[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best F2P Teams That Are Powerful!

Beidou and Ningguang have been friends for years

There are lots of Genshin Impact players who don’t have time to play every day, so they can’t save enough primogems to get 5-star characters. These people’s roosters are mainly based on 4-star characters. 

However, this doesn’t mean they can’t form powerful teams. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best teams for players with a lack of 5-star characters. We hope this helps you form powerful teams if you’re one of those players.

5.  Chongyun + Xingqiu + Beidou + Thoma

The first team brings one of the new 4-star characters from Inazuma: Thoma. This new character creates a shield around his team that can spew flames with every normal attack, which goes well with this comp.

Chongyun and Xingqiu’s pair is a well-known combination that uses both their skills to freeze the enemies with normal attacks. Together with Thoma’s shield, this team can create a Melt reaction to double damage. With Beidou’s counter-shield this team is one of the best.

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Constant freezing of enemies
  • Beidou’s counter-shield
  • Double damage with elemental reaction
  • Healing from Xingqiu

4  Ningguang + Xingqiu + Diona + Bennett

This next team centres around Ningguang as a DPS, with 3 characters supporting her from the side. Ningguang is a Geo catalyst DPS that shoots from her hands and can create a wall to defend from hits.

Xingqiu and Diona can freeze enemies as well as heal Ningguang, making it easier for her to survive and hit them. With Bennet, she’ll have even more healing and will have her ATK increased to deal even more damage.

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Great DPS
  • Triple healing
  • Shields and freezing for CC
  • Increase on DPS 

3.  Kaeya + Bennett + Xiangling + Barbara

As the last team showed, a DPS supported by another 3 characters is always a good choice for a comp. In this case, you can make Kaeya a Physical or Cryo DPS, depending on the build you create for him.

With both builds, he will be unstoppable. His damage will be increased with Bennett’s burst, and create elemental reactions with Xiangling and Barbara’s skills. Moreover, Barbara will heal your full team with her burst.

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Double healing
  • Damage increase
  • Elemental reactions
  • Can be built around two elements

2.  Xiangling + Xingqiu + Chongyun + Bennett

In second place we find the so-called National Team, which has both characters from Liyue and Mondstadt. All these characters are usually used as supports. However, they can also deal tons of damage.

With Xingqiu’s burst, you’ll have water bullets, which will freeze enemies with Chongyun’s huge normal attacks and skill. Xiangling’s burst will cause damage and tons of elemental reactions. And all of this damage will be increased thanks to Bennett!

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Increase in damage
  • Double healing
  • Constant freezing + melting/shattering 
  • Short cooldown and low energy needed

1.  Beidou + Fischl + Sucrose + Diona

Finally, we get to the first place. Beidou is the DPS, with Fischl acting like a battery, Diona as a healer and shielder, and Sacarosa as an enabler and crowd-controlling. Beidou is one of the best 4-star DPS so the damage is outstanding.

Beidou also has a shield that can counter any damage on top of Diona’s shield. Fischl’s skill can recharge energy for Diona’s healing and Sucrose’s crowd control. Sucrose can also decrease the enemies’ elemental resistance to deal more damage.

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Counter-shield
  • Shielding and healing from Diona
  • Lots of Energy thanks to Diona
  • Huge DPS
  • CC and elemental resistance decrease from Sucrose


We hope that, if you are one of the free-to-play Genshin Impact players, this guide will help you create some teams that can beat any bosses and missions even without 5-star characters. Everyone knows that the banners ask for too many primogems, so maybe this guide will help even more people.


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