords will be oiled and prepared for the fight without our input. It allows us to speed up our gameplay in a subtle way with a nifty mod.

Auto Apply Oils Key Features:

  • Oils are applied automatically to all weapons based on enemies in our vicinity.
  • We can move into fights without opening our inventory.

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19. Gear Level Scaling

If you’ve ever picked up a sword or piece of armour with a beautiful design and had to replace it with a hideous yet more powerful one then this mod is worth checking out. It scales all swords and armour to your current level along with its damage.

This mod is useful for having greater diversity in late-game weapons and armour available to us. However, we can also use it to our advantage by creating builds that combine favourable stat boosts with late-game damage and defence levels.

Gear Level Scaling Features:

  • All swords and armour are scaled to the player's current level.
  • Starting level equipment can be used throughout the game.

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18. Multi Companion Mod

This interesting mod allows us to enter battles and explore the bustling world with our favourite characters. Many would consider that this mod breaks immersion or makes the game too easy; however, with the Multi Companion Mod, we can only get our companions after finishing the main storyline.

It makes the game fun as we can use characters' special abilities to aid us against foes and it makes the vast world less lonely. We can easily recruit friends into our party after finding them roaming about in the world.

Multi Companion Mod Features:

  • Mod adds a variety of followers from main characters like Ciri to monsters like drowners and bears.
  • We can spawn as many companions as we want into the game.
  • Some companions have special abilities such as faster dashing or summoning meteorites.

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17. HQ Female Hairstyles

These sexy styles keep your Witcher women as beautiful as they are meant to be.

This vanity mod improves the look of female hairstyles in The Witcher 3. Although subtle in its improvements, the updated and retextured hairstyles look amazing in cutscenes and gameplay.

Gone are spiky polygons and jagged edges. It improves Witcher women’s styles while keeping their hairstyles as close to the original as possible. Giving our NPCs a fresh look often makes a second playthrough refreshing.

HQ Female Hairstyles features:

  • Ciri, Triss, and Yennefer gain clean and polished cuts with high-definition texturing.

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16. Over 9000

Travelling through the mountains of Skellige Isle and into Velen’s bogs, Geralt will find thousands of trinkets and weapons to collect. Before long, every player has to rearrange and throw out those precious old swords we wanted to keep to make way for a newer and better sword.

This mod is in no way realistic, but it is one of the most useful mods we can get in The Witcher because it increases Geralt’s carry limit to 9000. With this one, you can pick up whatever you want without fear of having too much.

Over 9000 features:

  • Geralt’s carry limit is increased to 9000 indefinitely.

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15. Better Trophies

This mod replaces the boring vanilla trophy stat boosts with unique bonuses that reflect the beast we cut it from. Every trophy in this mod gives us bonus damage to enemies of the same type.

Installing this mod brings immersion to using different trophies based on your playing style as you can equip specific ones tailored to your own Geralt. We had fun with this one especially because it allowed us to extend our stat boosts beyond vanilla limits and it feels great to have trophies reflect the beast they come from.

Better Trophies Key Features:

  • Trophies increase damage to the same type of enemy by 5% for example, a Nekker Warrior trophy increases damage to ogroids.
  • Stat Boosts are highly varied and relate well to the trophy they come from for example using the dragon-like Wyvern trophy increases Burning Resistance

Get the mod here



14. All Quest Objectives on Map

Have you ever played The Witcher and missed seeing every objective and quest like you would in any other RPG? Treasure Hunters and Achievement maniacs appreciate this mod for bringing every quest together in an easily accessible map.

It removes doubt and wasted time on IGN guides and replaces them with clever exclamations for every side questline. You’ll never miss another little piece of the story or exciting side quest when you have them easily in view.

All Quest Objectives on Map Features:

Merchants that have been discovered appear on the map including higher-level smiths and armourers.
All quests can be added to the map.
The map can be customised with a Lite version of the mod for fewer and less detailed map markers, making the map itself easier to work with.

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13. Fast Travel from Anywhere

This mod completely revamps fast travel in The Witcher 3 and brings in the ingenuity of Skyrim’s fast travel system. It also makes the world easier to move in while sapping away some immersion by allowing the player to fast travel from anywhere without a signpost.

If riding Roach through the dense thicket is what you play the game for, this may not be the mod for you. However, if by the end of the game, you feel you need to speed up your grind, it is a welcome addition.

Fast Travel from Anywhere Features:

Fast Travel from anywhere to any location, even from the middle of the wilderness.
You can even fast-travel during those lengthy quests.

Get the mod here



12. Indestructible Items – No More Weapon Degradation

This NextGen-compatible mod eases your Witcher life and can save you a few Crowns in weapon or armour restoration. With this mod, all item's durability remains at 100%. It may reduce the game’s immersion factor and remove a part of the preparation element before every battle, but it does make life much easier.

This mod also improves the lifetime of swords that usually lose durability quickly such as low-level equipment. And you’ll never have to worry about breaking a sword during an action-packed battle again.

Indestructible Items Key Features:

  • Every weapon and armour item retains 100% durability
  • Installing this mod while equipping broken items will bring its durability back to 100%.

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11. High-Quality Faces

High-Quality Faces improves the textures of vanilla NPC and storyline characters’ faces without making drastic changes. It brings subtle enhancements such as realistic-looking skin with visible pores and striking eyes to present truly lifelike characters.

When you’ve played the game for a long time, a fresh look at the game's intricate details truly brings a new experience to this masterpiece. Often modding changes bigger aspects to enhance playability but even light additions to the aesthetics of the game are welcome in our playthroughs.

High-Quality Faces features:

  • Main Characters, Secondary NPCs, and Common NPCs have HQ retextures to varying degrees.
  • NPCs and main characters look more realistic and lifelike than they ever did before.

Get the mod here



10. More Money for Traders

This clever mod cleans up one of the game’s annoying elements. Whenever you need to sell useless items such as broken rakes, wooden swords, or low-level weapons, the traders always seem to have too little money to buy all of your junk. With this mod, traders replenish their treasuries each time you interact with them.

This mod eases gameplay by allowing us to effortlessly auction off our junk without meditating for nine hours in the marketplace and waiting for a tradesman to earn more money.

More Money for Traders features:

  • Traders have 5000 Crowns every time you open the trade menu
  • Mod is compatible with next-gen patch
  • Never wait for traders to reset their crowns again. This mod is useful for grinding crowns.

Get the mod here



9. Realistic Weather

Something as subtle as the weather in The Witcher has a massive impact on the atmosphere. This mod brings bad weather into the otherwise serene world with dense fog and revamped rain.

Changes as small as these may seem insignificant in the face of distinct and eye-catching mods but once you have it installed, you’ll feel the world become more realistic and enchanting. Fighting bears in the snowier forests of Skellige enhanced by this mod is an experience the original game should have had. And in a game as gritty as The Witcher, these darker weathers enhance our immersion.

Realistic Weather features:

  • Snowy weather increased and recreated for the frozen Skellige isles.
  • Foggy weather and powerful storms added to every region
  • Clouds influencing lighting bring the classic gloom that accompanies every rainy day.

Get the mod here



8. HD Monsters Reworked Mod

Not many mods outplay CD Projekt Red, but this one improves upon the game spectacularly. When you spend a lifetime slaying monsters, you’d prefer battling realistic and terrifying beasts in the Wild Hunt. This mod updates some old, blocky textures with high-resolution, cleaner alternatives.

This reworking mod also adds original variations of enemies to the game without breaking the lore. Drowners gain dangerous spikes and ghouls become rotting corpses with varying models. This is truly an addition worth looking into to make your game more beautiful than ever before.

HD Monsters Rework Mod features:

  • Vanilla models are kept with slight texture and aesthetic changes make enemies into a menacing sight.
  • Complete or partial reworks for certain classes of beasts for example basilisks have added hair with the mod installed.

Get the mod here



7. New Hairstyles and Beards for GeraltHai

After fighting hordes of beasts and travelling to fairytale lands, the witcher would find himself in need of a cut and shave. While the vanilla game offers a great selection in true RPG style, none of them are truly daring. This mod brings lengthy, majestic beards, hairbands, and many medieval styles for your Witcher.

Having a fun and exciting new facial and hairstyle makes the game interesting after you’ve tried every cut in the game and found that none suits you. As an added benefit, all added styles suit the lore and medieval period perfectly.

New Hairstyles and Beards for Geralt features:

  • 19 new hairstyles and 12 beards are added to the game.
  • None of the vanilla styles are replaced.

Get the mod here:



6. Infinite Roach Stamina

This mod eases our life and travelling especially if we don’t have the mod to fast travel from anywhere installed. It allows Roach to gallop indefinitely through the plains of Geralt’s world without ever stopping.

This mod was built to make our gameplay easier, and it is incredibly useful for those hard-to-reach quests and treasure hunts. This mod overcomes Roach’s tedious gallop that becomes boring when Roach slows to a trot every few yards.

Infinite Roach Stamina features:

  • NPC Horses continue to use stamina. Races become a breeze with this mod installed.
  • Horses that Geralt uses gallop indefinitely.

Get the mod here



5. Auto Loot

Auto Loot is another mod that eliminates a tedious part of the game. It removes the need to open a looting inventory and manually collect what you need. This makes combat and looting much faster and easier by removing the daunting need to go to every slain enemy for their goods.

This mod also becomes fun and useful when you use the filters for Geralt to automatically pick up certain items and leave behind unnecessary ones like those broken rakes.

Auto Loot features:

  • Different types of filters are available to customise what you want to loot including herbs, armour, weapons, oils and weight filters.
  • This mod doesn’t cause Geralt to automatically steal which could otherwise end badly.
  • Finishing battles and moving on from them becomes faster and feels adventurous.

Get the mod here



4. Geralt Doppler

Being the same old Witcher after you have finished the main storyline can quickly become old. Imagine what it would be like to play as Dandelion or to take screenshots of the Bloody Baron in a picturesque Toussaint field.

Female gamers will also appreciate this mod because it gives them a way to play as their favourite female characters. This mod may not be perfect, but it is fun to play around as whoever you’d like to be while still maintaining Geralt’s combat efficacy.

Geralt Doppler features:

  • Characters can be interchanged from a simple in-game menu.
  • Characters can be customised with different heads and Geralt’s body.
  • This mod is divided into female and male characters that can be played.

Get the mod here:



3. Rare Items Merchant

The Witcher 3 has so many weapons and armour that can easily be missed; some are nearly impossible to find in one playthrough. This mod removes the doubt and difficulty in getting those gems by offering them up for sale by a hidden merchant in Novigrad.

This mod makes the game easier to play by bringing every item to one place. From Aerondight to mystical armours, we can buy the items we need to play around with different builds and strategies.

Rare Items Merchant features:

  • The rare merchant is available between 6 am and 6 pm in Novigrad.
  • We can acquire rare items from him that could be removed in quests, do not exist in the original game, appear randomly, or are unobtainable based on Geralt’s choices.
  • Almost every piece of gear, mutagens, and weapons are available for sale.

Get the mod here



2. Magic Spells


It’s rare to find a mod that adds an impressive amount of content to the base game in a seamless way. This mod adds magical spells like Triss and Yennefer’s that we can use in battle in ingenious ways. By finding different tomes, our signs are enhanced, and we can summon golems instead of bursts of fire or encase our swords in ice as opposed to merely calming enemies with axii.

This mod makes Geralt into a spellbinding monster slayer capable of casting spells with greater variety and power than measly signs. It can be worked into your storyline as the Witcher’s next mutation or Geralt’s studious efforts finally pay off.

Magic Spells Features:

  • Numerous spells are added to the base game.
  • Spells have original animations and effects that synchronise perfectly with the game’s existing signs.
  • Spell items can be acquired through purchase or by completing certain quests that give Geralt different types of magical abilities.

Get the mod here



1. Friendly HUD

The original HUD in the game can become intrusive and break immersion during the cinematic aspects of gameplay. Sometimes you want to enjoy the beauty of CD Projekt Red’s creation without your health bar blocking a sunset.

This mod improves gameplay by allowing us to change up what we would like to see in the HUD and when we want it to appear. It comes with different options for the HUD and improvements to the game’s menu such as NPC tracking and 3D markers for quests.

Friendly HUD features:

  • Adjust the HUD as you see fit and include only the elements you truly want to see.
  • Create immersive and breathtaking screenshots by disabling the HUD completely.
  • 3D Markers and NPC Tracking improves the game’s map menu.

Get the mod here


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