[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Cryo Characters

Diving into the fray!

The power of cryo allows players to take down enemies in multiple ways. It allows you to freeze and shatter, melt, and reduce enemy physical resistance, to name some effects. It is an element that gives you the power of choice, and any way you choose, you can be sure that the effects will always be devastating.

Read along to find out the best cryo characters in the game so far (Mid Patch 4.1). Take note that by “best”, we mean to evaluate the unit as a whole. This includes any effects or buffs that may come with using the character, as units in the game have their own unique quirks.


10. Mika

A trustworthy companion to have on your party.

First up is a young knight who serves his nation loyally. He is quite the shy type, but his bravery shines when it is needed.


Mika is a polearm user who technically sometimes uses a crossbow in combat. His skill fires a cryo shot from his crossbow that can be aimed when held. After it is released, he grants his allies a great attack speed buff and even a physical damage buff once his passive is unlocked.

His burst casts a prayer that heals his allies. These allies are blessed with the eagleplume state, which allows them to be healed each time they attack an opponent.

Mika is a good unit to have in specific teams, but, his support capabilities are very niche.

He buffs his team well with the Noblesse Oblige set while the Favonius Lance is a good free option for ER.


Heals and buffs are his main value, so consider taking him on your team if you’re planning on doing a physical or normal attack-focused team. 

What Makes Mika Great for Cryo:

  • Can buff physical damage for his team.
  • Greatly buffs attack speed, a rare ability.
  • Healing is not limited to any range.


9. Kaeya

The cavalry is on its way.

Nobody knows where he hails from, but what matters is that he is a distinguished knight. Cunning and clever, this captain has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.


Kaeya is a sword user who can apply lots of cryo off-field. He is also sometimes used as a physical DPS. His skill shoots cryo at enemies in front of him. His passive can also allow this attack to heal him.

His burst summons a ring of cryo around him that stays even when he’s off the field. At higher constellations, this duration can be greatly extended depending on how many enemies are defeated at this time.

The best way to utilize him is to spam the use of his burst whenever you can. This allows your DPS units to capitalize on the possible freeze or melt reactions.

The Blizzard Strayer set is good for a freeze composition and equipping him with the Favonius Sword lets him regain his burst quicker.


Do not underestimate this unit. Despite being a free character from the story, his burst is a valuable ability that can provide value up until the late game. His off-field cryo application works amazing with multiple elemental teams.

What Makes Kaeya Great for Cryo:

  • His burst can last a long time.
  • Skill is quick and has a short cooldown.
  • Is available for free as you finish the early quests.


8. Rosaria

Who is she really?

She’s a sister of the church, yet her actions and demeanor don’t exactly reflect this. Whether she’s hiding something or not, we’re glad that she is on our side.


Rosaria is a polearm user that is mainly used as a physical DPS, or in some cases, an on-field cryo enabler. She performs satisfying normal attacks that, when boosted with superconduct can deal a lot of damage.

It is almost necesarry to pair her with a good off-field electro enabler. This provides her with easy access to superconduct so she can maximize her physical damage output.

Any of the physical damage sets work great for her, but if you're using her off-field, it's best to use the Noblesse Oblige set instead. As a DPS, the Dragonspine Spear fits her best.


Her skill is a quick dash that allows her to teleport behind her opponent, slash them, and increase her own CRIT Rate after. Her burst swings around her weapon, then slams it down, dealing periodic cryo damage that lasts even when she’s off-field.

What Makes Rosaria Great for Cryo:

  • Capable 4-star physical damage dealer.
  • Can boost the CRIT Rate of her allies.
  • Easier to boost her CRIT ratios due to her element and build options.
  • Can increase movement speed by 10% at night.


7. Layla

The stars tell all.

This sleepy head is one of the brightest minds in Sumeru. Her knowledge of astrology is well applied into her kit, and her mastery of stars is a sight to behold.


Layla is a sword user who can create shields while applying off-field cryo. Her skill conjures a shield that stacks stars as time passes or every time a teammate uses a skill. At max stacks, these stars fire off into enemies dealing cryo damage. Her burst conjures an AoE sphere that also fires stars. When a star is fired, additional stacks are added to her shield. 

She synergizes well with squishy DPS units as she can defend them while also providing them with cryo to boost their elemental attacks.

The Tenacit of the Millelith set strengthens the shields she creates making it an ideal set for her. Use her with the Favonius Sword to get a boost in your ER.


She is a great defensive option for freeze teams due to her ability to apply cryo well. Pair her with strong elemental teams to make the most out of her cryo application.

What Makes Layla Great for Cryo:

  • Has one of the sturdier shields in the game.
  • Is great at applying cryo.
  • Easy to build as she mainly scales off HP.


6. Qiqi

Done gathering for the day!

Who knew that zombies could look this cute? It’s no surprise that this doctor’s assistant is great at healing.


Qiqi is a sword user who focuses on healing her team. Her skill lets her summon a Herald of Frost that periodically deals cryo damage in a short radius around her while providing healing to the on-field unit. If Qiqi is on the field, her normal attacks will heal her team. This pairs well with her passive, which allows her to mark enemies with talismans that, when hit, can heal the teammate attacking.

Her burst allows her to blast enemies around her with cryo while applying talismans to all those affected. This lets her teammates go all out on any target, guaranteeing them heals whoever they target.

Qiqi can be put in almost any team and she will definitely provide great value. Ideally, you would pair her with units that rely on fluctuating HP mechanics as she ensures that they will never fall to low on health.

She boosts her healing with the Maiden's Beloved set that is best paired with The Flute which gives a lot of ATK.


She is a very capable healer, but you can't expect her to bring out any more value. If you are in dire need of healing, she is the cryo character for you.

What Makes Qiqi Great for Cryo:

  • Healing is also effective in co-op.
  • Can heal her team on and off the field.
  • Easy to build.
  • Can be summoned in the standard banner.


5. Eula

Have a drink with her.

A relentless character who strives to clear her family name. She is a distinguished knight who despite her bad reputation, still does her best to serve justice to those who deserve it.


Eula is a claymore user and is arguably the best physical DPS in the game. She is a master of the claymore, so much so that she swings it faster compared to other users of this weapon.

Her skill is packed with value, as she can perform cryo slashes with it, increase her resistance to interruption, and decrease enemy resistance.  Her burst allows her to summon a lightfall sword that stays for 7 seconds. Normal attacks against enemies would grant her stacks that, when the duration ends, detonate the lightfall sword, dealing damage based on how many stacks she achieved. Her burst is infamous for dealing screenshot-worthy damage.

Same as Rosaria, Eula enjoys the company of a good electro support. All her abilities are amplified with superconduct, thus, units such as Fischl or Kuki would provide great value for her.

Eula really packs a punch when equipped with the full Pale Flame set to greatly increase her physical damage. For free weapons, she can work great with the Prototype Archaic or the Snow-Tombed Starsilver.


She is a unit that takes up a lot of time on the field but makes it worth your while. Pair her with units that can buff her damage or attack speed further and let her loose on unsuspecting enemies.

What Makes Eula Great for Cryo:

  • Can increase her own resistance to interruption.
  • Can shred enemy resistance.
  • Has one of the best damage dealing bursts in the game. 


4. Shenhe

A mortal raised by an adeptus.

This dedicated cryo support may be limited when it comes to teams, but she does it so well that she takes the 4th spot on our list.


Shenhe is a polearm user that focuses on buffing cryo damage dealt by her teammates. Her skill allows her to dash towards enemies or send out her spirit to do it for her. This also imbues her with the Icy Quill effect, which boosts team cryo damage dealt based on her ATK.

Her burst creates a massive AoE where her spirit roams freely to attack enemies and deal cryo damage. This also decreases the resistance of enemies to physical and cryo damage. She also has passives that drastically improve all these buffs that she provides.

She is a very niche unit as she is mainly used to buff cryo units. Her value falls of greatly when placed in other elemental teams.

As she mainly needs ATK, she is one of the few that are better off with separate 2-piece sets that provide ATK. For her weapon, the Favonius Lance lets her regain her energy faster.


If you are a fan of using cryo DPS units, you can’t miss out on having this buffer on your team. She may not deal a lot of damage on her own, but her aid to fellow cryo units more than make up for it.

What Makes Shenhe Great for Cryo:

  • Generally easy to build.
  • Great at shredding enemy resistance.
  • Pairs well with other cryo teammates. 


3. Diona

Enjoying a nice sunny day.

This feline is one of the best mixologists in Mondstadt, and she doesn’t even like alcohol. Her talent seeps over to her kit, which also makes use of her wild concoctions.


Diona is a bow user who can provide both shields and healing. Her skill lets her swiftly create a decent shield while damaging enemies nearby. Pair this with the Sacrificial Bow and you can have an amazing shield. Her burst has her throwing her mixture, which creates an AoE cryo field that damages enemies while healing teammates within. 

She is the queen of cryo defense and she virtually fits in almost any team composition.

She can utilize either the Noblesse Oblige set or the Tenacity of the Millelith set, depending on your needs. 


Diona is definitely one of the best 4-star support units in the game right now due to her immense value. If you are looking for an all-around support, she’s your gal.

What Makes Diona Great for Cryo:

  • Can create fairly sturdy shields.
  • A great cryo energy battery for her team.
  • Is generally easy to build.
  • Work greatly with reaction based teams.


2. Ganyu

There is beauty in everything.

Dedicated and loyal to her homeland, this adeptus has served her nation for many generations. She has proven to be a very capable fighter, even surviving the aftermath of the Archon War.


Ganyu is a bow user who truly lets you feel the power of an archer. Her playstyle revolves around her iconic charged attacks that fire arrows that explode and deal AoE cryo damage. The scaling of this is amazing and can reach great numbers when used with melt.

Her skill allows her to create a decoy that taunts as she escapes to a safe distance. Her burst allows her to create a hail that consistently blasts cryo damage even when she’s off-field. 

Let her lead freeze teams to lock in opponents in their place while she fires her volley of arrows, or put her in melt teams to do maximum damage.

Ganyu enjoys the charged attack benefit from the Wanderer's Troupe set while the Prototype Crescent is a great bow for her especially if you're good at dealing headshots.


If you don’t have her on your account yet, then you have no idea what you’re missing out on. She takes gameplay to a whole new level and is absolutely worth any investment you put into her build.

What Makes Ganyu Great for Cryo:

  • Can take down groups of enemies from afar easily.
  • Easy to achieve a good CRIT ratio.
  • Can work perfectly well with even just the Prototype Crescent.
  • Is also useful as an off-field cryo applicator.


1. Ayaka

Keeping her skills sharp.

Our top cryo character is an elegant princess with ice in her veins. She is one of the best DPS units today due to her massive multipliers and straightforward but effective kit.


Ayaka is a sword user with amazing cryo application. Her entire kit allows her to dish out tons of cryo damage through her cohesive kit. Her unique dash allows her to glide around the field like a wave of ice that can apply her element to enemies she comes into contact with. Upon exiting this state, she infuses her blade with cryo for a short duration. This in itself is invaluable, as it allows Ayaka near-infinite access to cryo, depending on your stamina usage.

Her skill lets her release a blast of cryo around her, dealing great damage to enemies. Her burst lets her throw a giant snowstorm towards her foes, dealing multiple instances of damage.

She thrives in both melt and freeze teams. Ayaka deals great damage either way, so choose the playstyle that fits you best!

Ayaka can be built with the Noblesse Oblige set or the Blizzard strayer set. For free weapons, you can rely on the Amenoma Kageuchi to give you the ATK and ER that you may need.


Building her for freeze or melt teams is highly recommended, and if you get the chance to pull for her, you can guarantee that she would be a great addition to your team.

What Makes Ayaka Great for Cryo:

  • Elemental infusion on her weapon has no downtime.
  • Unique dash is great for exploring, especially when treading through water.
  • CRIT DMG scaling makes it easier to get a good CRIT ratio.
  • Easy to build with multiple playstyle options.
  • Has a lot of viable free-to-play weapon options.
  • Can freeze enemies consistently if paired with good hydro supports.

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