[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Archers That Are Amazing

Genshin Impact Best Archers

[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Archers That Are Amazing

With the 2.2 Update, there’s a whole host of new archers in genshin Impact to add to the roster of bow users, and the opportunities are exciting. Here we’re going to take a look at who’s the best archers and why they earn a spot on this list, and their strengths and weaknesses. Note that ultimately the strength of your character depends on how you build them and what team comp they are in, but individually, this list should suffice as to the best archers in genshin.

Bow users are not my favorite in the game, I’m more of a claymore person myself, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. Quite the contrary, these characters below have great DPS, their AoE damage is staggering, and sometimes, there’s just stuff you can’t reach with a sword, where a bow comes in handy.


First on the list, we have Aloy, a present given to us on the Genshin anniversary, a five star character. She’s so incredible I wonder how we got her for free. So F2P users, rejoice. Of course you’re going to have to build her, but the results are very much worth it. She has high Cyro Damage without using up too much energy. Her strength is that she can convert her own normal attacks to be imbued with Cyro DMG.

She’s good against mobs, and dealing damage to a large number of opponents at once. This is because she throws freeze bombs that explode with Cyro DMG. She has a Coil Stack which is achieved when her elemental skill hits an enemy, and increases her normal attack. You can collect up to 4 to reach Rushing Ice state, converting normal ATK into Cyro DMG for 10s. 

Her elemental Burst is also a high-damage dealer, which is a power cell shot in the air, and lets her deal Cyro DMG in a large area. Her only drawback is that she is locked at C0 and genshin doesn’t allow her to up her constellations. Give her a thundering Pulse and let her take down mobs, while creating elemental combos with other characters!

  • Performs up to 4 consecutive attacks in a row with a bow
  • Charged ATK deals Cyro DMG
  • Elemental skill throws Freeze bombs, creating a Cyro DMG explosion. Opponent’s ATK is decreased, and Aloy gets 1 Coil stack. Stack up the coils and create rushing Ice stage, which converts her normal ATKs into Cyro DMG. 
  • Elemental burst throws a Power Cell that detonates and creates huge AoE Cyro DMG


One of the new interesting characters you can play with the 2.2 update is Yoimiya, who is a bow character with some unique abilities. She uses up low energy and you can use this to your advantage with her very interesting elemental burst. Her elemental burst essentially marks an enemy which can be attacked by other party members to deal them with Pyro DMG. She’s great to work with in a team and best with single target enemies. Even without her elemental burst, her elemental Skill and her charged attacks are worth having.

Of course, her shining weapon is her elemental burst, which is going to deal a great deal of AoE pyro damage to Single target Enemies, and she can safely deal damage to them using up little energy. However, her burst effects goes away when she leaves the field.

  • Performs up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow
  • Charged ATK creates aimed attack with increased DMG, level 1 of which is Pyro DMG, and Level 2 of which generates 3 kindling arrows which home in on nearby opponents dealing Pyro DMG
  • Her Elemental Skill fires an effect which shoots blazing arrows with increased Pyro DMG
  • Her elemental Burst lets her jump into the air and fire blazing rockets dealing AoE Pyro DMG and mark one of the opponents with Aurous Blaze 
  • Aurous Blaze allows the affected opponent to explode when hit by other characters other than Yoimiya; this effect can be passed on to another opponent when the enemy dies before the effect expires. 


3) Childe

Childe has been the poster boy for genshin since the beginning, maybe because um… he’s cute? I don’t know. But what I do know is that he is a boss and a playable character that is quite powerful. He can perform up to 6 consecutive shots with his bow, and he has great Hydro Power that can be combined with other characters for great elemental reactions.

He might not seem powerful, but if you do look at the numbers on his AoE and DMG you’ll see that he’s a great character, and his charged attack is super to inflict Hydro DMG. His elemental skill creates a Hydro Burst that hits nearby opponents with Hydro AoE DMG. His plunging attack is also great to use, which showers arrows to the enemies while coming down.

  • Up to 6 consecutive shots with his bow
  • Charged ATK can create aimed shot with increased Hydro DMG, applying Riptide status, which will deal AoE Hydro DMG when attacked by Childe. 
  • Riptide Flash hits opponents affected by Riptide with AoE DMG, which can occur once every 0.7s
  • Deals elemental burst DMG with Riptide Blast, with occurs when fighting enemies affected by Riptide, creating a Hydro Explosion

2) Venti

Who doesn’t want Venti in their character roster. Who DOESN”T? This baby faced god’s looks are deceiving. His powers are unique as he can summon air currents that allow you to FLY and he’s just insane and OP for a guy who looks like a middle schooler. He’s invaluable in sticky situations, in getting treasure chests that are inaccessible, in collecting Anemoculous and Geoculous that are in stupidly inaccessible locations. 

Apart from this, he’s also a great character to have in your party, as he’s a five star and a great support for your main DPS. His charged Attack will deal Anemo DMG, and plunging attack will fire a shower of arrows in Mid Air with AoE DMG. He can summon a wind domain at the opponent’s location and create Anemo DMG and blow away opponents. 

His elemental burst creates a Stormeye, which sucks in opponents and deals Anemo DMG to them. This is great when fighting slimes, because not only does it deal a great deal of damage, but the slime’s elements (Cyro, Hydro, Electro, Pyro) will be absorbed into the vortex and deal additional damage to the enemies inside. 

  • Up to 6 normal attack bow shots in a row

  • Charged attack creates more aimed shot with increased Anemo DMG

  • Creates wind current so you can fly

  • Can summon wind doman which deals AoE Anemo DMG and launch opponents into the air

  • Burst creates elemental absorption where opponents elements are used against them


Even after all those new characters, Ganyu still manages to reign supreme, because she’s just overall an awesome character. She’s one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact, and if you pulled her, then good for you! Building a good Ganyu and using her as your DPS just makes all the difference in your gameplay.

Her charged shots gives you an increased Cyro DMG bonus, and her Elemental Burst can be used to buff your Cyro DMG, and then her elemental skill can be used to lure enemies away. Her elemental skill summons a frozen flower which lures enemies to it and bursts dealing DMG to enemies  It’s super cool to do this, since you’ll take less damage, and you can also combine her with other characters to create elemental reactions. Pair her with a Hydro character and she’ll make all your enemies freeze, and that gives you a great edge over your opponents.

Her advantage over other characters comes with her charged shots, because the damage dealt depends on the level of charge. She has massive damage even at C0 so just arm her with a Favonious Warbow and let her do all the work for you.

  • Normal ATK, up to 6 consecutive shots in a row
  • First level of charged attack will fire an arrow imbued with Cyro DMG
  • Second level of charged attack will fire a Frostflake Arrow that creates Cyro DMG, and then bloom after hitting the target, dealing AoE Cyro DMG. 
  • Ice Lotus lures enemies towards it and then explodes, dealing Cyro DMG
  • Elemental burst, Sacred Cyro Pearl will continuously rain down shards of ice, dealing AoE and Cyro DMG


So these are all your bow users, ranked. Feel free to disagree with me, and let me know if you have any reasons why! Overall I think all of them are incredible in their own way, and with the new characters added to 2.2 it makes the playing field so much more interesting. Bow users always have their benefits such as being able to fight long range, but these characters elevate them to something much more incredible. 



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