[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Characters For Exploring

The Electro Archon and her familiar on a walk

It’s time for new areas to be discovered by the Travellers. On update 2.6, the Chasm is going to be accessible for players, so get ready to explore. Thus, it’s better to prepare a special exploration team, which will help you in your travels.

In this guide, we’ll show you who are the most useful characters for exploration right now. From passive abilities that decrease stamina consumption to elemental skills that can help climb mountains. Here we go!

10. Gorou

One of the newest 4-characters introduced is Gorou, a general from Sangonomiya island, in Inazuma. As a half-dog and an expert general, he’s able to distinguish Inazumas specialties in the area and mark them on your map. With Gorou in your team, finding Inazuman resources will be easier than ever.

What Makes Gorou Great for Exploration:

  • Shows the nearest resource unique to Inazuma

9. Qiqi

Following the same line, Qiqi is another character with a similar passive. Expert in Liyue pharmaceutics, Qiqi canis able to discover any resource from her region and point at it in the mini-map.

Not only that, Qiqi’s Cryo Vision allows her to produce gelid attacks. These attacks can be used to activate those ancient artefacts spread through Teyvat that resonate with some elements. Moreover, her skill continuously freezes everything around her, allowing you to form a perfect ice bridge on the water.

What Makes Qiqi Great for Exploration:

  • Shows the nearest resource unique to Liyue on the mini-map
  • Cryo Elemental skill causes water freezing
  • Can activate artefacts that need Cryo

8. Klee

Now, with only Mondstatd left, we go to little Klee. This pyromaniac we all know and love is so used to playing in the wilderness she can find you any kind of resource from Mond in the area shown in your mini-map.

Not only that, she can be used to activate Pyro ancient artefact with her charged attack. This attack can also be used to destroy entire veins of ore when needed. And don’t forget her friend, which she can send with her elemental skill and works on pressure plates on puzzles.

What Makes Klee Great for Exploration:

  • Shows the nearest resource unique to Mondstadt on the mini-map
  • Charged attack can destroy ore veins
  • Elemental skill can be used on pressure puzzles
  • Can activate artefacts that need Pyro

7. Yae Miko

In the 7th place, we go back to Inazuma’s Narukami Island to meet Yae Miko. Although her cover right now makes her serve as a priestess in the Narukami Shrine, she’s still the Electro Archon’s familiar. She’s mostly helpful on Inazuma, where lots of puzzles need Electro attacks, or Electro infused totems to solve puzzles.

What Makes Yae Great for Exploration:

  • Creates up to 3 electro towers useful for puzzles
  • Can activate artefacts that need Electro
  • Pretty

6. Albedo

Nearing the first half, we find the alchemist Albedo. What do you say? How can a scientist be good at exploring the outside world? Now, don’t be prejudiced. Albedo’s skills inwith creating life made him able to create structures from nothing. One of these structures is a flower elevator, which can save you the time of jumping to roofs or hills more than once.

What Makes Albedo Great for Exploration:

  • Creates a Geo elevator
  • Elemental skill and burst can destroy ore veins

5. Kamisato Ayaka

This Cryo character is the eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan in Inazuma. As one of the two characters with an alternative sprint in the game, Ayaka can be a great asset while exploring Teyvat. With her special sprint, she can run through the water surface, which is faster than swimming. 

Even if you run out of stamina, she has a solution. When she stops sprinting she jumps out and freezes the water. From there, you can keep creating an ice bridge with her Cryo-infused basic attacks.

What Makes Ayaka Great for Exploration:

  • Alternative sprint makes her able to run through water
  • Basic attacks and elemental skill freeze water, so she's able to make an ice bridge
  • Can activate artefacts that need Cryo

4. Zhongli

As the Lord of Geo, how can Zhongli not be up to the task of exploring? Does everyone remember how he created Guyun Stone Forest? No? Well, he rained thousands of rock pillars to the sea just to trap some god.

His elemental skill is the same. He can summon a Geo pillar from the ground so you can climb it and continue exploring. Not only can he summon them on the ground, but, if you position yourself correctly, you can also create pillars from the walls or even diagonally instead of vertically.

What Makes Zhongli Great for Exploration:

  • Elemental skill creates a stone pillar you can climb 
  • Elemental skill can destroy ore veins

3. Xiao

Liyue’s Vigilant Yaksha, Xiao, comes third. As the last Yaksha adepti alive, he mustis duty is to cleanse the region from the darkness. The first perk Xiao offers to your team is a decrease in your stamina consumption while climbing. Everyone has shouted more than once in frustration because your stamina depleted before reaching the top. Xiao solves this problem for you.

His passive ability is not the only helpful thing about him. Lemniscatic Wind Cycling, his elemental skill, can be used in mid-air. This skill allows us to move horizontally twice, without spending gliding stamina.

What Makes Xiao Great for Exploration:

  • Elemental skill can be used to travel mid-air
  • Passive decreases climbing stamina consumption for party members by 20%
  • Can activate artefacts that need Anemo

2. Kazuha

In second place we find Kaedehara Kazuha. As one of the best characters from Inazuma, he’s not only an amazing support, but is great for open-world exploration as well. This wandering samurai has travelled throughout the archipelago, so of course, he would be great in the wilderness.

With an elemental skill that lifts Kazuha upwards, you can start climbing without wasting any stamina. It can also be used in mid-air for prolonged flights. His passive ability decreases the cost of sprinting so you can run more time with the same stamina. If you want to do your daily commissions faster than ever, Kazuha’s sprinting perk will be helpful for you.

What Makes Kazuha Great for Exploration:

  • Elemental skill lifts Kazuha into the air
  • Elemental skill can be used in mid-air to prolong flights
  • Passive decreases sprinting stamina consumption for party members by 20%
  • Can activate artefacts that need Anemo

1. Venti

And the Anemo Archon, Venti, takes first place. Venti (formally named Barbatos) is, if you remember, also the God of Freedom. Being the god of freedom, he will help you to fly and glide from one end of Mondstadt to the other.

First, he shines because of his elemental skill. When charging it, it has two functions: launching Venti into the air and creating a current for 20 seconds. With this, you can make your Venti or other characters or even friends start climbing from there. His elemental burst can also clean up groups of hilichurls or treasure hoarders in a moment.

With his passive, your entire team will have a 20% decrease in stamina consumption while gliding. You won’t be trying to fly through Dragonspine just to fall into the void because of your stamina anymore.

What Makes Venti Great for Exploration:

  • Holding Elemental skill launches Venti into the air
  • Holding Elemental skill creates an upcurrent that lasts 20 seconds
  • Elemental burst can clean up enemy encampments in seconds
  • Passive decreases gliding stamina consumption for party members by 20%
  • Can activate artefacts that need Anemo

As you can see, there’re lots of types of characters for explorations. You may have all of them or only some of them, but probably enough to make a team. This exploration team will be able to move faster, jump obstacles, fly long distances, discover materials, and so much more. Moreover, changing one party member in a moment of need doesn’t take even a minute, so try modifying until you get the perfect combination!

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