Genshin Impact: How To Farm EXP Books

If you don't know how to get more EXP books, we'll tell you how to farm them!

Why is it important how to farm EXP books?

You need 3 basic things to level up your characters until level 90: ascension items, Mora and, EXP books. But the most important thing is the EXP books since even if you can ascend your characters, you can’t level them up without those books.

How to farm EXP books in Genshin Impact?

There are a few ways to farm EXP books in Genshin Impact and we’ll tell you about them! Remember that there are three types of EXP books, they just depend on how much EXP gives to your characters.

  • Spiral Abyss is a good way to farm EXP books since you’ll get rewarded with them and with primogems, but there’s a limit so you can’t farm them there whenever you want.
  • Chests. All the chests give you EXP books and some of them primogems.
  • Paimon’s bargains. If you have some coins left you can always buy those books there, but you have a limited number too.
  • Quests. Every time you complete a quest you’ll be rewarded with a few EXP books.
  • Ley Lines. There are two types: the gold ones are for Mora and the blue ones are for EXP books. You don’t have a limited number and you can use resin with them!

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