[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Bennett Builds

Genshin Impact best builds for Bennett
"Benny's Adventure Team, assemble!"

The leader of the “Benny’s Adventure Team” from the Adventurer’s Guild – Bennett is a 4-star Pyro character in Genshin Impact. He is an honest and good-natured adventurer who is well known for his extreme unluckiness. His unluckiness brought misfortune to him and the people around him, and because of that, people tend to keep their distance from him. However, that is not the case when it comes to players since Bennett is one of the most wanted 4-star characters because of his support capabilities.

Bennett can heal everyone that is in his Elemental Burst while buffing them up through his base attack. That being said, there are still some players who tried to use him as a DPS, and he surprisingly delivers! With his versatility, there’s no wonder a lot of people have been wanting to own and get multiple copies of him. In building Bennett, players need to determine whether he’ll be a support or a DPS (sub and main). After determining his role, next would be the artifacts. 

If you want to use Bennett’s potential as a support, he’ll help improve your team’s damage output even further with the help of the 4-piece Noblesse Oblige which gives your team an additional 20% attack. Keep in mind that this effect cannot stack with another 4-piece Noblesse Oblige. If you also want to help Bennett increase his healing capabilities, you might want to use a circlet with a Healing Bonus main stat and/or a goblet with HP main stat. Energy Recharge is also a must for Bennett, to increase the uptime of his support capabilities, you may want to use a weapon and a Sands piece that gives Energy Recharge. Bennett’s first constellation is also a huge addition to his support capabilities since he can now boost every teammate without worrying about any health requirements.

As opposed to a support Bennett which performs good at Zero constellations but even better at First constellation, a DPS Bennett might require a lot more investment. Not only with his constellations, but also with his artifacts since it's known within the community that crit stat pieces are quite rare. Some people have tried using a Bennett with Six Constellations as a DPS and called him a Juggernaut because of the damage he deals. For a DPS Bennett, you have a lot of artifact set options. 

First is the 4-set Crimson Witch of Flame due to his short Elemental Skill cooldown which is required for this set’s bonus. Next is the 2-piece Crimson Witch of Flame, paired with either a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige or 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale/Shimenawa’s Reminiscence for a huge boost not only in his Pyro attacks but also in his overall damage. With the artifacts quite settled, let us now discuss the weapons that you can use for Bennett. 

5. Favonius Sword

Bennett using Favonius Sword

What Favonius Sword excels in:

  • Has a high energy recharge sub stat.
  • Passive also generates elemental particles.
  • Obtained through gacha, present on all banners.

The Favonius Sword takes the last spot on this list due to its base attack, but when it comes to energy recharge, this weapon gives the highest among all the weapons in this list. It also gives extra elemental particles by dealing critical damage. Chances of gaining extra elemental particles are at 60% to 100% based on refinement rank and have a cooldown from 12 seconds to 6 seconds. This weapon is for support Bennett but people seldom use this weapon because of the requirement to generate the extra particles.

Build Details: 

  • An ideal weapon for a support-built Bennett because of its high Energy Recharge.
  • If you can reach above 200% Energy Recharge, you may want to run an HP goblet artifact in order to increase healing.


4. Festering Desire

Bennett uses the Festering Desire

What Festering Desire Excels in:

  • Free-to-play, Limited.
  • Gives energy recharge sub stat.
  • Gives a high base attack.
  • Passive increases both Crit Rate and Crit Damage.

One of the reasons why people seldom use the previous weapon (the Favonius Sword) is because the Festering Desire came to the game in patch 1.2 as a reward for completing the event quests. The weapon can be used for both a DPS and a support Bennett. Since people can max-refine this weapon through other event rewards, they automatically get a 12% crit rate and 32% crit damage with their Elemental Skill, which is good if you want to use Bennett as a DPS. Just pair him with Chongyun or other Cryo supports to help him increase his damage output further through the melt. 

Festering Desire also gives a 510 base attack which is a little higher compared to other easy-to-get weapons, as well as a 45.9% energy recharge sub-stat which makes this weapon more usable than other weapons back then. I still use this weapon on Bennett until now, but I believe other characters can use this due to its DPS capabilities.

Build Details:

  • Good for both DPS and support built Bennett.
  • If you want a support Bennett, aim for at least 200% Energy Recharge, if you are able to attain such stats even without the Sands of Eon piece, go for HP goblet for greater healing potential.
  • If you are building a DPS Bennett with Festering Desire, go for either 4-set Crimson Witch of Flames or 2-piece Crimson Witch of Flames and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale/Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.
  • Artifact main-stats for a DPS Bennett for Sands, Goblet, and Circlet pieces are Attack Percentage, Pyro Damage Bonus, and Crit-rate or Crit-damage respectively. For substats aim for Energy Recharge and Crit stats.


3. The Alley Flash

Bennett shows unleashes his potential using The Alley Flash

What The Alley Flash Excels  in:

  • Has the highest base attack among all 4-star weapons.
  • Grants Elemental Mastery
  • Suitable for DPS Bennett with melt comp.

The Alley Flash came to the game on patch 1.4 together with Venti’s rerun. At first, people did not pay much attention to this weapon, but when they found out that it gives 620 base attacks, which is higher than some 5-star weapons, it quickly became his best 4-star weapon. Whether you are Bennett as a DPS or support, you’d probably want to use The Alley Flash because of its base attack. 

Bennett’s damage boost on his Elemental Burst scales off of his overall base attack, meaning the weapon’s stats and his attack stats only, not counting the artifacts and other buffs. If you are going to use this weapon on Bennett, you can use an energy recharge sand artifact piece to boost his Elemental Burst uptime. That goes for both DPS and support Bennett. If you want to use this weapon on a DPS Bennett, you might want to check your team composition since it gives you 55 elemental mastery. Pair Bennett with someone who can constantly apply Cryo such as Chongyun and Diona for more melt procs.

Build Details: 

  • For a support  build, use a Sands piece with Energy Recharge main stats, a Goblet with HP main-stat, and a circlet with Healing Bonus main stat. It is ideal to have at least 200% Energy Recharge.
  • For a DPS build with The Alley Flash, you might want to try melt comp to take advantage of bonus Elemental Mastery. It's also a good idea to have Chongyun in your party for faster melt-procs.
  • For DPS artifacts, try to get Elemental Mastery sub-stats, Attack Percentage Sands, Pyro Damage Bonus Goblet, and a Crit-rate/Crit-damage Circlet.


2. Skyward Blade

Bennett can do all the work with Skyward Blade

What Skyward Blade Excels in:

  • Gives a high base attack.
  • Has an energy recharge sub stat.
  • Increases Crit Rate.
  • Passive enables DPS to build for Bennett.

This weapon, despite having a little lower base attack than The Alley Flash, is still one of Bennett’s best weapons because it has almost everything Bennett can ask for. Skyward Blade gives 608 attack stats for its main-stat, and 55.1% energy recharge at level 90, which is highly balanced in Bennett’s case. The passive of this weapon is also quite usable on a DPS Bennett, especially at constellation six which converts all melee attacks to Pyro if you are willing to sacrifice the bonus that Bennett might give to other elements and Physical  Damage Dealers. 

Skyward Blade’s passive gives you a 4% to 8% crit rate based on the refinement rank of the weapon. When Bennett uses his Elemental Burst, he also receives a 10% boost in both attack and movement speed and an additional 20% to 40% boost on normal and charged attack damage.

Build Details:

  • Has high base-attack which makes it suitable for both DPS and support Bennett. 
  • For support, if you have over 200% Energy Recharge, go for  HP main-stat Sands and Goblet paired with a Healing Bonus Circlet to boost healing potential.
  • For DPS, go for Attack, Pyro Damage Bonus, and Crit-rate/Crit-damage main-stats Sands, Goblet, and Circlet. If possible, aim for 1:2 crit-stats ratio, If not, 1:2 ratio is fine.



1. Aquila Favonia/Primordial Jade Cutter

This number one spot is comprised of two different weapons for different roles on Bennett. One is for a DPS while the other one is for a support Bennett. We’ll start with the best support Bennett weapon, the Aquila Favonia. 

Bennett bringing out the best out of everyone using Aquila Favonia


What Aquila Favonia Excels in:

  • Has one of the highest base attacks among the weapons on this list.
  • Heals the user while dealing AoE damage to enemies.

Since Bennett boosts his teammates’ attack through his attack stat (the one in white text), and the weapon’s base attack, it’s a good idea to equip him with the weapon with the highest attack stat possible – Aquila Favonia is one of the two weapons to have such a high base attack. If you want to use this weapon, you should go for an Energy Recharge main stat, a goblet with HP main stat, and a circlet with a Healing Bonus main stat.

Nothing much can be said about this weapon’s sub stat since it gives a 41.% Physical Damage Bonus which is quite unusable for Bennett unless you want to use him as a DPS. Despite this weapon being his best support weapon, it still doesn’t remove Bennett’s DPS capability when equipped with Aquila Favonia. The weapon’s passive is good for both roles since it enhances Bennett’s attack for 20% to 40% based on the refinement rank of the weapon and heals the user for 100% to 160% while dealing 200% to 320% AoE damage whenever you take damage every 15 seconds.

Build Details:

  • Has high base-attack, suitable for a support Bennett to boost attack.
  • Good for DPS Bennett but only for C5 and below due to the Physical Damage Bonus sub-stat which becomes pretty useless on C6 because Bennett’s attack will be infused by Pyro.
  • For support, if you have over 200% Energy Recharge, go for  HP main-stat Sands and Goblet paired with a Healing Bonus Circlet to boost healing potential.
  • For DPS, go for Attack, Pyro Damage Bonus, and Crit-rate/Crit-damage main-stats Sands, Goblet, and Circlet. If possible, aim for 1:2 crit-stats ratio, If not, 1:2 ratio is fine.


Next is the weapon that works best on DPS builds, the weapon with the highest crit rate sub stat available in-game. One of the best weapons for a DPS Bennett – the Primordial Jade Cutter.


Bennett Carrying the team using Primordial Jade Cutter

What Primordial Jade Cutter excels in:

  • Gives a quite high base attack.
  • Gives a lot of crit rate through sub stat.
  • Increases HP.
  • Increases attack based on HP.

Primordial Jade cutter is a great weapon for a DPS-built Bennett due to its high crit rate. However, similar to the Aquila Favonia, this doesn’t mean that this weapon will lock Bennett’s role to being a DPS. The weapon gives 20% to 40% increased HP while also giving an attack based on 1.2% to 2.4% of the user’s HP meaning, it increases Bennett’s healing and increases his attack.

The weapon gives 542 base attack stat and 44.1% crit rate at level 90. If you want to use this weapon on a DPS Bennett, you’d probably want to run him with Chongyun or Diona to increase the elemental reaction occurrence and their damage output.

Build Details:

  • Great weapon for support Bennett if you are not using this weapon on another unit, the HP boost will enhance Bennett’s healing potential and the higher-than-average base-attack will make him boost the party’s damage further.
  • For DPS build, go for Attack, Pyro Damage Bonus, and Crit-rate main-stats Sands, Goblet, and Circlet. You’d be able to easily reach 1:3 crit-stat ratio with this weapon because of the high crit-rate sub-stat. The lack in Attack base-stat can be supplemented by using 2 Pyro element characters to activate Pyro Resonance.


Bonus Weapon: Mistsplitter Reforged

There’s a newly released weapon called the Mistsplitter Reforged which came out along with Ayaka’s banner, and a lot of people say that it is his best DPS weapon, we’ll discuss it here in our “Bonus Section”.

Bennett tearing everything apart using Mistsplitter Reforged

What Mistsplitter Reforged Excels in:

  • Has the highest base attack, along with Aquila Favonia.
  • Gives Crit damage sub stat.
  • Enhances all elemental damages.
  • Attacks are further boosted based when certain conditions are met.

Are you one of the people who “accidentally” activated Bennett’s constellation six? Well, this weapon might be able to solve your problem, and even if your Bennett isn’t constellation 6 yet, you can still use this weapon for a DPS Bennett. The weapon has 674 base attack stat and 44.1% Crit Damage sub stat at level 90. One of the passive’s effects gives 12% to 24% elemental damage on all elements, refinement ranks 1 and 5 respectively. Mistsplitter Reforged also requires the user’s normal attack to deal elemental damage to gain a “Mistsplitter Emblem”. This emblem increases elemental damages by 8%/16%/28% at refinement rank 1 and 16%/32%/56% at refinement rank 5.

If you’ve activated Bennett’s constellation six and want to use him as a DPS, you may go with Xingqiu as his support to constantly deal elemental damage through elemental reactions. If you are below constellation six, Chongyun will be a good support unit too since melt reaction yields higher damage than vaporize. The other two conditions for obtaining Mistsplitter Emblems are casting Elemental Burst or when the energy is less than 100%. 

It has been mentioned that this weapon is perfect for a constellation six Bennett, and from where I see it, it also comes as a part of his unluckiness. Activating constellation six Bennett limits your damage boost to Pyro characters only, but it doesn’t make Bennett unusable. It makes him better with the right build. 

Build Details:

  • Can be used for a support Bennett, but more advisable to use on a DPS Bennett.
  • MIstsplitter Reforged is a good weapon for a C6 DPS Bennett because of its Weapon Ability or Passive that gives bonus stats for infused weapons. This weapon also has a great base-attack and crit-damage substat which makes it easier to build.
  • If you do not own C6 Bennett, a party with Chongyun might be good enough, especially considering the ease in melt-procs. 
  • For artifacts, Sands, Goblet, and Circlet pieces are Attack Percentage, Pyro Damage Bonus, and Crit-rate respectively. For substats aim for Energy Recharge and Crit stats.  If you are able to reach 1:2 or 1:3 crit-stats ratio, you’ll have a godly build for Bennett with this weapon


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