[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Teams for Kaeya That Are Powerful!

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This blue haired man deserves all the love of the world an you know it! He deserves love, a team and so much more!

Kaeya is the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius. The first time you meet him is in the Prologue, Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind. 

He’s sarcastic but kind, two characteristics that charmed us the first time we saw him. Kaeya is also eccentric and full of secrets, but we also love that about him. His adoptive brother is Diluc and they have a complicated relationship, let’s call it like that.

Kaeya is a really flexible character when we talk about builds and roles, so let us show you some examples that we think are the best teams for him!

3. Kaeya, Ayaka, Venti and Kokomi

This team is for Permafrost lovers! If you love Permafrost and Kaeya this is your ideal team. This team has everything you need: supports, a healer, and a DPS.

Kaeya plays a support role in this team, but he’s one of the most important parts of the team. Let us tell you what they can do here!

  • Kaeya plays a support role because of his Elemental Burst. He can apply Cryo with his Elemental Skill too, but his Burst deals Cryo AoE DMG.
  • Ayaka will be your DPS here. She benefits a lot from Permafrost because she deals more DMG to frost enemies with the Blizzard Strayer set. She deals Cryo with her normal attacks while she has Kaeya’s Burst around her.
  • Venti is very important here because he can regroup enemies and deal Kokomi’s Hydro to make it easier for our Cryo characters to Permafrost them.
  • Kokomi, as you can guess, is very important. She’s the only Hydro character so she’s the only one in charge to deal Hydro and Permafrost enemies. Also, she can heal your party members and keep them safe while they’re fighting.

2. Kaeya, Chongyun, Xingqiu and Diona

This time, Kaeya plays a DPS role and, meanwhile, the rest of the members play supports roles. This team is for Permafrost fans, again. I’m sorry, but this elemental reaction is one of the best ones.

“Three supports? Are you insane?”, keep calm, Paimon. We know Kaeya deserves more but you can only have four party members so, yes, three supports for Kaeya! Now let us tell you what they do here!

  • Kaeya plays a DPS role here. He’s in charge to deal a lot of DMG with his normal attacks and his Elemental Skill and Burst since he has to deal Cryo DMG with those.
  • Chongyun is a support here. He deals Cryo AoE DMG to make it easier to frost enemies.
  • Xingqiu is the most important character here because, just like Kokomi, he’s the only Hydro character for the Permafrost. He deals Hydro DMG with his Elemental Skill and Burst and increases Kaeya’s DMG.
  • Diona is very important because she can shield and heal, two basic things in just one character. If you don’t have party members, you can’t defeat enemies so healers or shielders are very important!

1. Kaeya, Hu Tao, Xingqiu and Zhongli

We get it, you don’t like Permafrost. Then, let us present you a team for Melt fans! If you have a really strong Pyro character this team is perfect for you since these characters benefit a lot from this elemental reaction.

  • Kaeya plays a support role again. He just has to apply Cryo AoE with his Elemental Burst, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of DMG with his normal attacks.
  • Hu Tao is the star this time. She has to deal all the DMG with her normal attacks and her Elemental Skill and Burst. She has to have Kaeya’s Burst on her to do Melt.
  • Xingqiu increases Hu Tao’s DMG with his Elemental Burst and you can use him to Vaporize when you don’t have Kaeya’s Elemental Burst up. This team is very flexible for Pyro characters.
  • Zhongli will shield your party members. He’s our favourite character ever. Honestly, if you don’t have him, what are you waiting for? His Elemental Skill protects a lot of your party members and his Burst is just perfect.

Now that we showed you some teams for Kaeya, it’s your time to decide which one you liked the most! You can always use these team ideas for other Cryo characters, but we think they’re perfect for Kaeya, a very underrated character.

Let us know which one you chose!

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