[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Teams For Beginners

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Team building is a difficult subject. And more so in a game as diversified as Genshin Impact, with so many classes and roles. There’re DPS and sub DPS (damage dealers), healers (recover HP), shielders (protect), enablers (increase team’s overall damage), nukes (one powerful hit)... 

In this guide, we show you 5 of the best teams if you are a beginner player.  Taking into account the difficulty to get the characters and the domains you need to build them, we explain how and why these teams are the best.

5.  Beidou, Xingqiu, Fischl, and Sucrose

In early-game, differences between character roles are less visible than in late game, because output damage in low levels is the same for DPS and support characters. However, in this case, the pirate queen Beidou is the DPS without a doubt because her numbers are huge.

This team shows its best capabilities if used in this order. First, summon Oz for continuous passive Electro damage. Sacarosa should use her elemental skill afterward, to reduce the enemies’ Electro resistance. 

Then you should wait until the enemies are going to strike and use Beidou’s counter skill for powerful damage. Finally, Xingqiu’s skill or burst will produce an electrocharged reaction for added damage. You can finish them off with Beidou’s normal attacks.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Beidou’s counter is a powerful nuke
  • Electro resistance reduced
  • Passive extra damage from Fischl, Xingqiu, and electrocharged

Team’s details:

  • Beidou: DPS
  • Xingqiu: Healer and Enabler
  • Fischl: Enabler
  • Sucrose: Enabler

4. Xiao, Sucrose, Barbara, and Xingqiu 

Although Xiao the Jaksha is a lone wolf, he needs his support to show his full potential. Most of all, a battery and a healer to recover both energy and HP lost using his powerful elemental burst.

To use this team first you should use Barbara’s elemental skill and then Xingqiu’s elemental burst, which will have an added Hydro DMG bonus thanks to Barbara. Then Sucrose should use both her elemental skill and burst to crowd control enemies, recharge Xiao’s energy, and reduce enemies’ Hydro resistance.

After everything is ready, Xiao can summon his Jaksha powers with his burst and start jumping like crazy and dealing tons of damage. Barbara’s healing, Sucrose’s CC, and Xingqiu’s burst passive damage will help him destroy the enemies in a flash.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • One of the best DPS in-game
  • Best 4-star healer
  • Hydro bonus and passive damage
  • Fast energy recharge thanks to battery

Team’s details:

  • Xiao: DPS
  • Sucrose: Battery, CC, and Enabler
  • Barbara: Healer
  • Xingqiu: Healer and Enabler

3. Keqing, Fischl, Chongyun, and Xingqiu

In this team, most of the characters are from Liyue, but it’s not far from the start, don’t worry. Keqing is the main damage dealer in this team, with Chongyun as a sub in case something happens to her.

Xingqiu’s burst and skill, Chongyun’s skill, and Fischl’s skill are the things you should summon first. After that, just change to Keqing and start hitting as you seem fit. Her electro hits will be more powerful thanks to Fischl’s summon, and her normal hits will be Cryo-infused and freeze enemies thanks to Chongyun and Xingqiu.

What Makes This Team Great:

  • One of the best DPS in early-game
  • Makes various elemental reactions: frozen (Cryo + Hydro), superconductor (Cryo + Electro) and electro-charged (Hydro+Electro)

Team’s details:

  • Keqing: DPS
  • Fischl: Enabler
  • Chongyun: Sub DPS and enabler
  • Xingqiu: Enabler and healer

2. Qiqi,  Barbara, Chongyun, and Razor

In second place we find Qiqi’s team. Qiqi is a fun character because she can be both a good healer and deal damage. So there are various ways to play with this team. We should start by using the supports first. Barbara’s known elemental skill will heal us while applying Hydro to enemies, and Chongyun’s skill will infuse our attacks with Cryo, thus freezing enemies. 

Here you can choose to use Qiqi as both healer and damage dealer, while sometimes using Razor skill to cause electrocharged. Or use Razor as the main DPS and focus on building on Qiqi’s healing and burst damage. It’s your choice!

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Best healers in the early game
  • Constant healing
  • Good crowd control with enemies’ freezing

Team’s details:

  • Qiqi: Healer, Enabler, and DPS or just Healer
  • Barbara: Healer and Enabler
  • Chongyun: Enabler
  • Razor: Enabler and sub DPS or DPS

1. Diluc, Chongyun, Barbara, and Fischl

Finally, we got to first place. To be honest, Diluc was the first 5-star character I got (although I was wishing for Tartaglia). I thought of this team using my memories of when I played with Diluc for the first time.

As always, Chongyun, Barbara, and Fischl’s elemental skills come first. In this way, not only will Diluc have his usual kit, with fantastic Pyro damage and fast energy recharge, but he will be overpowered with this support. 

Barbara’s healing aura can cause vaporization or freeze with the Cryo-infused normal hits (thanks, Chongyun); and Fischl can cause overcharged and make your enemies die between explosions. Isn’t this team fun?

What Makes This Team Great:

  • One of the best DPS in the game
  • Good crowd control with freezing
  • Passive damage with electro skill
  • Various elemental reactions
  • Two of the best 4-star supports

Team’s details:

  • Diluc: DPS
  • Chongyun: Sub DPS and Enabler
  • Barbara: Healer and Enabler
  • Fischl: Enabler

As you can see, most of these teams are easy to build. Most of the team characters’ are 4-star, maybe one 5-star from the standard banner, which are easy to get. They’re all from Mondstadt or Liyue, so you won’t have to travel to Inazuma to build them properly. Moreover, all of these characters’ gameplays are fairly easy even for beginners. 

All in all, you should take into account which characters you have and which characters you like. From there, you can copy these teams or just take some ideas and create your unique team. The important thing is to have fun!

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