Genshin Impact How To Host A Domain

If you don't know how to host your own domain, we'll tell you how to do it!

Why is it important how to host a domain?

Sometimes, you need a little bit of help to do some domains. When you need it but you don’t have any friends online, you can always host a domain and get helped by other players!

If you like to have the power to start the domain when you want or expel whoever you want, hosting your own domain it’s the better choice!

How to use resin in Genshin Impact?

  • Go to the domain you want to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s for artifacts, a boss, ascension objects…
  • Once you’re in, there’s a “co-op” option right next to the start button.
  • Press that choice and Genshin Impact will search for other players to do the same domain.

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