[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Pyro Characters

Fishes go boom!

Known for its destructive nature and explosive reactions, pyro is an element that nobody sleeps on. Most of the characters that wield this power are great on the offensive and can deal unreal damage numbers due to their access to melt and vaporize.

Read along to find out the best pyro characters in the game so far (Patch 4.1). Take note that by “best”, we mean to evaluate the unit as a whole. This includes any effects or buffs that may come with using the character, as units in the game have their own unique quirks.


10. Yanfei

No one is above the law.

Widely known by the player base as the 4-star version of Klee. This lawyer can dish out loads of pyro consistently, along with her fiery arguments and deductions.


Yanfei is a catalyst user who plays around weaving her normal and charged attacks for consistent blasts of pyro. This is supplemented by her scarlet seals, that reduce her charged attack stamina cost greatly.

Her skill is an AoE pyro explosion that also provides her maximum stacks for her Scarlet Seals. Her burst casts another blast of pyro, but leaves her in a brilliance state that buffs her gain of Scarlet Seals and also her charged attack damage.

She works best when teamed up with multiple off-field supports to aid her while she fights on the field. 

Yanfei makes good use of the Crimson Witch of Flames set for all-around damage. The Widsith is a great free option as all its benefits are applicable to her.


The key to playing Yanfei is having a consistent flow of maximizing your abilities in order to get seals as quickly as you can. The downside here is that she takes up a lot of field time with her, while her multipliers leave you wanting for more.

What Makes Yanfei Great for Pyro:

  • Consistent pyro application.
  • Charged attacks can come with no cost, depending on Scarlet Seals.
  • Great driver for pyro reaction teams.
  • Can generate her own shield at C4.


9. Thoma

Sweeping and striking are his deal.

This housekeeper is not to be messed with. Originally from Mondstadt, he has made his way to Inazuma and has established himself there as an irreplaceable asset.


Thoma is a polearm user who specializes in creating stacked shields. He is arguably the best pyro shielder in the game right now, especially when placed on burgeon teams. 

His skill creates a decent shield along with a swipe of pyro. His burst is basically the same thing, except these shields are stacked, and he can produce waves of pyro periodically.

He is one of the best options right now when it comes to burgeon teams. If you're not focusing on his shields or pure pyro damage, try out an EM build!

The Tenacity of the Millelith set greatly enhances the strength of his shields. Pair this with Favonius Lance so he can get crucial ER to regain his burst quicker.


Keeping an eye on your shield stacks and cooldowns is essential if you want to have your defenses always up. Despite not having the toughest shields, he makes up for it by consistently creating or strengthening his current one's.

What Makes Thoma Great for Pyro:

  • Consistent pyro application is great for burgeon teams.
  • Both skill and burst can produce shields.
  • Shields scale on HP, which makes building him easy.


8. Dehya

All in the desert fear her fists.

The latest addition to the standard banner. She is tough as nails, with a playstyle that fits the more brutal players.


Dehya is a claymore user that can fit multiple roles depending on your needs. In whatever style you choose, you can be sure that your team can be well protected as her skill summons a field that allows her to take damage that any allies receive while also boosting their resistance. This field also does coordinated pyro attacks whenever enemies are damaged.

Her burst lets her run loose and beat down enemies with her own fists infused with pyro. This barrage builds up speed as it goes and can reach multiple enemies as her hooks are wide.

Dehya can make use of the Noblesse Oblige set or the Crimson Witch of Flames set, depending on your use. You can also equip her with the Mailed Flower or the Prototype Archaic.


Despite being a 5-star, her damage is a bit lacking. Her playstyle is also clunky, to say the least. Nevertheless, she is a capable unit who can take down enemies with her fiery blows.

What Makes Dehya Great for Pyro:

  • Claymore can easily farm ores.
  • Can absorb damage taken by her teammates.
  • Can hell squishy teammates with resistance to interruption.
  • Flexible enough to fit in multiple teams.


7. Klee

Destruction with a smile.

The cutest addition to our list. She is the beloved terror of Mondstadt and is hailed as one of the strongest among the Knights of Favonius. Her explosive playstyle brings fun and chaos to the game which only means more pain for your enemies.


Klee is a catalyst user who wreaks havoc through her use of bombs and beams. Her playstyle is chaotic and definitely satisfying for those who want to blow off some steam.

Weaving in normal and charged attacks, along with her skill and burst are essential. Her skill allows her to throw charges forward that can detonate as they jump. Her burst summons beams that automatically attack enemies around her. 

Similar to Yanfei, Klee enjoys the aid of off-field supports to hold her hand while she takes on the bad guys.

Klee works her best when built with the Crimson Witch of Flames set. If you don't have Dodoco Tales, The Widsith is a good option to bolster her damage output.


If you’re looking to play Klee, make sure you have supports and a shield to keep her alive, as she’s relatively squishy. Protect her at all costs and she will blast enemies left and right!

What Makes Klee Great for Pyro:

  • Consistent pyro application.
  • Highly explosive playstyle blasts enemies away.
  • Can work really well with pyro reaction based teams.


6. Diluc

All is well with this redhead protecting us.

Silent but deadly. This former knight is highly revered in Mondstadt due to his many talents.


Diluc is one of the original 5-star units released along with the game. He is a claymore user and can be described as the stereotypical warrior type in most RPG games.

His style revolves around using his heavy slashes, infused with pyro, for consistent and deadly attacks. His skill allows him to do three slashes forward while his burst summons a fiery phoenix that devastates opponents while infusing his sword with pyro.

He is an avid user of the Crimson Witch of Flames set as he fully maximizes the 4 piece bonus. He can get great benefits from the Prototype Archaic as a craftable weapon option.


Overall, Diluc is a reliable DPS, but can only bring you so far due to his decent numbers and bland kit. For newer players, he is a great choice as he provides a familiar playstyle that helps you learn the mechanics of the game.

What Makes Diluc Great for Pyro:

  • Can farm ores easily due to being a claymore user.
  • Burst is capable of clearing enemy camps with ease.
  • Easy to build with multiple viable weapons.


5. Lyney

Is this your card?

A master magician in his own right. This new addition to the roster brings his own tricks to the game. Be sure to bring along a few other pyro units to see his full potential.


Lyney is a bow user that focuses on charged attacks. His level 2 charged arrows can summon a Grin-Malkin Hat that taunts enemies and explodes after a certain duration, dealing massive damage. He also gains stacks as this goes, which he can then unleash in a blast of pyro through his skill.

His burst allows him to transform into a Grin-Malkin Hat himself while running around the battlefield, dealing damage.

The Marechaussee Hunter set provides Lyney with the best damage output available. Prototype Crescent is a craftable weapon option, especially if you are good at getting headshots.


He does damage well on his own and is best fitted for pyro teams to maximize his passive. This magic man doesn't need reactions to show off his fiery skills.

What Makes Lyney Great for Pyro:

  • Great pyro application.
  • Can work well in mono pyro teams as his damage is decent enough without reactions.
  • Can taunt enemies as he attacks from a safe distance.


4. Yoimiya

With her around, sparks are sure to fly!

Fiery as her personality. This character is just a ball of sunshine in Inazuma. She fights like a machine gun with her fast attacks and does so with great style.


Yoimiya is a bow user who features rapid normal attacks in her kit. She has the ability to infuse these attacks with pyro through her skill, making her even deadlier. Her burst tags enemies with marks, which then trigger whenever they receive damage from other teammates.

To maximize her damage, she is best paired with a really good shielder to make sure that her combos are not interrupted. 

She is best built with the Shimenawa's Reminiscence set as you won't be using your burst much anyway and it gives a massive boost to her normal attacks. Speaking of normal attacks, Rust is the ideal weapon for her despite the charged attack deficiency.


She is very reliable when it comes to bosses, but not much when it comes to mobs. Nonetheless, putting her in teams that would coordinate with her normal attacks is optimal and can be a thrilling experience.

What Makes Yoimiya Great for Pyro:

  • Rapid pyro application.
  • Can aid the team while off-field through her burst.
  • Generally easy to build.


3. Xiangling

Having a bear that breathes fire is a huge help.

This cook is as dangerous as a chili pepper. She is one of the original characters released in the game, and she still stands her ground to this day.


Xiangling is one of the most beloved sub-DPS units among the player base. She is a polearm user who can deal top-tier pyro damage. Her skill allows her to summon Guoba as he breathes fire towards enemies. Her burst is the core of her kit, as this allows her to summon a pyronado that revolves around the active character. This is best paired with melt or vaporize to really ramp up the damage numbers.

Due to her flexibility, she can be built in a number of ways, but the safest option is to go with the Emblem of Severed Fate set. The same goes for weapons, where the Favonius Lance is a good option for the ER gain.


She is a must-have in most reaction-based teams, and you can’t go wrong with investing in her. Her firepower as a 4-star unit is unmatched and her off-field capabilities let her ravage enemies with the help of other DPS units.

What Makes Xiangling Great for Pyro:

  • Can summon Guoba to fight alongside her.
  • Her burst can snapshot buffs and has one of the best multipliers in the game.
  • Can be built in multiple ways depending on your need.


2. Hu Tao

Her poems will leave you breathless.

Spooky and unpredictable. This funeral parlor director is one of the strongest DPS units in the game, and here’s why.


Hu Tao is a polearm user who deals massive damage with every attack. Her skill buffs her ATK to an unreal amount, giving her the strength to wreak havoc. Her burst lets her slap enemies with her ghost, which, when paired with her buff, can one-shot most enemies.

She also has a unique animation for her charged attack, which allows her to cast it more smoothly than others. With every charged attack, she leaves marks on her enemies, which would then burst for more pyro damage.

Conceptualizing a good vaporize or melt team essentially skyrockets her damage so make sure you have the right pieces around her.

You can build her with the Crimson Witch of Flames set or the Noblesse Oblige set. As for weapons, she makes good use of the Blackliff Pole.


Whether you play her for her high-speed charged attacks or massive one-hit burst, she is guaranteed to be able to carry your team through any trouble.

What Makes Hu Tao Great for Pyro:

  • Can greatly enhance her ATK with little downtime.
  • Her burst can devastate enemies in one sweep.
  • One of the most powerful DPS units in the game.


1. Bennett

Who threw that rock?

Unofficially deemed the 4-star pyro archon by the community, there’s no way we’re keeping this guy off our list.


Bennett is arguably the best support in the game. He is a sword user that specializes in creating a pyro field through his burst that can buff team ATK by a massive amount while also greatly healing them while inside.

His skill is a quick pyro slash that can be charged to different levels for varied types of slashes. This is mostly used to charge up particles to gain energy for his team.

Bennett best helps his allies by utilizing the Noblesse Oblige set. To make the most out of his burst, it is ideal to use a 5-star weapon with him or any high base ATK weapon.


Overall, Bennett is easy to build, quite easy to get, and is an investment that no player can ignore. He is a fan favorite and it may be long until we see a new unit take over his top spot.

What Makes Bennett Great for Pyro:

  • Low skill cooldown is great for generating particles.
  • Has the best team buff in the game.
  • Can serve multiple roles in different teams.

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