Genshin Impact Best Geo Characters (Ranked Worst to Best)

Liyue Arch was amazing!

The Geo Element, ruled by Morax, the Geo Archon. This god slash dragon controls earth and rocks and allows this power to be shared with the people of his choosing. People with a strong mentality, perseverance, and the strength to see their goals achieved. In this guide, we’ll show you who these 8 people are and their good and bad qualities.

8. Traveller (Sub-DPS)

As always, the Traveller goes last. It’s a pity, really, because the twins are really pretty and have a beautiful aesthetic. In their case, their goal is to find their sibling, the prince/princess of the Abyss, and nothing will stop them.

They’re really useful as a Geo constructor, both in exploration and in battle. The obstacles they create can very well impede your enemies from attacking you, as well as help in climbing towers and mountains.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Elemental Skill creates a platform.
  • Elemental Burst can be used to block DMG.

7. Noelle (DPS, Shielder, Healer)

In 7th place, we find the maid Noelle. Her outstanding perseverance, her mighty super-strength, and her love for the Knights of Favonius make her one of the best characters to have a Geo Vision.

She’s a really useful character who can be used in every role, supporting with shields or healing, dealing damage with Geo-infused claymore or tanking with her tons of defense. You are the one to choose.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Elemental Burst turns Normal Attacks into Wide Range Geo DMG.
  • Naturally high DEF.
  • Elemental Skill can recover HP for all characters.

6. Ningguang (DPS, Shielder)

Ningguang, the most influential person in Liyue, and the boss of the Qixing, also has a Geo vision. Since childhood, she had a love for the city and wanted it to be protected forever, thus she received her Vision to help her get stronger and be able to rule in the right direction.

The shielding walls are one of the manifestations of that wish. Those, together with her beautiful jewel projectiles, she became one to be feared among the Geo users.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Shield provides protection against ranged attacks.
  • Can increase the party's Geo DMG with Jade Screen.
  • High Elemental Burst DMG.
  • Useful for fighting from a long range.

5. Yunjin (Shielder, Enabler)

Yunjin is a support character whose job is dancing and singing in operas throughout Liyue. Her dream is to finally be the best opera actress in Teyvat, rivalling even her father figure, and doing what she loves forever.

The ritual opera dances can somehow be applied to battle through her Vision, sometimes creating a shield to instantly parry enemy attacks. She can also buff your team in multiple ways such as increasing normal attacks’ damage.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Elemental Skill generates many Elemental Particles.
  • Boosts Normal ATK DMG.
  • Elemental Burst has a Low Cost.
  • Elemental Skill DMG increases per Charge Level or Parry.

4. Gorou (Enabler)

Gorou is one of the two Geo characters from Inazuma. In particular, he’s from Watatsumi Island, and he works (as a general) for that very same army. As a half-animal human, his abilities are based on his animal form.

Increasing the Geo power of his army, their critical damage, forming shields, and even healing. He’s a general who will give it all to protect the place he loves the most and the priestess within it.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Boosts DEF, interruption resistance, and Geo DMG.
  • Buffs the entire party's DEF after using Elemental Burst.
  • C4 can heal active characters during Elemental Burst.
  • C6 can increase Geo CRIT DMG.
  • Displays Inazuma Specialties on the minimap.

3. Albedo (Sub-DPS, Shielder, Enabler)

Albedo is an alchemist from Mondstadt. Well, he’s originally from Khaenri’ah, but has been living in Mondstadt as a Knight of Favonius for some time. His main passion is discovering the alchemy of life, and how it works.

His job as a support character doesn’t really entail support. More like dealing damage from the shadows. Moreover, although he won’t be seen, the Geo flowers that bloom when killing enemies are a sight to behold.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Provides large AoE of Supplemental Geo DMG.
  • Has one of the lowest Elemental Skill CD at 4s.
  • Gives an additional 125 Elemental Mastery after using Elemental Burst.
  • Can use DEF % Artifacts like Noelle, lowering the build difficulty.

2. Arataki Itto (DPS)

Itto is a childlike oni from Inazuma, who received a Geo Vision at an early age. His hobbies being playing with children (or with Ayato) and taking care of his grandma, he may not have much use of his Vision.

However, when the occasion calls for it, he can mix his oni powers with the Geo abilities, transforming into a half-monster with super-human strength and who can teleport. Together with his cow friend, nothing will affect his peaceful life.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • High Base CRIT Rate.
  • High Charged Attack DMG when enhanced with Superstrength Stacks from Normal Attacks & Elemental Skill.
  • Elemental Skill taunts enemies.
  • Elemental Burst increases overall DPS.

1. Zhongli (Shielder, DPS)

Finally, we get to the first place and, of course, find Zhongli (formerly known as Morax). This so-called Geo Daddy is Hu Tao’s advisor and the person with the most expertise in the history background of all Liyue.

Although he may seem like a simple refined man, Zhongli is one of the best supports in-game. Without losing the ability to deal damage in the hundreds with meteorites, he can protect your team with a limitless shield that is mostly unbreakable.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Large AoE Geo Damage.
  • Tough shield that can withstand most enemy attacks.
  • Can petrify enemies with his Elemental Burst.
  • Can drain Geo Element from Enemies.


There’re lots of characters explained in this guide. All of them, however, are worth having received the Vision they have. Their goals being arrived at the formula of life, or making all people from their region happy, they all have a rock-hard resolve, which Morax (and us) saw fit to help with his powers.


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