[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Views That Are Spectacular

There are lots of places to visit in Teyvat!

Genshin Impact’s world, Teyvat, is fantastic for sightseeing. The main character, the Traveller, may be tired from his long search for their sibling. However, they can’t say their travels have been boring, with all these beautiful sights.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best 10 sightseeing points in the three regions available and their locations on the map. This way, you’ll be able to complete missions and advance in the story while stopping to look at these breathtaking views.

10. Windswept Wilderness: Windrise

We start with two Mondstadt views. The first one in the first place is Windrise. As a place you’ll visit often during your stay in this region you’ll be able to get enough of this view. This amazing tree was said to grow after the warrior Venessa ascended to Celestia from that same place.

The vast green prairie with the occasional lakes is enough to amaze anyone that passes through there. However, at night, the glorious tree gets surrounded by sparkling crystal flies, making it a sight worth seeing at least once.

9. The City of Wind: Mondstadt

The second view from Mondstadt is the city itself. Due to the high altitude of some mountains in Mond, you can get a perfect view of Mondstadt City and Cider Lake. This city, created after the Anemo archon freed Old Mondstadt, sings songs of dragons and freedom.

Any city floating in a lake should be a fantastic sight to take in. However, the windmills in Mondstadt, together with the gigantic cathedral and Anemo Archon statue, make this view one of the most amazing in the world.

8. Weeping Garden: Luhua Pool 

The next two sightseeing zones will be in Liyue, starting with Luhua Pool. This is one of the places you visit early in the game. But that doesn’t make it less beautiful. Not at all.

The crystalline waters in these pools in the form of stairs are just the first of its good points. The huge stone statues and the colourful leaves on the trees make this sight one to remember. Even a painter had a hard time drawing this scene.

7. Moonlit Tree: Nantianmen

This half-frozen tree has made many travellers stop on their tracks to take a better look. Together with the mystery around it, the tombs, and the inscriptions, this place creates a scene to remember.

The truth is the Geo Archon had to seal his friend under this tree. His friend had lived for many years and the memories started to make less sense until he attacked the people. It’s a sad story so make time to visit this place for a bit.

6. Tenryou: Inazuma City

And we’re finally in Inazuma, specifically the main city seen from above. A Japanese style always has a beauty other styles don't have. This, together with the blossoms of the cherry trees creates a city I’d personally loved to live in.

From this site, we can see both a statue of the Electro Archon, the Raiden Shogun, presiding from above the city; and the mountain in which this Archon’s familiar lives. This mountain houses the Narukami Shrine, which is also a sight to behold.

5. Narukami Shrine

In the last view, we saw Mountain Yougou from afar. Now, on this same mountain, we see the shrine that tops it all: the Narukami Shrine. House of the Archon’s familiar, the fox Yae Miko, it’s the place where people come to pray and communicate their wishes.

Full of cherry trees blossoming throughout the whole year, this Japanese-style shrine is one of the most attractive places in Inazuma. You can barely see it, but this shrine is centred around a fox-shaped tree which is a marvel of the world.

4. The Pearlescent Palace: Sangonomiya Shrine

As Inazuma is an archipelago, we have to go to another island to continue our sightseeing tour. The next island en route is Sangonomiya. This island is not under the reign of the Electro Archon, and it's instead ruled by the priestess Sangonomiya Kokomi.

What we can see from this view is mainly the shrine in which Kokomi lives. Surrounded by seashells and floating jellyfishes, this aquatic island is a must for every Inazuman tourist. Although closed because of the war, you’ll have to try to get in just to see this dreamy palace.

3. Tsurumi Island

The next location is on Tsurumi Island. One of the latest islands introduced into the game, Tsurumi Island has a long story around it. Tales of ghosts, fog, and giant birds surround this island. But this mystery can’t hide this precious view.

On the centre of the island, inside Mount Kanna, we find this hidden lake with its hidden tree and its fluorescent hidden flowers. You’ll have to travel all around the island and complete its mission to get here. But believe me, it’s worth it.

2. Where the Provisional Head Priestess Lives: Asase Shrine

Now on Seirai Island. Another one of the Islands introduced after some time. Another shrine? Yes, but FULL OF CATS! Even the (provisional) head priestess is a cat! And not any cat: a talking one.

This shrine is a must, but not just because of the kitties, it’s very beautiful as well. A hollow sakura tree, a shrine that has suffered the passage of time, and a sky that is always clear (unlike the rest of the island) have made even pirates stay there.

1. The Moon-Bathed Deep: Sangonomiya Shrine

And finally the last view. Again on Sangonomiya? Yes, but it’s worth it. It’s not visible from afar, but just under the main shrine, the moon-bathed deep lake rests. This isn’t just any lake, it’s a portal to another nation: Enkanomiya.

With such an important function, this lake must look the part. Sparkling lights and water at night and constantly spiralling deep waters at day. Even if you are afraid of the sea, you should take a look at least once.


We can conclude from these views that the creators of Teyvat did an outstanding job. If up until now you’ve wandered through Teyvat without thinking too much about the world, go to the places shown in this guide. I’m sure after a quick trip to Sangonomiya or Inazuma City you’ll start to take in the views around you.


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