Best Game Trailers of 2016

best game trailers 2016
The latest game trailers are out and we can't wait!

Get ready for the newest game trailers of 2016

2016 is shaping up to be the greatest year in gaming. With a wave of new gaming engines and graphics that are out of this world, this year games are packing a punch. Not only is the gameplay improving, with intuitive controls and more opportunities to customize, but with the wave of new gaming engines, graphics and gameplay are advancing exponentially.

To help you navigate the massive list of new games coming out, we've made list of games you have to see and play to believe. To start you on the journey of Best Game Trailers of 2016, we'll start with …

1. Dead By Daylight

In Dead by Daylight you have two choices; become the killer seeking out his pray, or become the heroes fighting to see the next day. With each side comes a list of skills, weapons, and abilities to aid you in your challenge. Will you be the hero of the story or live long enough to see yourself become the villain?

I'd say "It's a Trap!" but I figure people already knew that

With a name like that, it's easy to see what part he plays.

In every horror movie, people scream at the screen for the character to act reasonable only to get mad when they act like complete idiots! Now you have a chance to show how it should be done. You play one member of a small group of survivors- edited in this multiplayer game. Labeled as one of the most twisted horror games ever, Dead By Daylight is shaping up to be a cult classic. With a massive skill tree and visual cues to pick up on, this game is no easy walk in the park, but is worth it. Don't just take my word for it, you can get a feel for it from this.

2. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom

How do you get hair like that while being a murderous giant?!

Monsters have destroyed the world outside of the great walls. The only thing standing between the giants devouring mankind and the remains of humanity is you, one of the Survey Corps Special Operations Squad. Using an arsenal of tools and the vast terrain at your disposal, take down the Titans and keep mankind alive. Failing means the end of mankind and the world as you know it.

Apparently good hair still only applies to the heroes

In A.O.T you can play one of ten characters from the original manga Attack on Titan. Each character has their own skill tree, with and surprise for those who advance Eren to the end of his. The game takes all of its major points directly from the manga, much to the joy and horror of fans. The graphics are well done, and with this game getting rave reviews, it could lead to a wave of manga-based games in the future.

3. Battlefield 1

Nothing looks more intense than RIDING INTO BATTLE

Blood pounding in your ears, shots ringing out, and the enemy in sight. Do you rush forward and take them down with your knife, or use your precious remaining ammo to take them out before reaching the gate? It's not just your life on the line, but the lives of your comrades, and the fate of mankind. This war could make or break the War.

Let the Bridges You Burn Light The Way

Will you learn from the past or be doomed to repeat it? This is what Battlefield 1 plans on answering as it puts players in the heat of World War I. Much like its previous games, this one emphasizes working together to bring the War to an end. Unlike the ones before, Battlefield 1 comes with a long list of new historically based weapons, new vehicles such as heavy tanks and planes, and the ability to ride horses.

The new maps are based on locations from around the world, and the campaign mode comes with a more open, destroyable environment. Fans of the series will have their hands full finding - all the new goodies hiding in this action-packed sequel.

4. Dishonored 2

Take Back Whats Yours

The Dishonored series is well know for having several paths to follow. Will you choose stealth and refrain from murder, or choose brute force and fight your way out of trouble? The path of bodies you leave behind will help the dark forces trying to take over Dunwall. The plague flies are calling for blood, and you may get more than you bargained.

These are the Droids you hope aren't looking for YOU

In the new Dishonored 2, you can choose to play as ether the battle-hardened Corvo Attano or the Fallen Empress Emily Kaldwin. While their skills and talents are similar, each has a few custom goodies made just for them that change depending on the road the player chooses to follow. They also have new skill trees, and a list of weapons to tailor. This game is shaping up to be true to the spirit of original Dishonored.

5. Quake Champions

This is your BOOM stick

Choose your side: The remains of humanity or the putrid monsters they can become? One side fights to keep the universe safe and take it back from the darkness, the other for the glory of throwing space into chaos and murdering hope. With a touch of H.P Lovecraftian horror and good old fashioned shoot-it-till-it's dead, this game brings back the core of the Quake spirit.

I wonder if she's a natural blue...

The latest In the Quake series, Quake Champions is shaping up to be one of the hardest hitting games to date. With the multiplayer action via arena combat, the game's creators have said they are taking this game "back to that Quake I look with a Quake III feel". Currently the game is PC only, with the creators saying "We wanted to make the game with no excuses and no limitations". the game may get released on PS4 and Xbox at a later date.-fixed Not clear in meaning

6. The Technomancer

Come and get it

The red planet is being torn apart. A generation of lost souls trapped by the war over water, you start your journey working for one of the most powerful corporations on the planet. You travel the colonized planet Mars in search of answers and adventure. Populated with animals genetically engineered to survive on this unforgiving planet, and humans who have reached the breaking point. You are the front line of defense against the forces working to tear the red planet apart.

Like you, the creatures are quite shocking

The Technomancer is visually stunning. Along with a list of customizable features on the look of the main character, you get a massive skill tree with an experience point based advancement for easily figuring out your fighting style. The environment is huge, with, multiple cities and landscapes to explore, and creatures of all kinds of walks of life.

7. Prey

The Future is bright and shiny, or so it seems

Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. What does that say about Morgan? Each morning he wakes up to the same date over and over, only to discover his health degrading each time he wakes up. What's worse than being trapped in the same day? Not being trapped in the loop alone.

That shadow just turned into a chair...

Prey is a single player sci-fi based game that takes place in the year 2032. You play Morgan, a man who seems trapped in an endless loop of the same day over and over. Chased by shadow creatures who can change shape at will, Morgan must discover the root of their existence without losing his mind. With innovative puzzle solving and an engaging story line, Prey is shaping up to be a standalone star.

8. EVE: Valkyrie VR


Speak softly and fly a big ship

Space is the greatest arena. Now you take a seat behind the controls of a ship, fighting alongside your friends to control space. In the Universe of EVE, power is in your hands. Your ship is your weapon, and if you fail, your coffin. With a 360 view of the action, EVE will feel like a whole new universe.

If you fail you become a Popsicle

This has to be, hands down, one of the most anticipated uses of VR technology to come a long since the Oculus Rift was created. Fans of Eve Online are going to love Eve: Valkyrie. You take the hot seat as a pilot in a space ship, fighting alongside your companions to protect what's yours. With realistic in time action, this game is one of the best games to buy for the Oculus Rift.

9. For Honor

Because everything is better with Vikings!

The Vikings ready their ships. The Samurai plans their tactics. The Knights rally their troops. Will you be raiding the countries to continue your way of life? Defending your homeland for honor and family? Protecting the castle from the invaders? Your choices decide your fate. How will you fight for honor?

The Japanese equivalent to "Come at me BRO"

For Honor brings four nations from history together. Vikings, Samurai and Knights of old come to the battlefield to take down Napoleon and reclaim the seat of power. With its own Art of Battle fight engine, this game gives you multiple skill paths to customize your fighting style. It takes timing, planning and ultimately grit to win this war. The game comes with both a solo and co-op mode, giving you tons of game play.

10. Dawn of War III

Bring it Goliath

You walk now in the shadow of Giants, but you shall not fear. Your armies shall rise against the unruly tides of fortune and take back what is yours. No matter your race, nor your weapons, your mind is still the greatest tool in conquering all.

Dawn of War III combines all of the best parts of it's predecessors to bring a game with the spirit we've come to love from Dawn of War but with a new look and better feel. This one brings the return of cover, and the reward of finding powerful Relics like armor, weapons and artifacts Along with these treasures comes modding, which adds a new and personal touch to the game.

Heads will roll

In the new Dawn of War III you gain control of towering giant war machines while playing as one of the main three races. With this game we have the Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar. With the Space Marines are various kinds of troops including Dreadnoughts which are towering war machines and the return of Gabriel Angelos as a Commander. The Orks come with Deff Dreads and Killa Kans, the hobbled together masses of metal that are the Ork walkers. The Eldar brings Guardians and Wraithguard, the heavy weapon toting friends of the Eldar, and Howling Banshees, the sword-wielding shock troops.

11. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Wide Opening Spaces means Headshots!

As the cocaine industry in Bolivia starts to bleed into American soil, your team "The Ghost" is called in to find the connection between the Santa Blanca drug cartel and the Bolivia government. With a massive amount of territory to cover, you have to figure out the best way to get in and out without America's involvement being discovered.

Not something you want to wake up to

In Ghost Recon Wildlands you play one member of "the Ghost" trying to stop the drug cartels from shipping their product into the states. This is the first Ghost Recon game to have an open world, allowing the player and their team to pick and choose where they go. The tactical shooter keeps true to the series and brings with it a whole new level of game play thanks to open world and the nine new types of terrain. Anyone who is a fan of the series will find this one to be a great addition to the long line.

12. Mafia 3

Become the villian

Having had enough of the Italian mob ruling the streets, you've decided it's time to take it back. Using the skills you gained in Vietnam and your knowledge of the city of New Bordeaux, you are going to make them pay for hurting your friends.

Making a BIG entrance!

This game brings more then just the usual knock-them-dead style with a new city, and the ability to traverse it freely. You can fight your way through, guns blazing or choose to take the stealthy way with tactics throughout the game. The best part is the added cover system allow you to dodge attacks that would otherwise spell game over. With this addition to the Mafia collection, the series continues to grow and evolve into a enjoyable fighter.

13. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The level of detail is beautiful

Before the wars of Warband, there was Bannerlord. Traveling the Middle East, Northern Africa and the Kingdoms of Europe as you act as a vessel to the Kingdom of your choosing. Will you choose the Europeans with their swords and spears? The Vlandians with their tribal kingdom, or the Sturgians with their axes? The choice is up to you.

Just call this guy Aladdin

Better lighting, detail and a better weapons system bring the Mount & Blade series to a whole new level. With six major factions in place, and better Artificial Intelligence, this game is shaping up to surpass the previous one in gameplay. Currently still in progress, the future of this game looks bright.

14. Shadow Warrior 2

Co-op brings your friends to the party

Five years after the last battle, once again you must fight against the tides of unholy hell-spawn to protect the earth and the future from destruction. As the ninja Lo Wang, you must once again rise up and be the hero no one will ever know.

Click, Click, BOOM

In Shadow Warrior 2 you return to the role of Lo Wang, a highly trained ninja given the job of protecting mankind. Taking place 5 years after the original game, you can continue the storyline in single-player mode or choose to fight alongside your friends in co-op mode. With the introduction of randomized enemy position, terrain, and weather conditions, the game has added new and complex surroundings to an action packed storyline.

15. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Well New Kid, show us what you've got

As the new kid in the town of South Park, you make friends and hope to fit in. When your friends start fighting over a game of super heroes, you have to pick sides and join in on the civil war over who should be in each sides respective films.

They do NOT look happy

This sequel to Stick of Truth brings the player once again within the world of South Park, as you join and fight alongside your favorite characters from the television show. When the boys start a game of super heroes, they end up in a huge argument over how to plan the film franchise. This leads to a civil war where you, the new kid, get pulled into their battle. With new combo attacks and super power abilities, this is shaping up to be just as fun to play as it is funny.

16. State of Decay 2

What a way to start a day

Zombies roam the world, and the only thing standing between you and death are your wits. Keep a level mind and use your skills to stay alive. You aren't a hero, you're just a person trying to survive and not end up as food for the crazed zombies that surround you.

Your decisions shape your community

State of Decay 2 continues the franchise of expansive zombie survival gameplay. How you use your game generated community directly effects the outcome of the game. You must use your community's strengths and weaknesses to beat enemies and survive. The only way to win is to utilize the randomized characters the game creates. You can now explore an open world with not just zombie, but also human enemies. With a four person co-op, your friends can enter your game to help, or you can go to theirs. With so many choices, the playable hours of are limitless.

17. Titanfall 2

Here come the TITANS

The relationship between a pilot and his Titan is...complicated. You return to the universe of the first Titanfall to continue where you left off. As a pilot you work with your Titan to become a deadly force to recon with. Nothing is going to stop your mission, not even death.

You think I look bad, you should see the other guy

The exciting sequal to the first Titanfall, Titanfall 2 will be a cross-platform game with a single player mode, multiplayer, and a network setting that will allow both old and new friends to team up. With six new Titans, and a whole goody bag of new pilot abilities, this is shaping up to be the perfect sequel to the original game, and with it being open to multiple platforms, more people can join in on the fun.

18. WoW Legion


Years of training and hard work have lead to this point. Having finally entered the elite guard of Illidan Stormrage during The Burning Crusade, you have become the ultimate Demon Hunter. Now with explosive rage, you shall fight fire with fire, and burn ethereal.

They all look so cool!

In the latest expansion to the World of Warcraft, a long list of new and exciting features are being added to the gameplay , the most talked about being the raise of the level cap from 100 to 110, and the added Hero Class Demon Hunter. Also included is the new Transmogrify 2.0 system that allows personalization of tools without a loss of stats, and the additions to the plotline of the game.

19. Tekken 7

Time to Bring The Pain!

Blood against blood, the Mishima clan will bring their feud to an end, one way or another! Choose whose side you will take in this three way feud between Grandfather, Father and Fallen Son.

As always, the effects are GLORIOUS

Tekken 7 takes on a much darker tone than the previous, going back more to the style of Tekken 4. The story of the feud between the members of the Mishima clan comes to light allowing players to discover the origins of Demon Gene, and learn what is at the root of this family feud. The game has 29 playable characters and a few surprise ones you have to work to get, this Tekken continues the game series fighting style and in depth story telling.

20. Civilization 6

If Atlas shrugs we're DOOMED
As one of the world leaders, you must choose the path your country will take. Will you be peaceful or battle driven? Dipomatic, or a living war machine? With the future resting on your shoulders, you decide the fate of not just your country but of the world.

Keeps with the Hex map style

This sequel is shaping up to fix a lot of the problems with it's predecessors. By “unstacking” advancements, players now have far more control over the advancement of their country. This game still fuctions on the principal of 4X:Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate. Keeping with the hex map, and upgrading the graphics, this Civilization is shaping up to be a vast improvement.

21. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Graphics look straight out of the TV show

The past is being erased, and it's your job as a Time Patroller to protect that past and insure the Future happens. With your wits and power, you will team up with the heroes of the Dragon Ball universe to keep the monsters of the past from erasing Conton City from existence.

Here comes the shiny hair and screaming for 40 minutes straight

The latest DBZ game to come out, you play a new character known as the Time Patroller, who teams up with characters from the DBZ universe to keep a nasty team of monsters from the movies from stopping the timelines existence. With the new story comes an expanded new city, new abilities and a long list of new stages. Every DBZ fan will find a part of this game to love.

22. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Of course it's the Illuminati

With augmented humans now pushed to the outskirts of humanity, you have to decide where you stand. Do you stand with those like you, the augmented humans who stand outcast due to the tragic control of the Illuminati, or do you side with Interpol and their search for a terrorist group of augmented? While working with the Juggernaut hackers, what will you give for the truth?

Imagine having "Mechanical apartheid” toward her

The next game in this exciting series, Mankind Divided continues the story of augmented humans verses the other half of mankind. You play Adam Jensen, an augmented human who is working with Interpol to find a terrorist group while also working with the hackers known as the Juggernaut collective. The game combines first -person shooter with role-playing and dialogue trees that change the outcome depending on what the player chooses. This game continues the level of detail and storyline expected from the Deus Ex series.

23. Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr

Your salvation is grim

There is a grim war taking place among the stars. You are one of the few people who know about this brutal war, because you are one of the men fighting it. As an Inquisitor, you have dedicated your life to this war, and that is most likely what is going to cost.

If you suffer from Trypophobia I suggest looking away

True to the Warhammer 40,00 universe, this role-playing game is as grim, violent and brutal as it's namesake. With an open sandbox game set in the same universe as the war, this game guarantees weeks if not months of game play for those who are die hard fans of Warhammer 40,000. With new settings, tools and weapons, this game is shaping up to be a great addition to the already existing storyline.

24. Friday the 13th

He's BACK!

Jason is back and stalking the ground of your camp, Crystal Lake. You have to outrun the unending nightmare that is Jason and keep yourself and your bunk-mates alive as long as possible. He doesn't sleep, and he's armed to the teeth. How long can you survive?

Straight from the movies and into your nightmares comes JASON!

Friday the 13th joins the list of horror games coming out in 2016 with a fanbase already foaming at the mouth to get their hands on it. With the Kickstarter for the game reaching over $800,000 dollars and the Backerkit over $220,000, this game is close to being a reality. The game allows one player to play as Jason while up to seven more play the councilors of Crystal lake. Along with a long list of possibilities, including the slim chance to kill Jason, the game comes with a long list of horror movie goodies.

25. LawBreakers

That's a smile to fear

Fight your way across a bloody rebuilt American landscape to achieve your objective. Not even the laws of gravity can hold you back from becoming the violent anti-hero you are meant to be. With a long list of deadly skills and tools, you will break the laws of gravity itself to get what you want.

Not even gravity can command you!

In LawBreakers you play the anti-hero charged with a mission who must fight against a huge cast of killers to achieve your goals. With the laws of gravity no longer an issue, you have to watch for death from all angles, and use the terrain and a huge list of weapons and tools to kill or be killed. With even the landscape fighting you due to “The Shattering” the landscape becomes a weapon to use against your adversary.

26. Resident Evil 7

Once again it's two dudes with guns

In modern day rural America, you are stuck at a derelict plantation mansion. After finding a video, you discover a paranormal research team has been here, but you have no way of finding them. First the camera man vanished. While trying to get out, you are knocked in the head from behind. Upon waking up, you discover you are not alone.

Yeah, you go first

This sequel in the Resident Evil series differs from previous games in that your character does not start out with any fighting skills or tools. With the demo having been downloaded over 2 million times, the future of this game looks to bring a new angle to the series while keeping the creepy, horrifying nature of the previous games.

27. Uncharted 4

Heroes go alone apparently

When the treasure calls, you answer it. Once again dragged into your brother's schemes, you travel the world to find a long lost treasure to help save your brother Sam from being assassinated by the drug cartel that sprung him from prison. To save his life you'll do anything, even if it might cost you your own.

The settings are very detailed

Uncharted puts you back into the action in this adventure packed sequel told from a third-person perspective. You play Nathan Drake as he travels around the world to help his brother find the treasure he needs to keep the drug cartel from killing him. While the game is linear, the environment has multiple paths to take, and stunningly beautiful settings. The artificial intelligence has been enhanced, making enemies more dangerous than ever before.

28. Days Gone

Because you'll survive if you look like Wolverine

After the pandemic, you knew you couldn't just sit and wait for the end. Traveling on your trusty bike, and trying to avoid the Freakers, you fight to find a semi-balance of normal among a world gone wrong.

Melting like crayons in the sun, yuck.

Days Gone labels itself as “not your typical zombie game” with the infected in this game being different from your average brain eaters. They eat, sleep and drink, all while hungering for flesh. Use your wits and their weaknesses and you may get out alive in this new take in the survival horror genre.

29. Spiderman (2017)

Doing what a Spiderman can

Who hasn't wanted to be everyone's favorite web-slinging teenage superhero? You get to step into Parker's shoes in this latest standalone game. Learn how to master the Spider skills and take down classic enemies while trying to keep your identity a secret. Could you handle being Spiderman?

The view is EPIC

Activision has leaked the title Spider-Man round the same time news of the movie is coming out, trying to tie the two together. With plans of making the game the biggest, most action packed tie in to date, with the same actor playing Spiderman voicing his video game counterpart, they are keeping a tight lip on the games advancement. So far the graphics are stunning, and the combat system is shaping up to be fun on many levels.

30. God of War

Because everyone looks dangerous with a beard!

The Greek Gods are dead. Now is the time to move on to a new challenge, and rise to meet the Gods of the Norsemen. Will you prove to still be the strongest warrior among men, or fall at the hands of Thor and Odin?

Chip off the old God-slaying block

The new God of War sees our favorite killing machine living among the Norsemen, and raising a son. As the main character Kronos, you travel the land with your son. The boy's presence effects the choices that Kronos will have to make, since he's responsible for the boy and the path he may walk in the future. With the new setting and support character, this story is shaping up to be a worthy sequel to the original God of War.

31. Far Cry Primal

Get them with the pointy end!

Stuck at the bottom of a massive primal food chain, everyday is a struggle to survive the harsh world of the Stone Age. You are the lone survivor of your hunting group, and you must learn new skills or be consumed by the violent environment.

Now THAT is bone armor

In Far Cry Primal you take on the role of Takkar, a hunter who is the sole survivor of his group. Your one goal is to survive a world that wants you dead. Grow a tribe of people, sharpen a massive list of skills, and conquer your rivals to push back the wilds and take over your surroundings. With endless hours of play and an open ending, you are sure to have fun.

32. Detroit Become Human

Where is the line between human and machine?

Detroit: Becoming Human allows players to explore the question of what makes us human and how do we each effect the world around us. You play as one of several characters tied together in the web that links all the cities inhabitants together. With stunning graphics and engaging storyline, the game reveals something new each time it's played. With more then a dozen different ways the story can go, you are garenteed days of gameplay finding all the clues and beauty of this game.

You wake up in a factory, with two choices: Follow your programing, or explore your new found sentience. Of course, anyone would choose freedom over slavery. Every choice you makes effects the world around you. What will be your impact?

Looks like someone got in a fight with smurfs

In Detroit , you play one of several characters, two of which are androids on opposite sides of the law. Called a neo-noir thriller, and told from a third-person view. The game changes depending on who you play and the choices you make. Each character plays a part in a massive story. How the characters react directly effects the story line for all characters.

Part of the games interesting dynamic is the use of information gathering. The more information and clues your character finds, the better the outcome of the story. You can only get the whole picture by finding all the clues. Some scenes of the game are replays of the crime scene . The more clues about the crime you have, the more you discover the truth of the crime. With this dymaic, the story can play out multiple ways, giving days worth of replay.

With so many games coming out, and with the increasing improvements to both game engines and graphics, the future of gaming is looking bright and promising. With so many games adding co-op options, this is the year to play with friends. With this long list of new and exciting choices, 2016 is shaping up to be a great year in PC gaming.

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