[Top 10] Genshin Impact's Best Shielding Characters

Top 10 shielding characters in Genshin Impact
One of the top shielding units is, the forever sleepy, Layla

1) Zhongli

The geo archon, Zhongli

The character with the best shielding capabilities in Genshin Impact is Zhongli. Zhongli is a five-star character, and he’s the Geo Archon of Liyue. Not only does Zhongli’s skill apply a team-wide shield, but it also debuffs enemies.

Zhongli is great for:

  • HP-based shield
  • A crystalized geoshield
  • A long-lasting, durable shield
  • Debuffing enemies


2) Layla

Layla is one of the best available shielders

One of the newer shielding characters is Layla. Layla is a four-star cryo-wielding character from Sumeru. Her skill applies a cryo shield, and her ultimate creates a cryo chandelier that will shoot nearby enemies. Using this alongside a hydro character makes it easy to freeze enemies.

Layla is great for:

  • HP-based shield
  • Cryo application
  • Cryo shield
  • Shield that can be reapplied repeatedly


3) Thoma

A pyro shielding unit, Thoma

Another great shield character is Thoma. Thoma is a four-star pyro character from Inazuma. His skill creates a pyro shield, and with his ultimate, he creates another pyro shield that will shoot out flames at enemies. This makes Thoma great for fighting as a sub-DPS alongside a main DPS like Childe, creating a good vaporize reaction.

  • Thoma is great for:
  • HP-based shield
  • Pyro sub-DPS
  • Shield that can be reapplied easily
  • Shield can be doubled up with his skill and burst when used together


4) Noelle

The knights of Favonius' maid Noelle

The second geoshield character is Noelle. Noelle is a four-star geo-character who’s from Mondstadt. The maid of the Knights of Favonius gives a great shield with her skill, and her burst deals high damage to enemies.

Noelle is great for:

  • Defense-based shield
  • Geo shield
  • Good Geo damage


5) Kirara

The new dendro shielder from Inazuma, Kirara

The first of two dendro characters on this list is Kirara. This new four-star character from Inazuma is a great support and sub-DPS for a variety of teams that thrive on dendro-fueled elemental reactions. Kirara’s skill can give her a shield, turn her into an ‘urgent neko parcel’, and allow her to run up walls and cliffs.

Kirara is great for:

  • HP-based shield
  • On-field Dendro damage
  • Exploring
  • Dendro shield


6) Baizhu

The long awaited five-star healer and shielder

The second five-star shield character is Baizhu. This unique character is from Liyue and can shield and heal. Baizhu is a dendro character; his skill creates a sprite that will deal damage to enemies before healing your characters. His burst creates a shield that will absorb dendro damage.

Baizhu is good for:

  • Healing
  • Dealing Dendro damage
  • Dendro shielding


7) Diona

Diona in front of the Cat's Tail tavern

Another character that can heal as well as shield is Diona. The Katzleine bartender from Mondstadt is a four-star cryo user. Diona’s skill creates a cryo-shield, and her burst heals characters standing in a small area and will also deal cryo damage to nearby enemies. Diona’s shield and healing abilities are perfect for any team where players want to create freeze reactions.

Diona is good for:

  • HP-based shield
  • Healing
  • Cryo damage
  • Cryo shields


8) Xinyan

Xinyan in front of Liyue harbor

An underrated character is Xinyan, a four-star pyro character from Liyue. Xinyan’s shield is a defense based shield that improves based on how many enemies she hits. There are three levels to Xinyan’s shield, and on the third level, she will deal pyro damage to enemies. Xinyan’s burst creates explosions that deal pyro damage to nearby enemies.

Xinyan is good for:

  • Defense-based shielding
  • Pyro damage
  • Shield that can deal pyro damage


9) Yun Jin

Yun Jin is another geo shielder from Liyue

Yun Jin is a four-star geocharacter who works at the opera house in Liyue. Yun Jin is a character most commonly used in geo teams alongside characters like Itto, since she applies a good shield and has the potential to deal good damage.

Yun Jin is good for:

  • HP-based shielding
  • Geo shield
  • Geo damage dealing


10) Yanfei

Yanfei is a pyro character with a shielding constellation

There are a few characters in Genshin that apply shields when you receive certain constellations, and one of these characters is Yanfei. At her fourth constellation, Yanfei will create a shield whenever she uses her skill. Which makes her a great character to consider building since she also deals great pyro damage.

Yanfei is good for:

  • Pyro damage
  • Pyro shield
  • Main DPS or Support
  • Strong elemental reactions

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