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Meet the best AoE characters for your team!

Big numbers in a big area?

If you’ve ever watched a Collected Miscellany video from Genshin Impact’s YouTube channel, chances are you’ve heard the term “AoE” quite a lot. 

Now, for seasoned gamers, the concept for AoE isn’t unfamiliar. But just in case: Area of Effect or AoE is a specific area on the ground where a character may take or deal damage, get buffs, debuffs, or heal. In Genshin Impact, it’s mostly used to describe characters who can deal damage within an area. 

In this article, these 5-star characters will be ranked strictly by their AoE damage-dealing capabilities. 


5. Albedo

Albedo elemental burst animation

During his first run at version 1.2, he was mostly snubbed for a certain someone further down this list. But even then, his ability to provide top-tier support was certainly recognized. The chief alchemist of Mondsadt — the Kreideprinz — Albedo, is a sword-wielding, Geo Vision holder. His main source of damage comes from his elemental skill and burst.

What Makes Albedo Great for AoE

  • A massive area for his elemental skill 
  • Can deal damage while off the field
  • Easily to build
  • Low CD skill
  • Good energy generation
  • Low energy cost for burst

His elemental skill Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma, summons a field that deals additional Geo damage every 2 seconds whenever enemies inside the area are attacked. The entire field lasts for 30 seconds and there is a short 4-second cooldown after summoning. This skill scales off DEF, which is an artifact stat majority will have on-hand, making him easy to build. 

His elemental burst Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide deals a substantial amount of AoE damage on the first hit, and 7 Fatal Blossoms will deal additional damage right after. This burst only costs 40 energy to activate. This, coupled with Albedo being a great Geo energy battery makes his burst very, very spammable. His burst can be used well to interrupt smaller mobs — and if you’re lucky — big monsters like mitachurls or lawachurls.

Elemental reaction-wise, there isn’t much going on for Geo, shields are the only thing it offers. However, Geo resonance received a slight buff in 1.3, making Albedo a good teammate in double Geo comps. This doesn’t mean that he can’t fit anywhere else. In fact, I’d argue he has a place in any team.


4. Keqing

Keqing elemental burst animation

Keqing is the Yuheng of Liyue Qixing. Straightforward, business-minded, and cut differently from the rest compared to your average, Rex Lapis-loving Liyue citizen — on the outside, at least. She’s a flexible character that can be built for both physical DPS or Electro Burst DPS. For good AoE, you’d want to build her as the latter. Her elemental burst, Starward Sword, hits the enemy 8 times, with the last one doing the most damage.

What Makes Keqing Great for AoE

  • Low energy cost for elemental burst
  • Low CD
  • Crit damage bonus stat after ascensions
  • At Ascension 4, crit chance and energy recharge is increased after using her elemental burst

Her low energy cost, low cooldown, and increased energy recharge make her burst spammable. This makes her a hard-hitter with AoE electro damage. Additionally, her crit damage bonus stat makes it easier to get those sweet crit numbers. While she’s good at dealing a lot of damage on single targets, her capability to hurt mobs isn’t anything to scoff at either.

The only thing really holding her back is her Electro Vision. As of right now, there isn’t an elemental reaction that uses Electro that’s as strong as Melt or Vaporize. But, this 1.6 update gave the rest of these elemental reactions their much-needed TLC.


3. Xiao

Xiao elemental burst

He is the last-living Yaksha to roam the streets of Liyue. Even before his eventual release in 1.3, he already had a lot of fans waiting for him to drop expecting him to be a strong unit. And for the majority, he did not disappoint.  Being one of the “Liyue Big 3”, Xiao lives up to his title as the Conqueror of Demons due to his damage-dealing capabilities. 

What Makes Xiao Great for AoE

  • Very consistent DPS during his burst
  • The plunge attacks dealt during the elemental burst deals wide AoE Anemo damage

The Vigilant Yaksha’s main selling point is his elemental burst, Bane of All Evil. It infuses all of his melee attacks into Anemo, increases his jump height, and deals high amounts of plunge damage within an area. With a pretty straightforward kit, there isn’t much about to say about the hidden protector of Liyue: big numbers within a big area that wipes out mobs swiftly and easily. 

As for elemental reactions, it’s best to pair him with a support that can apply elements even when they’re off the field for the Swirl reaction. Swirl got a pretty big buff in 1.6, making Xiao even stronger than he was before.

With his strength comes caveats, of course. It’s important to pair him with a healer on your team since his elemental burst drains HP to increase his damage output. He’s also very squishy and easily interruptible, so you might want to consider adding someone that can shield him from outside attacks. 


2. Ganyu

Ganyu elemental burst and charged attack

Her banner came right after Albedo’s, and if I may be so bold, this half-adeptus cutie is the reason the majority of the Genshin community ignored the Kreideprinz — and for good reason! 

Ganyu is a Cryo bow user and the secretary at Yuehai Pavilion. She is considered by players as one of the “Liyue Big 3”, meaning 3 of the hardest-hitting characters from Liyue along with Hu Tao and Xiao. Her charged attacks are her main source of damage.

What Makes Ganyu Great for AoE

  • The level 2 charged attacks have high multipliers and hit multiple enemies
  • Elemental skill explosion deals considerable Cryo damage
  • Her elemental burst has a large AoE, also dealing consistent Cryo damage to enemies
  • Crit damage bonus stat after ascensions
  • High base attack

It’s a no-brainer that Ganyu is one of the best characters when it comes to dealing with mobs. Her level 2 charged attacks can deal the amount of damage that other characters’ elemental burst does. This makes her a cheap investment that can dish out big numbers. 

Ganyu’s elemental skill, Trail of the Qilin, taunts mobs and explodes after a certain time or when broken, dealing AoE Cryo damage. This makes it easier and faster to aim and finish enemies. Her elemental burst, Celestial Shower, rains ice shards that deal continuous Cryo damage lasts for 15 seconds and has a pretty large area. This elemental burst is nearly not as spammable as Keqing’s or Albedo’s. But the 20% Cryo damage bonus, if you’re in the burst area, makes for quick enemy clean-up. 

She can stand well alone, but to get those ridiculous numbers it’s best to run her with a character who can consistently apply Pyro for the Melt reaction. Ganyu is made to battle enemies from a distance, so positioning and good aim are vital to get the most out of her skills.


1. Tartaglia

Tartaglia domain run

Tartaglia of the Fatui Harbingers was first introduced in Version 1.1 and recently had his rerun in 1.4. This Hydro bow user is highly regarded as the AoE God in the community. His entire kit was designed for mobs and his DPS skyrockets the bigger the mob. Tartaglia’s thirst for battle is clearly seen in his skills as a unit.

What Makes Tartaglia Great for AoE

  • His melee stance hits multiple enemies
  • Attacking enemies with the Riptide effect stuns smaller enemies
  • Both of his elemental bursts have large AoE

His elemental skill, Foul Legacy: Raging Tide, transformshis bow stance into melee stance, turning all of his attacks to Hydro in the process. Hitting enemies with the Riptide mark (either by using charged shots or scoring crit hits in melee stance) will create a Riptide Slash that deals AoE Hydro damage. This Riptide Slash stuns smaller enemies, not giving them a chance to hurt you before you effectively delete them from existence. 

But keep in mind: the longer you stay in this stance the longer the cooldown.

His elemental burst, Havoc: Obliteration, has two forms: bow stance and melee stance. In his bow stance, he deals a considerable amount of Hydro AoE damage and applies the Riptide effect to enemies. This also returns a portion of his energy. 

The melee form of his elemental burst deals a massive amount of damage in a larger AoE compared to his bow form. Hitting enemies with the Riptide effect with this elemental burst triggers a Hydro explosion that deals additional AoE damage. 

Without C6, it’s important to run him with a sub-DPS to make up for his elemental skill when it’s on cooldown. So play him smart and play him quick. Unless you’re one of those people who want to build his normal attacks as well — if that’s the case — I fear you. 



While there are surely more characters to come in the future with good AoE capabilities like Kazuha later in 1.6, it’s good to remember your options for clearing out mobs in the best way possible. With the upcoming Inazuma region and the rumored release of the Chasm, the possibilities of future character kits are endless.

Which character do you think is the best in terms of AoE damage? Start a conversation by sharing this article. 

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