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Are you tired of not knowing how to build your characters? Don't worry! We have the solution!

When you start to play Genshin Impact everything is joyful and amazing, but every time you level up your Adventure Range the moment of building your characters gets closer.

The first time you hear about artifacts and stats you can feel overwhelmed since you don’t understand anything and if you ask someone who has being playing Genshin Impact for a while you will understand less.

But don’t worry! I’m here to help you in your path to build your characters in the best possible way and turn you into a pro-character-builder. Everyone will ask you for advice after this.

The first thing you have to know to become a pro-character-builder is the artifacts stats you want to have in your artifacts, so here you have a list of artifacts stats from worst to best!


Every artifact has 4 sub-stats and the goal is to have the best sub-stats for your character, but it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have the 4 best stats your artifact is useless.

Defense is the worst stat that you can have and since there is defense and % defense, if you get both of them you can totally recycle your artifact.

But if you have 3 of the best stats and your fourth stat is defense, don’t worry! Your artifact is great! And if it’s % defense it’s even better than you think. Getting perfect artifacts is difficult, but everyone and everything has imperfections, don’t we?


6. HP

We usually think “if I have a lot of HP it will be difficult to kill me, right?” and it’s not always like that. Yes, it will be difficult for monsters to kill you, but if you focus on getting just HP you will lack damage and is it really worth being immortal if you can’t kill what is killing you?

One of the reasons you don’t have to look up for HP as a sub-stat is that artifacts like the flower always give HP as the main stat.

And as we said before, %HP is so much better than HP but if you have both you can keep looking for artifacts because it’s not your best option.



I’m sure the first time you saw this sub-stat you thought it was horrible because you didn’t understand what it was. But I’m here to change your mind!

Simply said, Elemental Mastery is used to increase the damage of your elemental reactions.

For example, if you have a Pyro support like Thoma you don’t want him to have Pyro DMG, you want him to have Elemental Mastery to deal more vaporizer damage when a Hydro character has his Elemental Burst activated.

If you’re going to use your character as a support for elemental reactions all you need is Elemental Mastery and if they’re your DPS, well, it’s not a big deal in your stats.


As in Elemental Mastery, I’m sure the first time you heard about this stat you thought it was horrible and an outrage in your artifacts. How did that thing you knew nothing about have the audacity to be in your artifacts?

Well, keep calm, it was nothing to be scared about! Energy Recharge helps your characters to have their Elemental Burst in a shorter time lapse.

Mona and Bennett, for example, need a lot of Energy Recharge since their Elemental Burst amplifies DMG for the rest of the party. If there is something that gives your characters more DMG I’m sure you want to have it all the time.


The function of this stat is simple. As its name says it gives you the probability to do critical attacks to the enemies. If you have 0 probability it doesn’t matter how much damage you have, you won’t do critical attacks and you won’t take advantage of the power you have.

“Then, why is it in 3rd place and not in 2nd or 1st place? It doesn’t make sense!ª. Keep calm, Paimon, it makes sense.

You have to look for Crit. Rate as much as you can in your sub-stats because our goal is to reach 50%, but this is easier since there are a lot of weapons whose sub-stat give us Crit. Rate so you don’t have to try to get it in every artifact.

2. ATK

This is one of the stats that you have to look up for the most. Your goal in this game is to kick monster’s asses and you need to have attack for that. If you don’t have attack, you don’t kick asses, got it?

Again, we have attack and % attack and the rule we made before is the same: we need % attack over normal attack. But if you just have normal attack in your artifacts it doesn’t matter, it’s still a good artifact.

“If it’s ok with normal attack why is % attack a priority?”. It’s so easy to explain, Paimon, listen. If you have an artifact with 20% attack it will give you the 20% of the total attack you have in your character at the moment.

If your character has 1,000 attack and your artifact has a 20% attack as sub-stat, it will give you 200 attack instead of 180 as normal attack would do, you got it? Easy maths, Paimon.


And we are finally at the top 1! Congratulations if you have reached here and didn’t give up in your path to be a pro-character-builder.

Let’s make this fast. Why is this in the first place? Simple, as much Crit. DMG you have more damage will have your critical attacks.

Crit. Rate and Crit. DMG go hand in hand since if you don’t have probability you won’t do critical attacks and you won’t deal a big amount of damage. Crit. DMG is more difficult to get since there aren’t a lot of weapons with this as a sub-stat and not a lot of characters level it up in their ascendantions.

The minimum you have to try to get is a 100% of Crit. DMG. If you surpass it, congrats! Your character is amazing!

Something that you have to keep in mind every time you want to build a character is their abilities. If their ability is, for example, a shield that improves with the Defense of the character you have to look for Defense in every artifact that you can. This happens with Albedo’s Passive Elemental Skill.

Hey, don’t worry! This class has already ended so we will learn more about this in the next one! Remember that this is just the beginning of your path to become a pro-character-builder in Genshin Impact.


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