[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best DPS Characters That Are Amazing (2022 Edition)

The handsome Oni strikes again.

We are on to another year, both in our daily lives and in Genshin Impact. In this last year, Genshin’s Impact world, Teyvat, has expanded a lot with new areas and countries. However, the biggest change gameplay-wise is the addition of tons of new characters.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the best DPS characters in 2022, with every new character included during last year taken into account. As the game gets more and more difficult, the characters get even stronger so of course, the tides have changed.

10. Diluc

We start with Diluc, one of the characters obtainable from the standard banner. As a DPS that has been in the game from the start, the fact that he still deserves a position in the top makes him exemplary. People say that he’s only good in early game, but his burst spam can destroy any Inazuman samurai in seconds.

What Makes Diluc Great for DPS:

  • Elemental burst doesn’t need a lot of energy
  • Constant Pyro Damage
  • Easy amplifying elemental reactions like vaporize or melt

9. Kokomi

Kokomi is one of the newest characters included in this list. This priestess of an Inazuman island is both a healer and a DPS. Her capabilities excel that of a normal healer, dealing damage on par with the rest of the DPS on this list, as well as healing your team to full health.

What Makes Kokomi Great for DPS:

  • Best healer in- game
  • Easy to build
  • Basic attacks after burst deal tons of damage plus heal

8. Xiao

Xiao is another character that has been here for quite a while. This Jaksha is a demon slayer who works for the Geo Archon. However, as faithful he is to his job, he’ll arrive to help you if you are in need. Trust his Anemo jump attacks, because they’re truly devastating.

What Makes Xiao Great for DPS:

  • Easy gameplay with jumping
  • Can dodge most attacks thanks to his jumping ability
  • Fast attacks and movement through the field

7. Tartaglia

Another old friend: Tartaglia. The first Snezhnayan character and the first of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui shown. His gameplay was really different from what we had in the game at that moment, and it still makes a difference with just Raiden Shogun being able to change her weapon.

What Makes Tartaglia Great for DPS:

  • Can change his stance from ranged to melee
  • His burst doesn’t require much energy and it’s a nuker
  • Hydro damage can cause elemental reactions with support

6. Hu Tao

Hu Tao has always been one of the best DPS in Genshin Impact, and of course, she still is. Being in almost every team thatwho wants to compete in Spiral Abyss, she’s a necessity for lots of players. Both based on elemental reactions and raw DPS, her gameplay is amazing.

What Makes Hu Tao Great for DPS:

  • Auto-healing with a burst that it’s also a nuker
  • Pyro damage can cause elemental reactions
  • Her damage is amplified by the percentage of life she has left

5. Eula

We’re past the first half of the top now, finding Eula, another Mondstatd character. Last seen in the freezing DragonSpine, we remember her power even in just her normal attacks. A Physical damage increase is the way to go with Eula. And that attack speed. Awesome.

What Makes Eula Great for DPS:

  • Even her basic attack deals tons of damage
  • Her burst is one of the most powerful in- game
  • Attack speed increases with combo

4. Kamisato Ayaka

Kamisato Ayaka, whose brother’s reveal is just around the corner, stands in 4th place. The Crane princess canis able to freeze our hearts with her beauty and battle skills. The way she brandishes her katana infused with Cryo and the damage she deals are the reasons why she stands at the top.

What Makes Ayaka Great for DPS:

  • Constant Cryo infusion with a dash
  • Can freeze enemies easily
  • Charged attacks deal damage to various enemies at the same time
  • Long- lasting burst that one-shots most enemies

3. Arataki Itto

And now we start the top 3. On the bottom, we find Arataki Itto, one of the onis found in Inazuma. An adult with the heart of a boy. Playing with children and even losing at beetle battles doesn’t mean he can’t destroy any enemy that threatens his peace with his oni transformation.

What Makes Itto Great for DPS:

  • Easy to build as he uses DEF%
  • Easy recharge of his burst which amplifies his damage by leaps and bound
  • Can get charges with every combo which increases his speed
  • Fastest normal attacks in the game even with a claymore 

2. Raiden Shogun

Second, we find the Electro Archon, Inazuma’s Raiden Shogun. Another new Inazuman character in this top. Although at first glance her kit makes her look like a support character, building her correctly can make you aware of your mistake. Not just her nuke burst damage, but with all the normal attacks damage afterward, she’s unmistakably a DPS.

What Makes Raiden Great for DPS:

  • Increases the team’s energy recharge and burst damage
  • Has constant Electro damage even when not on the field
  • Her burst infuses her weapon with Electro and has her damage increased

1. Ganyu

Ganyu. As always Ganyu. I mean, it’s Ganyu, That character whose charged attack can deal more damage than some bursts. That character that’s able to freeze or melt her enemies, stopping them or doubling her damage. Even after a full year since her release, no other character has been able to stand above her in terms of total damage count. Amazing.

What Makes Ganyu Great for DPS:

  • Her charged attacks hit like some characters bursts
  • Long-lasting burst that can be used for freezing or melting
  • Easy to build and useful with a lot of supports


As Genshin Impact gets updated more and more the number of characters increases exponentially. Raiden Shogun, Itto, Eula, or Ayaka are characters that got to be top- tier DPS after they were released. This kind of top is ever-changing, but remember that you should play with the characters you like the best!

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