[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Teams

Genshin Impact Best Teams
Dominate your enemies with these Team Compositions!

There are many ways to enjoy Genshin Impact and its ever-expanding content. The game has a wide variety of characters to choose from and each one of them has its unique skill sets and mechanics.

Because of the limitless ways to play Genshin Impact, you can absolutely be creative in choosing characters in your party. Regardless, this list will suggest the best Team Compositions in the latest patch that you can try for yourself.  


The criteria we used for the list:

  • Overall Damage Output of the Team.
  • Convenience and Efficiency in Domains and the Spiral Abyss
  • How fun it is to use the Team Composition.


Most Genshin Impact players compose their teams based on the Roles of the Characters. Note that Genshin Impact doesn’t have a fixed role system for its characters. Roles are just classifications that the Theory-crafters made to categorize the characters. 

The Theory-crafters categorized each character based on the mechanics of their kit and how to effectively use their Talents to maximize their full potential. But if you are a player that doesn’t care about the META, you can totally build each character to any Role you want.

Before we start on our list, you should first know about the Roles and what are the Ideal Team Compositions.

What are the Roles in Genshin Impact, and what are the Ideal Team Compositions used by the players??

There are 3 Basic Roles in Genshin Impact, namely: Main DPS, Sub-DPS and Support. We will discuss it one by one.

Main DPS

These characters are your primary sources of damage. They are the characters that you use on the battlefield most of the time. Some of them are characters that can deal high bursting damage using their Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst, but most of them are the ones that can generate constant damage using their Normal or Charge Attacks. 


  • Xiao
  • Eula
  • Keqing
  • Ningguang
  • Razor


They are the characters that increase the overall damage output of your team by giving supplemental offensive Reactions in battle. . Most of these characters have Elemental Skills and/or Elemental Bursts that have a long effect duration. Their abilities persist even if you switch them out of the field. Some players use their Sub-DPS characters for setting up various Elemental Reactions.


  • Albedo
  • Venti
  • Xingqiu
  • Fischl
  • Xiangling


As the name suggests, these characters give support and aid to your team. Supports can be subcategorized into 2 classifications:

Utility - characters that support the party by giving shields and buffs to their allies. Some Utility Support characters have special kits that add unique mechanics to the party.  (ex: Albedo’s Elemental Skill that can lift characters stepping on it).


  • Zhongli
  • Albedo
  • Sucrose
  • Diona

Healer - supports that can heal and regenerate the HP of their allies.


  • Jean
  • Bennett
  • Qiqi
  • Barbara

Some characters can be a Utility Support and a Healer at the same time. One example is Diona which has Shielding and Healing effects in her kit.

Now that you know about the Basic Roles in Genshin Impact, we will now discuss how you can apply these Roles when composing a team. In Genshin Impact, you can choose up to a maximum of 4 characters to form a team. Generally, these are the Ideal Team Compositions used by the players based on the Basic Roles of characters. 

  • 1 Main DPS, 2 Subs, 1 Support
  • 1 Main DPS. 1 Sub, 2 Supports
  • 1 Main DPS, 3 Supports (Rare)

Ideally, a team will never lack a Main DPS and Support in its composition. But we repeat, these are just recommendations and we are not forcing you to stick to such guidelines. You can be flexible and creative with your team composition. If you want to form a team that consists of 4 Supports, then why not? It’s how you enjoy the game anyways.

Now, let’s proceed to the main topic of this article: The Top 5 Genshin Impact Best Team Compositions and the viable substitutions to the main lineup.


5. Physical Damage / Auto - Attack Team 

Characters included in the Physical Damage/Auto-Attack Team

Character Composition:

  • Eula (Main DPS)
  • Fischl (Sub-DPS)
  • Albedo (Sub-DPS)
  • Diona (Support)

If you’re the type of player who just wants to slash his way into everything, then you would want to try this team. As the name suggests, this team’s damage scales off the Physical Damage of your Main DPS. You will be using Normal Attacks most of the time when using this Team Composition.

The star of your team will be the Main DPS and you will find yourself using the character most of the time. The other 3 characters will be the supporting casts that will only give supplemental buffs to the star of the team. 

Eula is the best Main DPS we can put in this kind of setup. As we all know, she can provide great Physical Damage output with her kit. Eula’s mechanic is so simple and only relies on charging her Lightfall Sword, and spamming Normal Attacks and Elemental Skills to reach her maximum damage output. 

To maximize the Physical Damage of the team, we added Fischl as a source of Superconduct Reactions. Superconduct is very useful in this composition - it provides 40% Physical Resistance Reduction to the affected enemies. It’s a huge buff for the overall damage potential of Eula.

Albedo’s Solar Isotoma can provide an additional source of damage apart from Eula’s. All you have to do is place a Solar Isotoma in an area using Albedo, switch back to Eula, and let her rampage inside the zone of the Solar Isotoma to generate Transient Blossoms. 

The last character, Diona, activates the Cryo Resonance for the team. The Resonance gives an ample source of Crit Rate for Eula. Diona can also give Shields to Eula. She can also provide Healing if necessary.

For the Artifacts, you can use a 4-piece Pale Flame Set for Eula. The 2-Piece Set Bonus gives Eula a 25% Physical Damage increase. Additionally, the 4-Piece Set Bonus provides an increase in Attack when you use her Elemental Skill. Eula’s Elemental Skill has a short cooldown, so it is easy to maximize the effects of the 4-Piece Set Bonus.

But, if you only want to increase  Eula’s overall Physical Damage. You can use 2-Piece Pale Flame and 2-Piece Bloodstained Chivalry. Using this build, Eula will have a total of 50% Physical Damage increase. 


  • Not reliant on Elemental Reactions.
  • Can deal continuous damage.
  • Basic gameplay and mechanics.
  • Easy to build and highly flexible composition.


  • Heavy  reliance on the Damage Output of the Main DPS
  • Still, Physical Damage gives lower numbers than Elemental Reactions like Melt and Vaporize
  • Basic gameplay and mechanics. (This is a turn-off for some players.)

Substitute Characters:

If you’re F2P and you don’t have Eula on your roster. You can use Razor as a substitute for your Main DPS. Razor is also a good Physical Damage Dealer. What makes him great is when he uses his Elemental Burst, his Attack Speed increases. He can perform subsequent Normal Attacks and dish out good white numbers. 

Any way you like, you can change the remaining members of your team with characters that greatly supplement the Auto-Attack Mechanic of the Main DPS. Examples of these characters are Xingqiu (Elemental Burst shoots projectiles when you use Normal Attacks), Rosaria (Elemental Burst gives Crit Rate Buff), Zhongli (shields reduce the Physical Resistance of enemies), and so on.


4. Tartaglia - Hu Tao Team

Characters included in the Tartaglia-Hu Tao Team

Character Composition:

  • Tartaglia/Hu Tao (Main DPS)
  • Tartaglia/Hu Tao (Sub-DPS)
  • Sucrose (Support)
  • Bennett (Support)

Tartaglia and Hu Tao synergize one another in a unique way. Both characters fill in the gaps of their long Elemental Skill Cooldown.

To utilize this team, you should constantly switch back and forth between Hu Tao and Tartaglia to trigger Vaporize Reactions. If you notice, I purposely placed both Tartaglia and Hu Tao in the Main DPS, and in the Sub-DPS as well. Their roles are interchangeable, it just depends on which character will trigger the Vaporize Reaction. But we honestly suggest using Tartaglia as the trigger because Vaporize Reactions deal more damage if the triggering Element (the second Element applied) is Hydro. 

Basically, you would need to maximize the effects of Tartaglia’s Elemental Skill. You should subsequently apply and trigger Riptide Status Effects to deal maximum damage. When the max duration is reached, you can conveniently switch to Hu Tao while the Skill is in cooldown.

Hu Tao will apply Blood Blossoms to enemies by using her Charge Attacks during the effect of her Elemental Skill. You’ll also apply Pyro Element to the enemies this way. If you successfully applied Pyro Element to all of the enemies, you can switch back to Tartaglia to trigger the Vaporize Reactions.

You can give Hu Tao 2-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames and 2-Piece Gladiator’s Finale to increase her overall damage. You can also give her the 4-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames Set if you want to use her to trigger Vaporize Reactions. The 4-Piece Set Bonus will increase her Vaporize Damage. 

As for Tartaglia, the most suitable Artifact Set for him is the 4-Piece Heart of Depth. The Set will give him Hydro Damage Bonus. It also increases the damage of his Normal and Charged Attacks every time he uses his Elemental Skill.

Also, you can use their Elemental Bursts that both deal massive AOE damage whenever they are ready. So, we can say that this Team is also effective in clearing mobs instantly.

The remaining characters are added for supplementary reasons. Sucrose can group enemies and trigger Swirl Reactions. Additionally, Sucrose can give Elemental Mastery buffs with her kit. This buff is useful as it boosts the effect of Vaporize Reactions.  Furthermore, if you give her the 4-Piece Viridescent Venerer Set, the Swirl Reaction will decrease the opponent’s Resistance to the “Swirled Element”.

Bennett is added to the team because of obvious reasons: he provides Healing and Attack Buff. His inclusion also activates the Pyro Resonance Effect.


  • Fast mob-clearing speed
  • Good in any content
  • Constantly Triggers Elemental Reaction (Vaporize Specifically)
  • Very fun to play


  • Very Reliant on Elemental Reactions to reach maximum damage potential
  • The gameplay for this Team Composition is quite complicated for some players.

Substitute Characters:

The team only relies on the Tartaglia - Hu Tao duo, so you can be flexible in choosing the other two characters. 

If you want another source of Hydro Element, you can include Xingqiu on your team. If you want another character that gives Elemental Mastery Buff, you can include Albedo. And if you want a better version of Sucrose, you can replace her with Venti.


3. Geo - Buffed Xiao Team 

Characters included in the Geo-Buffed Xiao Team

Character Composition:

  • Xiao (Main DPS)
  • Albedo (Sub-DPS)
  • Zhongli (Support)
  • Jean(Support)

This team focuses on Xiao being the main source of damage. Xiao, alone, can deal massive damage to groups of enemies using his Plunge Attacks.

Xiao is very dependent on his Elemental Burst to utilize his utmost potential. His Elemental Burst greatly increases his overall Attack Damage. However, there is a problem with his Burst: Xiao gradually loses HP when it is active. 

To address the troublesome mechanic of Xiao’s Elemental Burst, we added Zhongli to the team to provide shield and protection for Xiao. Zhongli’s Shield also gives Physical Resistance Reduction to enemies. This debuff is very useful when Xiao is not under the effect of his Elemental Burst.

As we said earlier, Xiao is very reliant on his Elemental Burst to bring out his maximum potential. You should always make sure that his Burst is always ready and you should use it as often as you can. The problem is - it’s quite hard to produce ample amounts of Energy Particles using Xiao’s Elemental Skill alone. But don’t worry, that’s why Jean is added to the team.

Jean will serve as a battery for Xiao. Her role is to generate additional Energy Particles which help recharge Xiao’s Elemental Burst. The addition of Jean to the team also gives the Anemo Resonance Effect to the party. The Resonance shortens Cooldowns by 5%, including the cooldown of Xiao’s Elemental Burst.  Jean can also heal Xiao whenever it is needed.

Albedo is added to the team to activate the Geo Resonance effect. The Resonance strengthens the shields for Xiao and it also gives a buff that further increases his damage. Albedo can also provide additional damage with his kit. You can also give him the 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige Artifact Set to strengthen his Elemental Burst damage and to also give Attack Bonus to the party every time you use the Burst.

You can use the 2-Piece Gladiator’s Finale and 2-Piece Viridescent Venerer Set for Xiao. The Viridescent Venerer 2-Piece Set Bonus provides a 15% Anemo Damage Bonus that boosts Xiao’s damage output during his Burst. The 2-Piece Gladiator’s Finale Set Bonus increases Xiao’s damage in general.


  • Can deal High Damage in a large AOE.
  • Geo Resonance greatly supplements Xiao.
  • Zhongli provides good crowd control.
  • Zhongli’s Shield debuff provides Physical Resistance Reduction when Xiao is not in his Elemental Burst.


  • You should always be aware of Xiao’s HP.
  • Anemo and Geo have no Elemental Synergy.
  • It is hard to form the exact character lineup because all of them are 5-Star characters.

Substitute Characters:

Venti and Sucrose are good substitutes for Jean. Both of them can group and hold enemies in an area. When the enemies are held in one place, you can rain Plunge Attacks in the area without missing a single enemy.

The downside is you will lack a healer when you remove Jean. If you really need a healer, you can remove Albedo and replace him with Bennett. Bennett’s Burst also synergizes with Xiao. It can provide HP Regeneration and Attack Bonus in an AOE.

The combo with this composition is: after you use Bennet’s Burst, use the Elemental Burst of Venti/Sucrose to group the enemies into the Inspirational Field created by Bennett, and finally spam Xiao’s Plunge Attacks in that area.

The only disadvantage with this composition is you lose the Geo Resonance Effect with the removal of Albedo.


2. Shielded Hu Tao Team 

Characters included in the Shielded Hu Tao Team

Character Composition:

  • Hu Tao (Main DPS)
  • Albedo (Sub-DPS)
  • Xinqiu (Sub-DPS)
  • Zhongli (Support)

Primarily, this composition is all about keeping Hu Tao alive and producing complementary effects that increase the overall damage output of the team.

Hu Tao, alone, can deal large amounts of damage and can clear groups of enemies quickly. But if you give her additional buffs and team effects, she can easily eliminate multiple enemies in an instant.

Hu Tao and Zhongli synergize well with one another. Zhongli’s shield completely complements Hu Tao’s mechanics. It gives protection to Hu Tao and prevents her from dying when she is low in HP. 

Zhongli’s shield reduces the Resistances of enemies, so Hu Tao can also deal more damage if she is shielded. If you add Albedo to the team, the Geo Resonance will now take effect. The Resonance adds toughness to the shield and provides increased damage to the shielded character.

If Zhongli’s shield is not enough for you, then you can trigger Crystallize Reactions using the two Geo characters to get additional shields.

Xingqiu can apply the Wet Status to the enemies using his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. These provide Vaporize Reactions that increase the damage output of the team. Xingqiu’s Rainswords also give Damage Reduction to the attacks of enemies-  so it’s, somewhat, another addition to your shields for Hu Tao. 

Albedo provides an additional source of damage for the team. Transient Blossoms generated by his Solar Isotoma add more “flowers” to your ‘already-blooming” damage. Albedo also gives an Elemental Mastery increase when you use his Elemental Burst. Then again, it is another fortification for the shields produced by Crystallize Reactions and also an additional damage multiplier when triggering Vaporize Reactions.

This Team is good on every occasion. You can use it for open-world battles, for fighting bosses, and for clearing Domains.  The Team is also effective in getting 3 stars in Abyss Floors due to its fast clearing prowess.

You can use the 4-Piece Set of Crimson Witch Flames for Hu Tao’s Artifacts, or you can also use 2-Piece Crimson Witch Flames and 2-Piece Gladiator’s Finale. You can choose whichever works well for you.


  • High Continuous Damage.
  • Effective in clearing mobs.
  • Good in every content of the game
  • Hu Tao can deal massive Burst Damage and can one-shot groups of enemies.
  • You wouldn't worry about stamina consumption because you won’t even need to dodge enemy attacks. You can spam Hu Tao’s Charge Attacks many times.


  • The characters in the Team are hard to obtain. You can only maximize the potential of the build if you are lucky to have all the characters at the same time.
  • (This is a bit subjective.) It’s awkward to see your Main DPS (Hu Tao) in low health most of the time.
  • Because Hu Tao is in low health most of the time, you should be attentive to the duration of the shields. One miscalculation and you will see Hu Tao heading to the realm of the dead herself.

Substitute Characters:

You can replace Xingqiu with Cryo Sub-DPS characters if you prefer Melt than Vaporize Reactions. Ganyu is a good replacement, her Elemental Burst can apply the Cryo Element to enemies in a large AOE. Ganyu’s Elemental Burst damage is also off the charts, making her an ideal boost for your team’s overall damage output. Another viable choice is Rosaria. Her Burst also applies Cryo Element in an AOE, it also gives Crit Rate Bonus to the party.

If you’re not confident with the shields and you still want a Healer for your team, you can use Bennett in your party. Bennett can provide Healing and Attack Bonus Boost. 

What Makes Bennett an ideal Healer for Hu Tao is because his Elemental Burst will never heal Hu Tao past 70% of HP. . So, you will only need to use Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill once to bring her below 50% HP again. The addition of Bennett also activates the Pyro Resonance which gives a 25% Attack Increase for the party.


1. Ganyu - Venti (Morgana) Team 

Characters included in the Ganyu-Venti Team

Character Composition:

  • Ganyu (Main DPS)
  • Venti (Sub-DPS)
  • Mona (Support)
  • Diona (Support)

Undoubtedly, this team is the most popular and the best team composition in the game. What makes this team so well-loved is the synergy of Venti’s Elemental Burst and Ganyu’s Charge Attacks.

Venti can group and hold numerous enemies using his Elemental Burst.  This way, you won’t have a hard time aiming at enemies when using Ganyu. You can spam Ganyu’s Charge Attacks on the enemies sucked by Venti’s Elemental Burst and see them perish one by one.

The addition of Mona to the party lets you freeze enemies. Mona also deals additional AOE damage using her Skill and Her Burst. The Trio of Ganyu, Mona and Venti is so efficient in clearing groups of enemies. It is even the most used Team for clearing Spiral Abyss floors in the Chinese Server.

Now, to put utility to the team, Diona is placed as the last member and Support of the Team. Diona can heal the team and give shields to Ganyu to minimize interruptions when in the Aimed Shot Mode. Also, with Diona’s addition, the Elemental Resonance “Shattering Ice” will be activated. The Resonance will give an increase in Crit Rate against enemies that are frozen or affected by Cryo.

The Resonance is very useful, especially for Ganyu. Ganyu is a character that deals heavy Crit Damage (her Crit Damage increases with her Ascension) so it is better to pair it with high Crit Rate to maximize Ganyu’s Damage potential.

The 4-Piece Blizzard Strayer Set is the best choice for Ganyu in this Team Composition. The Cryo Resonance and the Artifact Set’s Effect give substantial Crit Rate for Ganyu. In addition, the Team Composition can apply Frozen Status to enemies constantly - you can utilize the additional 20% Crit Rate given by the Artifact Set.

Now that you have sufficient amounts of Crit Rate for Ganyu, you can then focus on increasing her Crit Damage even more. You can use the Wanderer’s Troupe Set alternatively if your Ganyu already has a good Crit Rate.


  • Can clear Domains and Spiral Abyss floors for a short time.
  • Can eliminate groups of enemies from a long distance.
  • Can apply the Frozen Status to groups of enemies constantly.


  • While charging her arrows, Ganyu can be interrupted easily if not shielded.

Substitute Characters:

If you don’t have Mona in your team, you can substitute her with Rosaria. Rosaria can also give a Crit Rate Bonus using her Elemental Burst. However, if you use her as a substitute for Mona, you should still add a Hydro character to maximize the effects of the Blizzard Strayer Set. 

It is not recommended to remove Venti from the team because his Burst is very essential in the lineup. So the only character you can replace is your Support, which is Diona. The only viable replacement is Barbara. 

The only problem if you remove Diona is you can not use shields anymore. But I believe it’s not a big problem, especially if you’ve been playing Ganyu for too long and you already familiarize her mechanics too well.


This concludes our list of the Best Team Compositions in Genshin Impact. Always remember that the Best Team is the one that gives you utmost enjoyment every time you play the game. Be creative and make sure to have lots of fun. If you have comments, suggestions, clarifications or even objections, feel free to comment and add some inputs to our list.

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