[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Beginner Characters That Are Powerful

Food in Liyue is truly delicious

We all have to admit that when we start playing a new game we’re very bad at it. This includes Genshin Impact. When you are starting a game you can’t have fun playing with a character that is difficult to maneuver, for example.

However, you also need and like powerful characters. Characters that destroy their enemies and can carry you through the game successfully. In this guide, we talk about the best 10 characters for beginners that are powerful as well.

10. Barbara

First, we start with Barbara. She’s both an idol and a deaconess of Barbato’s church. Barbara is a free character every Traveler gets when they start the game. This idol girl from Mondstadt is the best 4-star healer in the early game, combining easy gameplay and versatility.

With her Hydro Vision`, she can heal your team in three different ways. You can use her elemental burst for a chunk of healing for all your members. You can use her elemental skill which will make her normal attacks also heal. Or you can change character after using the skill so that the one that is in the field keeps being healed for some time.

What Is Great About Barbara:

  • Best healer in the early game
  • Elemental burst heals your whole party
  • Elemental skill heals character even if she’s not on the field

Barbara’s details and stats:

  • Role: healer
  • Best stat to build: HP
  • Vision: Hydro
  • Best artifact set: Maiden beloved

9. Chongyun

Ninth is one of the two exorcists from Liyue. Chongyun with his Cryo vision is a great enabler as well as DPS, with multiple gameplays depending on the rest of your team. His vision is not the only powerful thing, his weapon is a claymore, the one who deals the most damage in the game.

Chongyun’s elemental skill creates an icy area after a powerful nuke. In this area, all of your characters’ basic attacks will be infused with Cryo. Not only does this amplify your damage, but makes it easy to use elemental reactions as well. If you pair him with his friend Hydro Xingqiu they will make a deadly couple.

What Is Great About Chongyun:

  • Nuker elemental burst
  • Continuous Cryo infusion
  • Can cause melt reaction or freeze enemies

Chongyun’s details and stats:

  • Role: DPS
  • Best stat to build: Crit. DMG and probability
  • Vision: Cryo
  • Best artifact set: Blizzard Strayer

8. Fischl

Fischl was considered the best support in early-game for a long time. Her fantasy made real, the bird Ozvaldo, has the ability to launch Electro projectiles once summoned. He stays in the field even if you switch Fischl out. Moreover, you can resummon him without wasting a cooldown if the enemies move.

The way to use Fischl is fairly simple. Although she can be used as a damage dealer, the best way to play with her is as an enabler. Summoning Oz to the field makes it a lot easier for your main DPS, like Diluc, to make elemental reactions and amplify his power.

What Is Great About Fischl:

  • Best 4-start support in early-game
  • Constant Electro-passive attack even if you change characters
  • Easy to make elemental reactions with her

Fischl’s details and stats:

  • Role: Enabler
  • Best stat to build: Elemental mastery
  • Vision: Electro
  • Best artifact set: Thundering Fury

7. Razor

The boy who grew up in the forest of Wolvedom is 7th. His animal instinct combined with his powerful Electro vision makes him one of the best 4-star damage dealers in the early game. 

With a little bit of energy recharge, you can spam his summoned wolf and destroy everything in your way. After using his elemental burst your damage will double, making additional Electro damage with every hit. It’s also easy to recharge that burst after using twice his elemental skill, which packs a punch as well.

What Is Great About Razor:

  • Best 4-star DPS in early-game
  • Elemental burst increases his damage exponentially
  • Useful for mining with his charged elemental skill

Razor’s details and stats:

  • Role: DPS
  • Best stat to build: Energy recharge
  • Vision: Electro
  • Best artifact set: Thundersoother

6. Zhongli

Early-game, late-game, it doesn’t matter. Zhongli is and will forever be the best shielder in Genshin Impact. Let’s be honest. When we all started we didn’t know how to dodge anything. That’s where this powerful shield comes in.

With the Geo Archon’s charged elemental skill you can give your characters a powerful shield every 9 seconds. Not receiving any damage at all will make your start at the game a lot easier. Moreover, Zhongli’s ultimate order meteorite from his burst can’t be forgotten as well. One of the best nukers I tell you.

What Is Great About Zhongli:

  • Best shielder in-game
  • Nuker elemental burst that also petrifies enemies
  • Easy to build

Zhongli’s details and stats:

  • Role: Shielder and sub DPS
  • Best stat to build: HP
  • Vision: Geo
  • Best artifact set: Tenacity of the Millelith

5. Qiqi

This little zombie from Liyue has a really bad memory. But that doesn’t mean she forgets how to fight. Although mainly a healer, her healing scales from ATK, so her damage dealing increases along with the healing. This versatile character is also able to apply Cryo consistently for powerful elemental reactions.

Remember Barbara? Qiqi is really similar. After using her elemental skill the character in the field will receive healing for some time. If Qiqi is the one in the field, her normal attacks will also heal the rest of the team. Moreover, using her elemental burst inflicts Cryo damage to her enemies and makes every character’s normal attacks heal.

What Is Great About Qiqi:

  • You can get her in the standard banner
  • Can be a healer and deal damage at the same time
  • Uses an artifact set very useful for the rest of the team
  • Constant healing while freezing enemies

Qiqi’s details and stats:

  • Role: Healer and sub DPS
  • Best stat to build: ATK
  • Vision: Cryo
  • Best artifact set: Noblesse Oblige

4. Keqing

Still in Liyue, we enter the Qixing to look for the cat-eared girl. Keqing has the looks, intellect, and battle skills to defend her 4th place in the top. Her Electro Vision abilities make her really fun to play while also being easy to use.

Her elemental skill has a really low cooldown, with a passive that reduces it even more, allowing skill spamming. After using it, she gets teleported to where her enemies are (or where you manually decide to) and infuses her weapon with Electro. Her powerful Electro infusion (as well as her fast recharging burst) makes her one of the best DPS in early-game.

What Is Great About Keqing:

  • You can get her in the standard banner
  • Can be used for exploring
  • Fast mobility and fun gameplay

Keqing’s details and stats:

  • Role: DPS
  • Best stat to build: Crit. probability
  • Vision: Electro
  • Best artifact set: Thundering Fury

3. Jean

Now in the top 3, we find Jean. She’s the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonious. And the Dandelion Knight. And Lionfang Knights. She’s too busy. However, she still finds time to help you win your battles against the Abyss.

She’s really flexible. As her healing scales with attack and is done by normal attacks, she can be both a DPS and a healer at the same time. Her elemental skill and burst can control enemies, while also providing her with energy. She’s basically a jack-of-all-trades.

What Is Great About Jean:

  • You can get her in the standard banner
  • Healer as well as DPS
  • Can use elemental skill for crowd control early-game enemies
  • Very good energy recharge

Jean’s details and stats:

  • Role: Healer and sub DPS
  • Best stat to build: ATK
  • Vision: Anemo
  • Best artifact set: 2 Maiden Beloved + 2 Viridescent Venerer

2. Diluc

In second place we find Mondstadt’s Batman. Although Diluc officially left the Knights of Favonius, he still patrols the city at night, preparing for any Abyss threat. Being a bartender is a side job. His powerful sense of justice makes him unable to stop protecting what he loves.

The low cooldown from his elemental skill helps him recharge energy for his burst easily. That way you can have your weapon infused with Pyro element almost all the time. This makes way for heaps of damage and easier elemental reactions.

What Is Great About Diluc:

  • You can get him in the standard banner
  • Easy to use
  • Fast energy recharge
  • Constant Pyro infusion + Pyro damage boost
  • One of the best DPS in the game

Diluc’s details and stats:

  • Role: DPS
  • Best stat to build: Crit. DMG and probability
  • Vision: Pyro
  • Best artifact set: Crimson Witch

1. Xiao

Finally, in the top 1, we have Xiao. Although a servant of Morax, he’s not a Geo shielder, but an Anemos DPS. His best asset is his elemental burst, which uses his powers of Jaksha to amplify his damage, jumps, and infuses his weapon with Anemo.

Charging your energy with his elemental skill (or maybe with a secondary battery like Jean) will allow your Xiao to be in a Jaksha state for almost the whole combat. Although he loses HP every second he stays in that form, his power and jumping ability to dodge skyrockets so much that the combat will be finished in a flash.

What Is Great About Xiao:

  • Easy strategy
  • Powerful elemental skill and burst
  • Can be used for exploring
  • One of the best DPS even in late-game

Xiao’s details and stats:

  • Role: DPS
  • Best stats to build: Crit. DMG and Probability
  • Vision: Anemo
  • Best artifact set: 2 Gladiator + 2 Viridescent Venerer


No one controls every gameplay style nor can make perfect jumps and dodges in a new game. Beginners will always exist, so don’t forget to help and be nice to them. Who knows, maybe one day you will be the one receiving help.

With this guide, we also try to help beginners know which characters are the easiest to use and get, as well as their stats to improve and artifacts to farm. Everyone struggles a bit at the start, so we hope this guide makes it better for you.

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