[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best 4-Star Characters

Genshin Impact Best 4-Star Characters
Some of the greatest 4-star characters in game

I get it, we all want those 5-star characters that come out in every banner and have a super team. But because we’re talking about a gacha game, many times, for us players (specially free to play players) that won’t be the case. What we can be certain about is that we can get any of the 4-star characters available anytime, and to be honest, 4-star characters are just as valuable as the 5-star ones. Here I’ll be showing you a [Top 10] Genshin Impact Best 4-Star Characters.

Before starting the Top, I just want to say that I don’t deny the fact that any 4-star character can be amazing, properly built. The ones listed here are just my personal opinion. I hope this Top helps both veterans and new players.


10. Noelle (DPS / Support)

The most beloved maiden.

Noelle is the maid of the Knights of Favonius, when she’s not helping around with her duties as a maid, she trains hard because her dream is to join the Knights. She’s one of the first characters you’ll get in the game, her utility when we start our adventure is high due to her shield and wide-ranged burst ability. I believe she’s a great team member in the early adventure Ranks that can be used as your main DPS or support character.

Why is Noelle Great?

  • Great claymore character for starting the game.
  • The shield you gain after using her elemental ability serves you well while you get familiarized with dodging attacks.
  • She’s super easy to build, since she’s one of the two characters (so far) who highly benefits from Defense in main stats and sub-stats regarding artifacts.


9. Diona (Support / Healer)

Our reliable bartender.

Diona is a girl who works as a bartender at Cat’s Tail, a bar in Mondstadt. As any other character you get her from any banner, yet there was an event where she was given away for free. She’s a character that serves you both as a healer and a support, her elemental ability creates a shield that can last up to 15 seconds and will resist damage depending on her amount of HP,  as she possesses a cryo vision, her shield has 250% effectiveness against cryo attacks. Her burst creates a circle on the ground that deals cryo damage to enemies inside it and also heals party members.


Why is Diona great?

  • Diona’s shield is in my opinion the second-best shield in the game after Zhongli’s, when you have enough HP.
  • The amount of life she heals with her burst depends on her total HP.
  • Building her is super easy, since all you have to worry about in your artifacts is HP and energy recharge for her high-cost burst.
  • Very useful in the Spiral Abyss.


8. Sucrose (Support)

The shy alchemistress sucrose... I think she's not aware of how amazing she is.

She’s an alchemist from Mondstadt who works with Albedo and specializes in bio-alchemy. At the very beginning of the game she was very underestimated, and it was understandable because most players (myself included) didn’t see her potential, and things have changed drastically since the 1.6 update Anemo buff. Turns out that now Sucrose is a very useful support unit, thanks to this last update, Swirl elemental reactions do more damage, which gives her high value with an Elemental Mastery build.


Why is Sucrose great?

  • Clumps well enemies in the Abyss if you don’t have Venti.
  • Easily spreads elements with Swirl.
  • Elemental Mastery build is amazing on her to do more swirl damage, plus this highly improves your party’s overall Elemental Mastery due to her 4th ascension passive talent.


7. Razor (DPS)

One of the strongest 4-star DPS.

Razor is a boy who was raised by wolves until we know him in our journey, and learns about being a human. I remember back in the early days, if you didn’t have Diluc or Keching, razor was like the 3rd best DPS. Even so, with a physical build he’s often compared with them. Razor not only offers good damage in close combat since he’s a Claymore user, but also has a nice Elemental skill that can deal AoE damage.

Why is Razor great?

  • For a 4-star character that came out in the first version of the game, the damage he can deal is absurd.
  • Amazing Elemental Burst that gives you Electro damage, interruption resistance, Attack Speed, immunity to Electro-charged status and overall Electro resistance.
  • His passive talent “Wolvensprint” is cool for exploration because it reduces your party’s stamina consumption when sprinting.

6. Fischl (DPS / Sub-DPS)

She may look fragile, but Fischl can deal huge damage.

Fischl is a girl who talks in a quite strange manner, because of that, Oz, her familiar “translates” everything she says. The princess of the eternal night, as she calls herself, is a 4-star character that has a high versatility as both DPS and Sub-DPS. She can deal excellent damage with her basic attacks, and her Elemental Skill summons Oz, shooting Electro projectiles constantly even if she’s not on the field.

Why is Fischl great?

  • She can be played as a DPS or Sub-DPS with no problems whatsoever.
  • The fact that Oz remains on the field after switching to another character is highly valuable for Elemental reactions.
  • Fishcl is a strong Sub-DPS option for the Abyss.


5. Beidou (DPS / Sub-DPS)

Beidou is a great character with a powerful counter.

She's a pirate from Liyue Harbour, chief of two ships and someone who, despite looking tough, has shown herself as kind and friendly. Beidou has always been highly underestimated because of how straightforward her abilities are. In reality Beidou is an excellent carry, with a fun play style for those hardcore gamers and her utility in the Abyss has been proven to be huge.

Why is Beidou great?

  • When using her Elemental Skill in the exact moment enemies attack, the damage she can deal is insane.
  • The shield from her Elemental Burst is a big help in the Abyss due to all the damage that can be caused through elemental reactions


4. Ningguang (DPS).

The eclipsing star of Liyue...

Ningguang is the great ruler of Liyue Harbour, the wealthiest woman in all Teyvat, whose power makes players question why MiHoyo didn't make her a 5-star character. As a wielder of a Geo vision, Ningguang is capable of dealing with almost any element. 

Her auto and charged attacks are powerful and this gets even better with her first constellation, which makes basic attacks deal AoE damage when hitting an enemy, damaging those nearby. Her play style is simple yet powerful, and her Elemental Skill is great for blocking elemental attacks

Why is Ningguang great?

  • Blocking attacks with her Elemental Skill helps a lot.
  • You can get consistent shields when facing an elemental enemy thanks to her Geo vision.
  • Her Burst, despite being simple, is powerful.


3. Xiangling (DPS / SUB-DPS)

A chef from Liyue with a lovely personality.

Xiangling is a chef from Liyue, and interesting enough, even people who have a great passion for something as simple as food, can get a vision, like her. She's another character that has been underestimated. 

The majority of us players didn't notice how amazing her Elemental Burst really is, and how it, paired with other characters, can end up in total destruction. Goubba, the bear she summons when using her Elemental skill, is quite useful too as a Pyro applier even when you swap characters.

Why is Xiangling great?

  • Her Elemental Burst has nice damage scaling and deals damage in a wide area.
  • She applies Pyro easily, fast and her Burst also remains on field when swapping characters.
  • Thanks to this, the damage Xiangling does with elemental reactions is high enough to want her in your team.
  • A character that can make the difference in your team composition for the Abyss.


2. Xingqiu (Sub-DPS)

A true bookworm and an avid sowrdsman.

Xingqiu is a calm young man that loves reading, he's a bookworm and an avid swordsman. I believe that no one can't deny the fact that Xingqiu is one of the best characters in the entire game so far. 

His Elemental Skill and Burst apply Hydro to enemies quickly and with good damage. And just as Xiangling he's another character that can make a huge difference in your Abyss team composition.

Why is Xingqiu great?

  • His Elemental Skill deals decent damage, plus it creates swords around you that give you resistance to interruption, absorb damage you take and heal you a bit for every sword that you lose by getting hit.
  • His burst applies Hydro and deals damage consistently fast, plus it also remains when switching characters.
  • A high value team member for any Abyss floor.   


1. Bennet (DPS - Sub-DPS - Support)

The best support.

I think it is no surprise to anyone who has Bennet, the fact that he's going to be first. Our unlucky Benny boy is loved by everyone, I dare to say, and to be honest, if there happens to be a 6-star character, that would be him. Bennet is arguably the best character in Genshin Impact to date. 

He's extremely versatile and can fit in literally any team composition. Seriously, any team composition will be glad to have Bennet. His Elemental Skill has very low cool down and high generation of elemental particles, but Bennet actually shines due to his Elemental Burst.

Why is Bennet great?

  • Applies Pyro easily and quickly with one touch of his Elemental Skill.
  • His Elemental Burst creates a circle that heals up to 70% of the character's HP in it, and it also is one of the quickest healings in the game.
  • When your character reaches 70% of HP and is still in the area of Bennet's Burst, it gains an attack buff based on a percentage of Bennet's base attack.
  • With enough energy recharge, you can spam Bennet's Burst non-stop, this has an extreme value in any team for the Abyss and general Boss Fights.

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