[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Characters

Genshin Impact Best Characters

Back to the important discussion of which Genshin Impact characters are the best ones, the game has updated a few characters and added new ones since the last article I typed with the very same subject.

With the different conditions needed for Spiral Abyss (during ver. 1.4) and these updates going on, the list of which characters are the best ones is bound to change. Also, this upgraded list has a lot of other factors to consider compared to the previous one.

I’ll try to be as objective as possible with this list. It pains me that some of my favorite characters aren’t even in this list, but this isn’t exactly about me, is it?

Here goes the current top 10 characters in Genshin Impact!

10. Xingqiu

Xingqiu is easily one of the best sub DPS in the game as of now. The way his Elemental Skill and Burst work makes him one of the best characters to use for Elemental Reaction.

As Elemental DMG is much more efficient than Physical DMG, Xingqiu helps you in getting exactly that. On top of that, once you’ve unlocked his Ascension 1, his Elemental Skill can heal the current active character when a Rain Sword is shattered or once its duration is up. The amount of HP is based on 6% of his Max HP.

His ability to heal becomes important when you’re not lucky enough to get a healer except for Barbara (who you get for free after finishing the Monstadt quest). This is important to note because Spiral Abyss doesn’t allow you to heal through food, and having Xingqiu won’t only help you fight but help you heal.

The best part about Xingqiu, though, is his Elemental Burst. Because it works continuously, adding Hydro DMG to every Normal Attack even when Xingqiu is switched out, this allows you to keep on making Elemental Reaction with other characters once the Elemental Burst is triggered.

Another point plus from him, Xingqiu gains a 20% Hydro DMG Bonus at Ascension 4. He can’t get any better than this.

What Makes Xingqiu Awesome:

  • Makes a very good sub DPS
  • Elemental Burst carries on even when switched out
  • Elemental Skill can heal and increase Hydro DMG
  • Gets a 20% Hydro DMG Bonus at Ascension 4; which is amazing for his Elemental Burst in particular
  • Crafting Character Talent Materials with Xingqiu gives you a 25% chance to refund a portion of materials used

9. Bennett

If Xingqiu makes a great sub DPS, Bennett is rather talented in fulfilling his Utility role in your party. Having the ability to heal and boosts ATK turns you into someone quite important to the team.

That said, Bennett’s best point is his Elemental Burst which does exactly what I mentioned above. Yes, his Elemental Burst can only heal to the 70% mark, but it increases your DMG after that, which is a fair deal. Also, the HP regeneration is based on his Max HP, which makes it easier to build him.

On his Constellation 1, though, you don’t need to wait until you get that 70% HP to get increased ATK. His Elemental Burst will increase your ATK since the beginning whilst also gaining additional 20% Base ATK.

For the purpose of making full use of his Elemental Burst, Bennett’s Energy Recharge needs to be prioritized. Which is also great because it’s a rather easy stat to find compared to others.

What Makes Bennett Awesome:

  • A very great Utility
  • Elemental Burst can heal and increase ATK 
  • The only character that can heal and increase ATK, too
  • Rather easy to build
  • Constellation 1 upgrades his Elemental Burst with added 20% of Base ATK

8. Jean

Jean marks the first 5 starred character on the list (yes, it’ll all be 5 starred from here) and she’s here for so many reasons.

First, she’s so capable that it doesn’t really matter which weapon she’s using. On top of that, her top artifacts are just either Gladiator’s Finale or Viridescent Venerer then you’re good to go. What I’m saying is her overall build isn’t that complicated.

Jean’s Elemental Skill lets her launch enemies up with her Anemo ability, dealing both Anemo DMG when they’re launched up and then Physical DMG when they fall down. Holding her Elemental Skill allows you to aim.

As a healer, Jean is more than amazing. She heals everyone in the party a great amount of HP (which scales to her ATK) at once, and then lets your active character heal little by little when you’re inside her Dandelion Field. Plus, characters within the field will have their DMG imbued with Anemo attribute.

Also, at Ascension 1, Jean has a 50% chance to heal HP equal to 15% of Jean’s ATK for all party members when she’s hitting enemies with Normal Attack.

What Makes Jean Awesome:

  • A very great healer
  • Elemental Burst lets other characters’ DMG imbued with Anemo
  • Great with any weapon and artifacts
  • Passive skills give you 12% chance to double the product when cooking Guardian food with a Perfect Cooking
  • Ascension 1 gives Jean the chance to heal as she hits with Normal Attacks


7. Klee

As a Pyro Catalyst, Klee is there to help you deal Pyro DMG and she’ll have fun doing so.

Being a Catalyst, Klee will always be able to trigger Elemental Reaction even simply by clicking through your Normal Attack. This, with her Elemental Skill and Burst, makes her a very capable main DPS.

Klee’s Talent is very easy to understand: she just really likes throwing bombs no matter which Attack you’re using. This makes her easy to use whilst dealing a great amount of DMG. Plus, her Pyro element helps a lot in going against enemies.

She’s a great main DPS, yes, but she’s not your best main DPS per se. Due to her small build, she’d make a bad main DPS when you’re against flying enemies like Ruin Hunter or the flying birds of Oceanids. 

  • What Makes Klee Awesome:
  • AoE Pyro damage on all of her skills
  • Great for solo or mob enemies
  • Her ascension materials are also fairly easy to find
  • Easy to use because her attacks are all wide ranged
  • Passive skills mark maps with Monstadt specialty

6. Mona

The Great Astrologist Mona is your dream sub DPS with all the unique skills.

With water helping her, Mona is very much flexible with all she does. With her ability to glide through water, this makes her a special character with an exclusive ability. The cost of gliding through the water is as simple as Stamina Consumptions, which is more than fair.

Her Elemental Skill holds the Crowd Control ability as it continuously deals Hydro DMG to enemies nearby as it taunts them. On top of that, it will explode once duration is up whilst dealing AoE Hydro DMG.

Moving forward, her Elemental Burst deals a rather massive amount of DMG within a quite large AoE. During this, weaker enemies are even stunned. Her Elemental Burst lasts for 8 seconds, which is a continuous process of dealing DMG. 

Additionally, her Ascension 4 unlocks Mona’s Hydro DMG Bonus equivalent to 20% of her Energy Recharge. On Constellation 2, Mona’s Normal Attack hits has a 20% chance to be followed by a Charged Attack automatically. This can only occur once every 5 seconds, but is still great to help her even turn to a main DPS.

What Makes Mona Awesome:

  • Elemental Skill serves as Crowd Control whilst dealing Hydro DMG
  • Elemental Burst can trap the enemies in a bubble, which deals amplified DMG if attacked
  • Exclusive ability that lets Mona glide on water
  • Able to attack from a safe distance because she uses a Catalyst and with the help of her Elemental Skill
  • At Ascension 4, she gets a 20% bonus Hydro DMG based on her Energy Recharge
  • Constellation 2 can turn her into a main DPS

5. Xiao

Another main DPS that makes the list. With Anemo Vision in his hold, Xiao is nothing but quick when it comes to attacking his enemies.

Xiao’s Elemental Skill lunges him forward as he deals Anemo DMG to enemies in his path. Not only that, this skill has 2 charges and can be used mid-air. Hitting at least one target with this will generate 3 Element Particles.

His greatness, though, comes from his Elemental Burst. When his Elemental Burst is activated, his jumping ability increases greatly, which enables him to continuously deal Plunging Attack. During this, his ATK AoE and DMG are also increased, Normal Attack will turn into Anemo DMG, too.

While all that allows Xiao to deal a great amount of DMG, it costs him his HP little by little the longer the Elemental Burst goes. These effects will end once Xiao leaves the field. The reduced HP is kinda why he’s on number 5; because he will need a healer to go with him.

What Makes Xiao Awesome:

  • Elemental Skill helps him shifts forward quickly
  • Elemental Skill has two charges
  • Elemental Burst turns every DMG to Anemo DMG
  • Elemental Burst deals massive DMG
  • He’s both quick and can deal a lot of DMG that bringing him into a fighting time challenge would be perfect

4. Hu Tao

The newest addition to version 1.4., Hu Tao, is also one of the best main DPS in the game. Not only that, Hu Tao is a great Tanker because her Elemental Skill increases her ATK based on her Max HP when this skill is triggered.

Furthermore, her Elemental Skill converts attack DMG into Pyro DMG no matter what. Using Charged Attacks will apply Blood Blossom effect to enemies hit during this, which makes them take Pyro DMG every 4 seconds. 

With this in mind, spamming Hu Tao’s Normal Attack and Charged Attack during her Elemental Skill would be the best option during a fight.

As if these aren’t good enough, reaching Ascension 1 will increase all party members’ CRIT Rate by 12% for 8 seconds (except Hu Tao) after her Elemental Skill is finished. And then, her Ascension 4 increases Hu Tao’s Pyro DMG by 33% when her HP is equal to or less than 50%.

Hu Tao’s Elemental Burst also plays a great role in her being a good main DPS; not only does it deals AoE Pyro DMG, striking enemies can regenerate her HP. This can take effect up to 5 times, based on the number of enemies hit. In the case that her HP is 50% or below, DMG and HP regeneration amounts are increased.

What Makes Hu Tao Awesome:

  • An amazing main DPS
  • Elemental Skill turns Attack into Pyro DMG
  • Ascension 1 increases party’s CRIT Rate
  • ATK during Elemental Skill is based on her Max HP
  • Elemental Burst brings in large AoE Pyro DMG
  • Elemental Burst can heal her HP when striking enemies 
  • All of her Constellations boost either DMG or CRIT Rate

3. Ganyu

Ganyu stays strong in this list, even making her way up to number 3 from the previous one. As a Cryo Archer, Ganyu has one of the biggest possibilities to deal the highest amount of DMG. Truthfully, having a 5-starred Bow to match her would be great, but she’s great even without one.

Both her Elemental Skill and Burst can work as a Crowd Control, taunting enemies whilst eventually dealing Cryo DMG. Her Elemental Burst works in a rather wide-ranged AoE, too, raining hail to the enemies under her Celestial Shower.

To top off, firing her Forstflake Arrow her Ascension 1 also increases the CRIT Rate of subsequent Frostflake Arrows and their resulting bloom effects are increased by 20% for 5 seconds. Then, her Ascension 4 will give active party members within Ganyu’s AoE a 20% Cryo DMG Bonus during her Elemental Burst.

What Makes Ganyu Awesome:

  • Has two levels of Charged Attacks; level two deals AoE Cryo DMG
  • Elemental Skill also works as a Crowd Control ability 
  • Elemental Burst AoE is pretty wide
  • Ascension 4 brings 20% Cryo DMG Bonus to active party members
  • Great main DPS even on Constellation 0

2. Zhongli

After his patch, Zhongli has turned into one of the best characters in the game real quick. He makes a superb sub DPS and Utility: able to Petrifies enemies with his Elemental Burst, while his Elemental Skill creates a Stone Stele that deals AoE DMG and helps as a tower, and summons a Jade Shield that protects active character when on hold.

The defense that is his Shield even makes it okay if you don’t bring healer within your party. The reason for this is because his Shield’s DMG Absorption scales to his Max HP (which is a lot to begin with). Not only that, it has 150% DMG Absorption against all Elemental and Physical DMG.

As if that’s not good enough, his Jade Shield will decrease Elemental RES and Physical RES of opponents in a small AoE by 20%.

His tower can also be utilized in a few different ways: helping you reach high places by climbing it, or blocking attacks with its tall shape.

In addition, his Ascension 4 also gives Zhongli a bonus DMG based on his Max HP for all of his attacks.

What Makes Zhongli Awesome:

  • Amazing sub DPS
  • Elemental Skill can create tower and Jade Shield, which deals AoE DMG and decreases opponents’ Elemental and Physical RES respectively
  • Stone Stele also helps during exploration 
  • Shield DMG Absorption is based on his Max HP
  • Ascension 4 increases DMG of all his Attacks based on his Max HP
  • Which makes it easier for him to build 

1. Venti

Venti manages to maintain his number 1 place even in version 1.4. Having Venti in your party means you own the strongest Crowd Control ability in the game through both his Elemental Skill and Burst.

Not only does his Elemental Skill deals AoE Anemo DMG and launches enemies to the air, holding this skill will summon an even larger Wind Domain, also dealing AoE Anemo DMG as it launches enemies up in the air. Venti will fly up with the wind after this, and enemies hit by his Elemental Skill will fall to the ground slowly.

After Ascension 1, his Elemental Skill will help a lot more during exploration, as it creates an upcurrent for 20 seconds. This helps in reaching high places, giving you a made-up air current to fly up.

Venti’s Elemental Burst doesn’t only deal Anemo DMG, but also sucks enemies and objects along its path like a black hole. If it comes into contact with Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro elements, it will absorb the element that first comes in contact with it, dealing additional Elemental DMG of the resonating element.

The best thing about Venti is the fact that you don’t have to build him great for him to be good. If you want to go to an extreme and maybe even equip a level 0 Viridescent Venerer on Venti, he’ll still be great. Even weapon wise, you can just equip him with a Favonius Warbow and you’re good to go.

What Makes Venti Awesome:

  • Able to summon an air current that helps you fly and deals AoE Anemo DMG during fight
  • The air current also helps a lot during exploration
  • His Elemental Burst sucks in objects and enemies as it deals DMG
  • Great even without Constellation 
  • Doesn’t need a great build to be a great character
  • At the end of his Elemental Burst, the drops would neatly fall into one spot

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