[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Healers

Genshin Impact Best Healers
Because a good healer is just as important as a good warrior

There are a few ways to get back the HP you’ve lost in Genshin Impact: go near the Statue of The Sevens, eat food, or have a healer in your party. Having a healer in your party is as important as having a warrior. Quite obviously, having a good healer would be better than just having a healer.

Currently, there are only fewhealer characters in Genshin Impact. Even counting those who aren’t healers but possess healing abilities, there are only 7 characters in total: Jean, Barbara, Qiqi, Noelle, Xingqiu, Diona, and Bennett (also Zhongli but only if you have him up to Constellation 6).

On the bright side,with only a few characters present, picking the best 5 would be considerably easier. Here’s the top 5 list of Genshin Impact Best Healers and why:

5. Bennett

Bennett is a very interesting character. This boy from Monstadt can be considered a healer, but also a main DPS if you wish him to be one.

In a way, I feel like that’s why he’s on the tail of this list: because he’s not 100% a healer.

Bennett’s healing ability comes from his Elemental Burst: Fantastic Voyage, which allows Bennett to create an Inspiration Field.

If your active character is within this field, the HP would be regenerated up to 70% of the Max HP of that character. Once you reach the 70% mark, the field would give your character an ATK boost instead. The regeneration scale is based on Bennett’s Max HP.

His Elemental Burst lasts for 12 seconds with a 15 seconds cooldown. The HP gets regenerated continuously through 6% of Bennett’s max HP + 577 per second. 

Why Bennett Is a Great Healer:

  • He heals continuously for 12 seconds even if it’s only up to your 70% mark.
  • With 6% of Bennett’s max HP + 577 per second, you get at least 6,924 HP in total.


4. Diona

Diona is a bartender at Cat Tail’s Tavern in Monstadt, which is ironic remembering she despises the wine industry. Our resident archer heals with a drink. No surprise there.

Diona heals through her Elemental Burst, Signature Mix, in which she throws a special cold brew which triggers an AoE. The characters within the AoE would have their HP healed while opponents are hit with Cryo DMG.

Signature Mix lasts for 12 seconds, and it regenerates your HP for as much as 5.34% of Diona’s Max HP + 513 per second. 

If you get to open her 6th Constellation, her healing ability is upgraded as such: a 30% bonus of Incoming Healing Bonus when your HP is 50% or below, and if your HP is above 50%, it will give an additional of 200 Elemental Mastery.

It might seem like Diona and Bennett are about the same, but she’s above him in this list because her healing ability doesn’t have a 70% restriction, and her C6 upgrades her healing ability.

Why Diona Is a Great Healer:

  • She heals you continuously for 12 seconds.
  • In total, she gives you at least 6,156 HP.
  • If you unlock her C6, Diona gets an additional 30% of Incoming Healing Bonus when your HP is 50% or below.


3. Jean

Our Grand Master Jean, the ever so reliable knight of Monstadt. Who’s really surprised she can heal on top of her fighting ability? None. No one. Nada. She’s just so capable that everyone respects her (as they should).

Jean’s healing ability comes through a few ways; as reliable as her  character.

Her Elemental Burst, Dandelion Breeze, heals everyone in the party as it triggers a Dandelion Field. This means she heals, and then she heals some more as she deals Anemo DMG.

When Jean triggers her Elemental Burst, she firstly heals as much as 251% of her ATK plus 1540. After that, if you’re within her Dandelion Field, she heals continuously for 10 seconds. The field’s healing effect is based on 25.12% of Jean’s ATK plus 154 per second. 

That is not all. Jean always outdoes  herself, even with her healing ability. At Ascension 1, when she uses her Normal Attack, she has a 50% chance of regenerating HP that equals to 15% of her ATK to everyone in the party. 

Why Jean Is a Great Healer:

  • Her Elemental Burst heals a big number once, and then continues to do so once you’re on the Dandelion Field for ten seconds.
  • Usually, her initial heal is already enough without the additional heal from the field. I mean, 251% ATK plus 1540? Okay, Jean.
  • At Ascension 1, her Normal Attack has a 50% chance of healing everyone in the party. 
  • As Normal Attack does not have a Cooldown, her continuous hits will heal you bit by bit.


2. Barbara

This self-proclaimed Deaconess Idol from Monstadt is a healer through and through. All of Barbara’s skill leads to healing; very fitting for someone who’s a part of the Favonius Church.

As an ‘Idol’, it is no surprise that her Elemental Skill is called Let the Show Begin which would trigger a Melody Loop.

When Melody Loop is activated, Barbara’s Normal Attacks will heal everyone in the party bit by bit which is based on her Max HP. If you use her Charged Attack, it will heal 4 times of the amount. Melody Loop will also regenerate the party’s HP at regular intervals.

Her Elemental Skill lasts for 15 seconds. The HP regenerated from Hit is as much as 0.75% of Barbara’s Max HP plus 72, and the continuous HP regeneration heals for as much as 4% of her max HP + 385.

The cooldown is pretty long, as it is 32 seconds, but if somehow your Statue of The Sevens runs out of healing ability, using Barbara to keep on healing you is a pretty okay move if you’re patient enough.

Moving on! Barbara’s Elemental Burst, Shining Miracle, heals everyone in the party for a rather large amount of HP at once. The HP given is based on her Max HP, which amounts to 17.6% of it plus 1694

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s really appropriate that this skill is called ‘Shining Miracle’. 

Furthermore, at Ascension 4, ‘Encore’ is unlocked; in which when a character gains an Elemental Orb, Melody Loop is prolonged by 1 second with a maximum of 5 seconds. This means, you get a longer duration to heal.

It doesn’t end there. I mean it when I say Barbara is a healer through and through. If you get to open her 6th Constellation, Barbara will automatically revive a fallen character with full HP as long as she’s on your party. This effect can only occur once every 15 minutes; but this is the only thing that allows you to revive a character with a full HP at once (except for the Statue of The Sevens).

Why Barbara Is a Great Healer:

  • All of her skills are mainly there to heal your party.
  • Barbara heals everyone in the party; her Elemental Skill bit by bit, and her Elemental Burst heals everyone at once.
  • Her healing ability is upgraded through Ascension 4 and C6.
  • She has the ability to automatically revive a fallen character with a full HP.
  • Barbara is given for free once you have finished Baptism of Song Event during the Prologue Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom.


1. Qiqi

And the title of the Best Healer in the Genshin Impact universe goes to… *drum rolls* Qiqi! Is it a surprise that someone (or do I say a zombie?) who works in Bubu Pharmacy gets first place? Absolutely not. I still believe there’s a connection between Qiqi  a healer and  a worker in a pharmacy though this is a very baseless opinion.

As a chibi zombie who has withstood time, Qiqi is a very good healer who also knows how to fight well. Her Elemental Skill is a bit like Barbara’s; in which she summons a Herald of Forst through a Talisman. 

This would activate her ability to regenerate HP to everyone in the party when she uses her Normal or Charged Attacks. The amount of healing is based on Qiqi’s ATK. This also heals the active character HP at regular intervals.

Qiqi’s Herald of Forst lasts for 15 seconds. On Hit, it heals for as much as 10.56% of her ATK + 67 and another 69.60% of her ATK plus 451 within an  interval.

As I said with Barbara’s Melody Loop, it is not a bad idea to use Qiqi’s Elemental Skill if you want to heal as you walk around when you don’t feel like using the Statue of The Seven’s healing ability.

Just like her Elemental Skill, Qiqi uses a Talisman for her Elemental Burst. She brings forth the adeptus power within her, which would mark nearby enemies with a Fortune-Preserving Talisman. When your active character hits this mark, it will give HP in return.

The healing amount of this is based on 90% of Qiqi’s ATK plus 577, which lasts for 15 seconds. This means, as long as you keep on dealing DMG to the marked enemies, you’re continuously healing as you fight.

BecauseQiqi is an incredible healer, she still has a few things under her sleeve. At Ascension 1, the Incoming Healing Bonus through her Elemental Burst is raised to 20% for 8 seconds. More healing powers!

If you manage to get Qiqi’s 6th Constellation, her Elemental Burst revives every fallen party with 50% HP. It can only take effect every 15 minutes, but, come on. Qiqi revives not even just one character but everyone.

Can I have my own healing zombie, please?

Why Qiqi Is a Great Healer:

  • Qiqi heals you overtime with her Elemental Skill.
  • And she can heal you on hit if her Elemental Skill is triggered; that’s double healing.
  • Her Elemental Burst allows you to attack as you heal. Talk about efficiency.
  • At C6, she can revive every fallen party member with 50% HP.

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