[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Kazuha Builds That Wreck Hard!

Kazuha is fighting for his life...

To be honest, Kaedehara Kazuha didn’t cause a very good impression when he first entered the game. Was it his kit? His appearance? We don’t know. However, all of that changed after a month or so.  People started building and playing with him, thus discovering what an amazing character he is.

In these guides, we talk about the varied versatility of a lot of characters from Genshin Impact, like Kokomi or Qiqi. However, with these different builds, you will note just how different he can get without some simple changes.

3. Hybrid Physical-Anemo: Gladiator’s Finale + Viridescent Venerer

The first build we’re going to talk about is this hybrid damage DPS build. In this case, Kazuha will become at least a sub DPS on par with your main DPS. Why do we call this build a hybrid? Well, that’s because we increase two different types of damage.

Kazuha can deal powerful Anemo Damage with his elemental skill and burst. However, there’ll be times when his abilities are on cooldown. He has to resort then to his Physical Damage normal attacks.

This Hybrid DPS type will have both of these damages balanced so that the damage is consistent through all the battles. With this, you won’t need to change to another character while waiting. Kazuha has and will always be able to kill his enemies alone.

What This Build Excels In:

  • 1. DPS: As this is a DPS/sub-DPS build, the damage he deals is over the top. Moreover, as we said before, he doesn’t depend on abilities. The only disadvantage is that, for this build to wreck hard, it is almost necessary to have the Aquila Favonia.
  • 2. Enabling: This build doesn’t focus on his support skills, nor on Elemental Mastery, That’s why his enabling isn’t the best. As his artifacts are mixed, he doesn’t even decrease his enemies’ resistance thanks to swirl.

Build details: 

  • Weapons:
    • 5-star option: Aquila Favonia (Physical Bonus)
    • 4-star option: Prototype Rankour (Physical Bonus)
    • 3-star option: Skyrider Sword (ATK%)
  • Artifact stats:
    • Sands: ATK%
    • Goblet: Anemo Bonus
    • Circlet: Critical Rate or Critical Damage

2. Triple Elemental Mastery Support: Viridescent Venerer

We now make a 180-degree change and go to a full support build. His Anemo damage, nor his Physical damage won’t be increased. The main focus is this stat: Elemental Mastery. What does this stat do? Well, for starters it mixes super-well with Kazuha’s passive skills. It increases by a lot the Swirl damage, as well as your team main DPS’s damage.

You can use this build with a DPS-centered team, like Raiden Shogun, Bennet, Xiangling, and Kazuha, for example. Kazuha’s role will be decreasing the enemies’ elemental resistance to the DPS’s element; as well as dealing passive damage with his prolonged burst. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • 1. Enabling: The enabling of this build is over the top. We can say for sure that this build makes Kazuha one of the best and most wanted enablers supports in the game. After all, only Venti can use EM as well as him.
  • 2. DPS: Although he increases the overall team damage, he deals less damage than with the other two builds. That’s why this build is mainly used in boss fights or the Spiral Abyss, where you want fast battles.

Build details: 

  • Weapons:
    • 5-star option: Freedom-Sworn (Elemental Mastery)
    • 4-star option: Iron Sting (Elemental Mastery)
    • 3-star option: Dark Iron Sword (Elemental Mastery)
  • Artifact stats:
    • Sands: Elemental Mastery
    • Goblet: Elemental Mastery
    • Circlet: Elemental Mastery

1. Full Anemo DPS: Gladiator’s Finale + Viridescent Venerer

This build is similar to the third one in that it’s closer to a DPS than to a support build. In this case, Kazuha’s damage will be centered in his elemental skill and burst, with less damage in his normal attacks. 

As we want him to hit with his Anemo skills a lot, important stats are Anemo Bonus and Elemental Mastery, a mix of the other two builds. Moreover, some other substats should be Energy Recharge, to have the abilities early, and critical rate and damage, to increase overall damage.

What This Build Excels In:

  • 1. DPS: Even though we talk a lot about his Physical Damage in the third build, just playing a little with the stats like we show below can make him independent from his normal attacks. His CC and double damage with his burst is so high he doesn’t even need to worry about normal attacks.
  • 1. Enabling: The enabling in this case is also labeled as 1. Why is that? Because the DPS and the Elemental Mastery and Resistance Reduction are on par in this build. That's right, you can use him both as a fabulous DPS or change him to enabler support in times of need.

Build details: 

  • Weapons:
    • 5-star option: Mistsplitter Reforged (Critical Damage and Elemental Bonus)
    • 4-star option: Iron Stinger (Elemental Mastery and Elemental Bonus)
    • 3-star option: Black Iron Sword (Elemental Mastery)
  • Artifact stats:
    • Sands: ATK%
    • Goblet: Anemo Bonus
    • Circlet: Critical Rate or Critical Damage


Well, even with this short article you can already see how amazing Kazuha is. This young samurai has been on the run for a while, even having to join some pirates in the sea. Maybe that’s why he’s able to constantly change his battle stay and position.

We hope that with the builds in this guide you’re able to improve your Kazuha and start loving and playing with him as much as we do. After all, he has already suffered enough. He just needs happiness right now…

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