[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Characters to Farm Wood

Yes, there's a difference.

Do you switch to a particular character to farm wood?

Genshin Impact is a game known for its beautiful open world, great combat mechanic, and profound lore. However, this massive game goes beyond farming for materials and artifacts or fighting bosses. It also offers mini-games where you can occasionally relax and take a break from the endless grind.

Of course, these games also offer rewards that help with the grind, but at least it’s not fighting Azhdaha for the nth time.

The game can often be creative with events like the lantern shadow puzzle, where you rotate an object until it casts a shadow of a familiar shape. There are also games with familiar mechanics, like Wind trace, which is similar to prop hunt, the DDR-rhythm games, and the arcade barista game that may have reminded you of the old flash game, Bartender: The Right Mix.

Outside the limited events, you also have fishing. This mini-game has a mechanic that may remind you of Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley. If you also like playing The Sims but only like the decorating aspect, Genshin Impact has the Serenitea Pot.

The Serenitea Pot is another realm you can access after completing an archon quest. It’s basically an empty map that you can decorate, garden, and raise a fish. You can also place your characters there to increase your friendship level and would give out Primogems if they’re near their preferred furniture sets.

As you craft new furnishings, your teapot level will get higher. This will give you access to more goods at the store like resin, XP books, Mora, and weapon ores. Building furniture would be easy, but the catch is you have to gather the materials yourself. One of the major materials you’ll be needing is wood.

Wood can come from different trees all over Teyvat and can be obtained by hitting a tree with a Normal or Charged attack. However, attacks from Catalysts and Bow will do nothing. Keep in mind that trees won’t produce lumber when hit by characters with element-infused weapons like Diluc, Noelle, and Chongyun.

You’re also going to need a lot of lumber, which may take months of effort. Fortunately, we have these characters to cut the time needed for this job.

5. Keqing

An overachiever in everything she does, even gathering wood.

Keqing has a simple Charged attack that would unleash two rapid sword strikes for a certain amount of stamina. However, if you’re not too keen on spending too much stamina, you can still do her Normal attacks, which allows her to perform up to five rapid strikes.

Keep in mind that her first attack is short, and her jab is narrow. She would also move forward a lot and even somewhat teleport forward at her fifth strike so that you might end up clipping into the tree from time to time. However, this is just a minor convenience that won’t affect the amount of wood you’ll gather. Don’t pass up on one of the fastest characters for this task.

What makes Keqing Great for Farming Wood:

  • Fast Attacks

4. Rosaria

A sister of the church who can also get lumber for you

Rosaria can do quick, consecutive attacks with her spear up to five times. Her attack speed can even increase by 10% at her first constellation. This means she can gather wood as much as the tree allows faster than other characters in this game. Since she uses a polearm, she can also reach trees from a comfortable distance.

You can still use her Charged attack, but you might prefer to just go for her Normal attack for gathering wood. When Rosaria uses her Charged attack, she will lunge forward, which may damage opponents but would be a waste of stamina while gathering wood. Attacking normally would just lead her to do some slashing and would not need much stamina.

Overall, you’d want to use Rosaria for farming wood because of her speed and ease of use.               

What makes Rosaria Great for Farming Wood:

  • Fast attacks
  • Easy to use
  • Long reach

3. Arataki Itto

The one and Oni character who can give you more wood.

Itto can swing his weapon faster than most Claymore users, especially after gaining Superlative Superstrength Stacks. However, you can’t activate this unless his attacks hit an opponent. So, you can’t take advantage of his Superstrength Stacks unless you happen to be fighting while gathering wood. Still, his Normal attacks aren’t that bad for farming wood.

What makes Itto different is that he possesses a Utility Talent called Woodchuck Chucked. This allows party members to have a 25% chance to obtain an additional log of wood.  He doesn’t even need to be the one doing the gathering.

To activate his talent, he just needs to be in the team. The talent even remains activated while Itto is down. So, you can just switch to another character to farm wood if you’re not into the slow attacks of a claymore user.

What makes Itto Great for Farming Wood:

  • Can move swiftly despite being a Claymore user
  • Grants a 25% chance of farming more wood

2. Thoma

This househusband can do anything, even farm wood faster than anyone.

The Chief Retainer of the Kamisato Clan doubles as a lumberjack and a direct upgrade for Rosaria. Thoma is also a Polearm user who can attack at a comfortable distance. Each strike is performed quickly and consistently, which allows you to gather wood fast. The only difference is that he can remain relatively stationary while attacking, so you won’t have to worry about repositioning him.

What makes Thoma Great for Farming Wood:

  • Fast attacks
  • Easy to use
  • Long reach
  • Stationary Attacks

1. Xingqiu

With a high Atk speed, he can make this monotonous task bearable

Xingqiu is one of the best characters for farming wood as he is consistent and easy to use. He can do relatively fast swings that can hit a wide range of targets, making it difficult to miss when attacking the tree. His relatively stationary attack animation also prevents him from moving forward, so you don’t need to adjust the hit position every time he swings.

If you want him to farm faster, you can do an animation cancel by dashing, jumping, or walking in the middle of the attack. Additionally, his bunny hops can make him move faster as you go from one tree to the next. 

What makes Xingqiu Great for Farming Wood:

  • Fast sword attacks
  • Steady attacks
  • Animation-cancel for faster farming
  • Good bunny hops for faster movement


Many players would choose characters who would choose characters with wide sweeping attacks to hit multiple trees. Unfortunately, trees would only drop one wood per attack, even after hitting multiple trees.

Of course, any character you’d want to use for farming wood is fine and valid. Personally, I use whoever is in my party because I don’t want to switch out characters just to gather wood. That’s just a few extra buttons to press, and I don’t mind taking the time to farm wood.

However, if you’re not too keen on doing this task, then why not try out the characters mentioned above. Overall, doing all of this work will be worth the trouble for the extra materials you’ll get for leveling up your characters.

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