Genshin Impact How To Hit A Falcon

If you've heard about the Falcon Achievement but don't know how to do it, we'll tell you about it!

Why is it important how to hit a falcon?

Sometimes, there are some secret and unexpected Achievements that you can only find out about if you search for them, someone tells you about them, or if you’re messing around and lucky enough to discover one!

If you hit a falcon, you’ll be rewarded with a secret Achievement and some primogems!

How to hit a falcon in Genshin Impact?

  • The easiest way is by going to an isolated island in Liyue.
  • Go to Yaoguang Shoat teletransporter and go to the small island right next to it. You’ll know which one is because it has a heart-shaped rock.
  • Add to your party a bow character, climb the big rock and calculate the exact time to hit the falcon.
  • Once you hit it, you’ll get the achievement!

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