Genshin Impact How To Craft Weapons

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Weapons are very useful and if you did't know you can craft them, this is your place!

Weapons are an essential part of Genshin Impact since they will give to your characters most of the DMG. We know 5 stars are the best, but not everyone can always have what they want so MiHoyo gave us a way to have very good weapons: crafting!

If you didn’t know you could craft weapons, let us explain to you how to do it!

  • First, you need a prototype of the weapon you want to craft. Don’t worry, World Bosses like Dvalin or Boreas give them when you defeat them!
  • Once you have the prototype you need the materials the weapon needs! Go to the blacksmith, select the weapon you want and look what they ask for
  • Get those materials, go to the blacksmith again and craft them! You’ll have to wait a few minutes but not too much.
  • If you want to refine them you have to do the same process again.

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