Is Genshin Impact Free (And 10 Things You Need Should Know)

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If you want to start playing Genshin Impact but don't know anything about it, this is your place!

Genshin Impact has become known lately and new players keep coming into this game. But everyone’s first question about this game is “is it really free?”.

It doesn’t matter if you talk about the game itself or in-game, today we’ll tell you a few things related to this and you’ll know if Genshin Impact is really free or not and more questions that you might have about the game’s elements! Let’s start!

10. What kind of game is it

Genshin Impact is a RPG game created by a Chinese company named Hoyoverse (it was named MiHoyo, but they changed their name recently).

In this game, you have to explore Teyvat and defeat every enemy you find, since dark energies want to destroy everything! Since you’re a courageous adventurer, you have to defeat them!

Meanwhile, you’ll meet a lot of characters on this travel and you’ll be able to pull for them in the Gatcha system it has too! You can unlock characters, funny missions, special events, achievements and so much more!

9. What is the story

You’re a traveler that wakes up in an unknown place after a mysterious person kidnaps your brother (or sister, it depends on which traveler you choose). You explain this to Paimon, your new friend and your guide through Teyvat, the world you’re now in!

Your mission is to find your brother, but you’ll meet a lot of characters through your travel that will need your help and they’ll help you to discover what happened to your brother since you’ll start to think that he might have done something really bad to Teyvat.

You’ll meet characters such as Venti, the Anemo archon, or Kamisato Ayaka, a princess! And everyone is an adventurer like you, so you’ll get along really well!

8. How many classes to choose from

There are 5 classes to choose from depending on which weapon you choose! This will determine your team synergy and how you play since there are 4 types of roles too.

Don’t worry, we’ll explain all of this!

  • Classes. There are 5 types of weapons: bow, polearm, claymore, sword, and catalyst. 
  • Roles. There are 4 roles: healer, support, DPS, and sub-DPS. A healer is a character that can heal you, a support can shield you or boost your DMG, a DPS does all the possible DMG and a sub-DPS does DMG when DPS can’t.

Obviously, there are no roles for specific weapons. I mean, there are catalyst healers and DPS, or polearm supports and sub-DPS. Roles don't belong just to one weapon.

You just have to choose what kind of character you want to use or their role based on which you like or which one you need!

7. How does the battle system work

The Battle system depends on which kind of character you're using and what you’re doing. You won’t do the same in a normal battle around the world against some Hilichurls, as what you would do on Abyss.

Every character has two abilities: an Elemental Skill, which recharges faster, and an Elemental Burst, which does more DMG or helps more.

If you’re around the map defeating some enemies it doesn’t matter how you fight since you do it just for fun and nothing will happen if your characters die! But if you’re doing an event or Spiral Abyss, you’ll have to think about the synergy between your characters.

Also, you’ll have to think if it’s the right moment to use a Burst or not and in which order you have to do it. But don’t worry, if everything goes wrong, you’ll just have to repeat and won’t lose anything!

6. How to get characters

Characters are almost everyones’ reason to start playing Genshin Impact because they’re the only way to defeat enemies and Genshin Impact’s designs are very cool!

There are just two ways to get characters:

  • Events. Sometimes, Genshin Impact releases events where you can get for free some 4 star characters like Xiangling, Xingqiu or Fischl. But yes, never 5 stars ones.
  • Gatcha. It’s the only way to get 5 star characters, it doesn’t matter if they’re limited or not, there’s no other way. Also you can get 4 star characters while pulling for a 5 star!

To pull for a character you have to get Primogems, since it's Gatcha’s “money”. You can get them exploring, missions or paying for them in Paimon’s shop!

5. How many regions does it have

Genshin Impact has 7 regions, one per vision. Each region represents one element and each one has an Archon, but for now, we just know 3 of them!

  • Mondstat. This region represents Anemo and its Archon is Barbatos.
  • Liyue. This region represents Geo and its Archon is Rex Lapis.
  • Inazuma. This region represents Electro and its Archon is Raiden Shogun.
  • Sumeru. This region represents Dendro.
  • Fontaine. This region represents Hydro.
  • Natlan. This region represents Pryo.
  • Snezhnaya. This region represents Cryo.

As you can guess, if you’re from Inazuma it doesn’t mean all their characters are Electro! Tartaglia, for example, is from Snezhnaya and he’s a Hydro character. Also, every region is inspired by a real world country!

4. Is it opened world

Genshin Impact is a totally open world! You can explore as much as you want and go everywhere, no one will stop you! Well, if you try to go to a region that isn’t released yet Paimon may stop you!

The only thing you need to do to go to other regions is follow the main Quest, since you can spoil yourself if you go to a certain region without your Quest completed.

3. How to level up

There are two ways to level up in this game. It just depends on what you want to level up: you or your characters.

If you want to level up your Adventurer Rank (your account level) you just have to complete missions, do daily commissions and explore! This level increases your World level and bosses will have high levels and will give you better rewards.

If you want to level up your characters, you have to farm Experience Books and materials, since you have to ascend your characters too! Materials depend on which character you want to level up, but Experience Books are for everyone.

2. Does it have a map

It does! As every game, it has a map that gives you information about Teyvat and you can mark interesting places too.

To unlock it, you just have to unlock Statues of the Seven and then, you have to unlock teleports so you can go from Mondstat to Inazuma, for example, without the need to walk there.

Genshin Impact’s map is bigger than it looks now, since Hoyoverse every 10 updates release a new region and unlock a new part of the map. Right now, we can’t know how big is it but we can just imagine it is huge!

1. Is Genshin Impact Free

We’re finally here! Top 1! And we couldn’t talk about anything other than Genshin Impact itself!

Genshin Impact is the reason that you and I are here right now! You’re just curious about this game and I’ll tell you everything you want and need to know about it!

Genshin Impact is totally and absolutely FREE! Exactly, you don’t need to pay for it to play it, you just need to download it and play it!

Even if it’s totally free, there are some in-game payments that you can choose to do or not. As we said, some of these payments are the Blessing Moon, Battle Pass or skins.

Anyways, it’s a totally free game in which you don’t really need to pay anything to go forward with it!

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