[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Fire Characters That Are Great

Loyal and passionate, the burning determination of Pyro vision wielders shows in combat.

Who do you consider as the best Pyro character in the game? 

When a god recognizes a dweller in Teyvat, they receive a Vision, which allows them to resonate with one of the seven elements: Anemo, Geo, Electro, Dendro, Pyro, Cryo, and Hydro. Except for the Archons and the Traveler, a Vision is how playable characters in Genshin Impact harness elemental energy and use their abilities. 

Among them are Pyro Vision wielders. As the name suggests, characters with this Vision resonate with fire. These are arguably the biggest damage dealers in the game. So don’t just put your Pyro characters in your team to light torches, campfires, or cooking pots. 

Many characters have been granted a Pyro Vision. But for now, let's focus on five of the best Pyro characters and learn why they're so great.

5. Bennett

Universal support Bennett 

Rarity: Four-Star

Weapon: Sword

Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge

Despite his adventure team constantly leaving him due to his run-ins with misfortune, many players love to include Bennett in their team because of his broken abilities. 

Bennett may not be the biggest damage dealer out of all Pyro characters, but he shines as a sub-DPS and support. Press his Elemental Skill, "Passion Overload," once, and his strike will include a Pyro DMG with two elemental particles being generated as a bonus. 

Holding this skill can result in different effects based on how long it's charged up. At level one, Bennett's Elemental Skill would strike twice. Each of them dealing Pyro DMG and can launch opponents. Once you release at level two, it will unleash three consecutive attacks that will deal an impressive Pyro DMG. 

However, the last attack can also explode and launch you to the great beyond if you hold it long enough, but it can be solved after unlocking his fourth constellation.   

But the reason why he is such a fantastic pyro character is the heal and attack buff provided by his Elemental Burst, "Fantastic Voyage." 

If characters in your party are below 70% HP, hop inside his burst's AOE to regenerate your HP for 12 seconds. His restored health scales off Bennett's HP and the talent level of Fantastic Voyage, giving you a heal of 13.50% of his HP with an additional 1703 at the maximum level. 

What happens if the character's health within the AOE of Fantastic Voyage is higher than 70%? Their total ATK increases depending on Bennett's Base ATK. 

His constellations mainly provide the usual maximum upgrade for his Elemental Skill and Burst, but some are notable. Like his first constellation. When activated, the Attack Increase for his burst will no longer have an HP restriction while also providing an additional 20% of Bennet's Base Attack. 

Activating his second constellation will increase his Energy Recharge by 30% once his HP falls below 70%. 

Bennett's C4 will solve his launching problem as it allows Passion Overload to deal the same damage for Charge Level 2 at only Charge Level 1. Simply charge your Elemental Skill to level 1, then spam your Normal Attack as you let go. This gives an additional 135% damage scaled from the second attack DMG.

Lastly, his sixth constellation will give Sword, Claymore, and Polearm wielding teammates inside his burst's AOE an additional 15% Pyro DMG Bonus and infuse their weapons with Pyro. This limits your team comps for Bennett because it overrides Elemental Infusions and destroys Elemental Reactions  

Once a constellation is activated, you can never go back. So unless you want to get rid of his versatility for good, do not activate his sixth constellation.  

What Makes Bennett Great:

  • Low-cost character that can be found in any banner.
  • Low cooldowns. 
  • His elemental skill can unleash up to three consecutive attacks with Pyro DMG.
  • His elemental burst heals and gives an attack bonus. 

4. Xiangling 

A chef with a literal god for a sidekick

Rarity: Four Star

Weapon: Polearm 

Bonus Stat: Elemental Mastery 

Perhaps one of the best budget characters in the game, Xiangling offers skills beyond the kitchen. With the help of her friend and assistant, Guoba the Panda (who is, by the way, a weakened form of the Stove God), the head chef of the Wangmin restaurant approaches the battlefield the same way she does for cooking, brimming with a fiery passion.

Her elemental skill will summon Guoba, who will continuously breathe fire at opponents and deal AoE Pyro DMG four times. If her first constellation is activated, affected enemies will lose Pyro resistance by 15% for six seconds. Whenever Guoba's fire hits an opponent, he can generate one elemental particle. 

At level 20, you can unlock Xiangling's Passive Talent, increasing Guoba's attack to hit in a 5-meter long cone forward and an approximately 1.5 diameter radius. Due to this limitation, make sure that Guoba faces the right target when you summon him. 

Unlocking Xiangling's second passive talent at level 60 will cause Guoba to leave a chili pepper after his attack. It will remain on the field for ten seconds or until an active character touches it, which will result in their Attack boost increasing by 10% for ten seconds.

When her elemental burst or ult is activated, a Pyronado will start swirling around Xiangling. This tornado infused with fire will move with your character, even after switching out to another member in your party. Each hit will deal Pyro DMG and set your surroundings on fire. After activating her sixth constellation, all party members receive a 15% Pyro Bonus. 

Since all her elemental abilities infuse Pyro Damage, Xiangling works best in team compositions with different elements where elemental reactions can take place. Build up her elemental mastery and energy recharge, and you'll build up a powerful and consistent Elemental Reaction damage dealer. 

What Makes Xiangling Great:

  • A free character in the "Spiral Abyss Event: People's Choice" that can be accessed after reaching Adventure Rank 20. 
  • A powerful pyro support for elemental reactions. 
  • Pyronado does a lot of damage

3. Naganohara Yoimiya

Yoimiya can turn summers on Narukami island special

Rarity: Five star

Weapon: Bow

Bonus Stat: Crit Rate

The talented pyrotechnician of Naganohara Fireworks perfectly matches her Vision in every way. With her solid abilities and fierceness, Yoimiya can set the battlefield ablaze as much as her colorful fireworks. 

She can constantly fire speedy arrows up to five times. Charging her attacks will allow flames to accumulate on the arrowhead, and it would have different effects based on how long you hold it. It will only fire off one flaming arrow that deals with Pyro DMG at level one. 

Hold your attack until level two, and it will generate up to three Kindling Arrows that can home in on targets such as enemies, wildlife, torches, hay bales, and berries. 

Fire off flaming arrows after activating her elemental skill to increase Attack damage and infuse Pyro DMG for ten seconds. At this time, Pyro arrows will deactivate for the second level of her charge attacks, but the consecutive Pyro-infused shots make up for it. 

However, you might want to include a shield unit while her skill is activated, as she doesn't have resistance to interruption. Without a shield, you'll lose two seconds of your uptime. 

No attack reflects Yoimiya's bright and lively personality more than her Elemental Burst, Ryuukin Saxifrage. Ryuukin Saxifrage launches the bow user into the air to fire rockets that appear like fireworks. This will deal AoE Pyro DMG and mark one opponent with Aurous Blaze.

Enemies with this mark will be affected by AoE Pyro damage. It will also explode when hit by any attack by other team members aside from Yoimiya. After the marked enemy's defeat, the effect will be transferred to a nearby opponent until its remaining duration or until she's down. The explosion of her ult will only occur every two seconds. 

Yoimiya is a character that needs a relatively decent amount of energy for her Elemental Burst, which requires 60 energy to activate. However, she's also a powerful unit that can make swift attacks inflicted with Pyro, resulting in powerful reactions that makes her ideal to pair up with other elements. As long as a team member help her generate a lot of energy particles, you should have no trouble after.

What Makes Yoimiya Great:

  • Speedy and powerful range attacks.
  • Low-cost Elemental Burst 
  • Crit Rate increases with Ascension
  • Normal attacks become flaming arrows with her elemental burst, increasing its damage and converting it to Pyro Dmg. 

2. Diluc Ragnvindr

The hero Mondstadt deserves, but not the one it needs. 

Rarity: Five Star

Weapon: Claymore

Bonus Stat:  Crit Rate

A businessman in the morning and a protector-vigilante at night, the Darknight Hero keeps Mondstadt safe from any threat. No, not Batman. Although, fans of the franchise have dubbed Diluc Ragnvindr as such. As the owner of Dawn Winery and Angel Share, Diluc's wealth remains unmatched in Mondstadt. However, the same can be said for his fighting abilities. 

His fighting style can be described as consistent and straightforward, making him an ideal unit for beginners. Use his normal attack to perform four consecutive strikes. At the end of the sequence, he will perform a more powerful slash that will deal more damage. Charging his normal attack can even break shields. 

When his elemental skill is activated, it will imbue your weapon with Pyro and deal Pyro DMG for three consecutive strikes. Each strike will also generate up to four elemental particles. It has no internal cooldown, which means you can trigger reactions during his combos in quick succession. However, if it's not cast within five seconds, it will enter cooldown. 

Activate his elemental burst, and he will summon a Phoenix that will fly forwards that will deal massive Pyro DMG and knockback nearby enemies in its way. The Phoenix will explode once it reaches its destination and causes another impressive AoE Pyro DMG. 

This will also infuse Diluc's weapon with Pyro that will remain throughout its intended duration, even if you swap to another character and go back to Diluc. His passive talents and constellations further improve his abilities' stats and cooldowns, but it does help him remain as an unstoppable Pyro DPS character in the game. 

What Makes Diluc Great:

  • Available in both Standard Wish banner and Character Event Wishes. 
  • Beginner-friendly playstyle
  • Deals devastating damage to all kinds of enemies
  • His weapon can be infused with Pyro, allowing his combos to create repeated elemental reactions.

1. Hu Tao

Hu Tao looking forward to having more clients

Rarity: Five Star

Weapon: Pole Arm 

Bonus Stat: Crit Damage

Despite her quirkiness and love of pranks, many players of Genshin Impact can't wait for Hu Tao's next banner rerun, even though we just had her rerun in November 2021. The current director of the Wangsheng Funeral Director is not just one of the greatest damage dealers for Pyro but also out of all Vision wielders in the game. 

Hu Tao can infuse Pyro DMG to her Normal Attacks using her Elemental Skill for a price. For a portion of her HP, she will enter the Paramita Papillio state. This allows her to apply Pyro on her weapon that cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion and increase her ATK based on her HP. It will also increase her resistance to interruption.

If her charged attacks hit anyone, it will apply the Blood Blossom effect. This effect will inflict Pyro DMG every four seconds for nine seconds and can be refreshed by another charged attack from Hu Tao. 

You want to keep her HP as low as possible without leaving her too vulnerable, especially during her Elemental Burst, as it can deal up to 735% skill damage during this state. Hu Tao's Pyro DMG Bonus will also increase by 33% if her HP is equal to or less than 50%, thanks to the passive talent that can be unlocked at level 60.

What if her HP is too low? Activate her Elemental Burst, and you can heal Hu Tao enough that she retains her Low HP buff. Aside from a massive Pyro DMG and heals, her ult will also apply the Blood Blossom effect when her second constellation is unlocked. 

Even without any constellations, Hu Tao can already sustain a high DMG through ascension, weapons, artifacts, and talent upgrades. However, she has some notable constellations that are useful if you have the money to spare. 

This includes her second constellation mentioned earlier. Aside from applying Blood Blossom to her burst, it will also increase the effect's damage by an equal to 10% of Hu Tao's current Max HP. With her fourth constellation, Hu Tao and her party members would have a 12% increase in their Crit Rate for 15 seconds. 

Her last constellation would only trigger when her HP drops below 25% or suffers a lethal strike. This helps her avoid her defeat from the damage she sustained. Additionally, her Elemental and Physical resistance would increase by 200% and her Crit Rate by 100% for the next ten seconds. During this time, her resistance to interruption would also greatly increase. The effects of this constellation can only occur once every 60 seconds. 

What Makes Hu Tao Great:

  • Extremely powerful character even at Constellation 0. 
  • A lower HP can further increase her power. 
  • Possesses talents that increase her buffs. 

I know what you're thinking: "You're wrong" or "Why isn't [insert your favorite Pyro character] on this list?" 

As with any character, narrowing down the best characters with a Pyro Vision can be complicated, especially with many more characters appearing in the future. What turns these characters into these amazing warriors on the battlefield goes beyond their base attacks and ascensions. You also have to invest in their weapons, artifacts, and talents. 

The truth is, as long as you work hard to make them the best, any Pyro character can be number one on this list. Ascending your characters to level 80, giving them the best weapons and artifacts, and crowning their talents can come a long way to make them a fearsome foe in battle. 

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